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ID 68974

Dave Eisenberg


Currently: CEO @floored . investor at Employee: @bain-company, @bonobos, @tellapart, @accel-partners Education: @harvard-university

ID 209110

Eddie Frederick


Founder @livingsocial • Investor @hinge, @graphscience

ID 211439

Peter Kellner


Investor in early and growth stage technology companies across 5 continents. Cofounder of Entrepreneurship lecturer at Princeton.

ID 72803

Greg Kidd


Founder @3taps-com, @message-me. First Round Investor @twitter, adviser at @square. Senior Analyst Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. @promontory-financial Group

ID 107844

Brett Jackson


Entrepreneur and Early-Stage Investor. Board @avx-aircraft and Former @crocs

ID 455324

Andy Dunn


Founder & CEO of @bonobos and Founder of @red-swan.

ID 60931

Dave Gilboa


Co-Founder and Co-CEO of @warby-parker

ID 70206

Greg Rosen


VC at @raptor-ventures and co-founder of @haptic-pixels. past @vaynermedia and wall st. I love code, celtics, and bouldering. 21.

ID 118507

Sean Parker

Founder @airtime

ID 45855

Maria Thomas


Worked at @amazon, @etsy • Investor @twice, @sidetour

ID 136762

Joel Spolsky

CEO and co-founder of @stack-exchange. Co-founder of Fog Creek Software and Trello. Worked at Juno and @microsoft. Not actively investing.

ID 56878

Salim Mitha


Euro+US experience: Mobile [email protected] Interactive; [email protected]; [email protected] Europe; [email protected] Graduate School of Business; @Silicon Beach

ID 125222

Kevin Colleran


Venture Partner @general-catalyst-partners. Managing Director @slow Ventures Seed Fund. First 10 employees @facebook . @wall-street-journal Columnist.

ID 67667

Soraya Darabi


Co-founder of Earlier work includes co-founding @Foodspotting (Part of OpenTable) and launching social-media at The @New York Times.

ID 221557

Miguel Burger-Calderon


Angel and Chief Strategy Officer at Elite Daily

ID 117897

Billy Chasen

I like to create art. Some things you hang on the wall, others you log into.

ID 80116

Naveen Selvadurai


@expa , @foursquare, @sony , @sun, and @lucent-bell-labs.

ID 138779

Chung Ng


Co-Founder @rokkan exited to @Publicis $PUB.PA, 15yr UX Vet, architecting transaction/content platforms for VirginAmerica, JetBlue, AmexTravel and Dish.

ID 43368

Bobby Yazdani


Founder @saba Software (public company); @dropbox, @klout, @qwiki, @cleversense, and many more.

ID 199420

Christopher Chan


Co-Founder @truefacet • Worked at @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 36060

Tobias Lütke


CEO, @shopify

ID 36939

Waikit Lau


Founded ScanScout and, both acquired. Helped take NYSE:TRMR public. Past investor at Bessemer Venture Partners. MIT geek.

ID 4555

Net Jacobsson


Co-founder & General Partner @sparklabs-global-ventures & @sparklabs Accelerator in Seoul. Former Executive at @facebook. Father of 4. Mountain Biker.

ID 29604

Hector Hulian


Entrepreneur, Investor and Internet Addict.

ID 7159

Stephan Paternot


Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of @slated . General Partner of @actarus-funds. Co-founder and Chairman of PalmStar Entertainment. Co-founder of @theglobe-com

ID 6625

Justin Shaffer


Product @facebook (Groups, Location & Events, Photos Composer, Video/Brand Advertising) • CEO/Founder @hot-potato • SVP, New Media @mlb-advanced-media (, Gameday, PitchF/X, Infrastructure) Interests: Building Teams & Products, Social Science, Aerona

ID 4171

Ryan Junee


Founder at @wearable-intelligence . Formerly Founder @inporia, @omnisio (sold to @google), Mentor at @500startups, partner at @startmate. Stanford MS EE.

ID 7168

Jessica Jackley


CEO, cofounder of @profounder. Cofounder of @kiva. @stanford-university MBA. Educator (@university-of-southern-california, @stanford-university). Social enterprise expertise. Extensive int'l experience.

ID 3150

Brian Long


SVP Mobile @ @pontiflex. designed & built performance mobile ad network for android/iOS. Very knowledgeable in mobile marketing and design.

ID 38571

Geoffrey Lewis


Partner at @founders-fund.

ID 5749

Dave Lerner


Director Entrepreneurship @ Columbia University, host of @venturestudio, 4x entrepreneur, angel, e'ship prof @ columbia business school, founder @startupgenome

ID 36578

Michael Walrath


Founder/CEO @Right Media (sold to @yahoo), @yext Chairman, @moat Inc. Chairman, @inadco investor/board, angel, advisor.

ID 21785

Gianni Martire


Founder @nextcaller. Investor @zenefits, @ambition-1, @kimono-labs, @truevault, @casetext, @apptimize, @goldbely-1 @regalii @mixrank... Advisor @coursehorse.

ID 40574

Anil Dash


Cofounder, ThinkUp. Columnist, Wired. Blogger at since 1999. Board member at @stack-exchange. Cofounder, @activate.

ID 43266

JB Osborne


CEO & Partner at @red-antler

ID 27367

William Mapother


Co-founder & Board member, @slated. Angel. Mgr, Jefferson Ventures. IC, @evermore. Actor & writer. @NotreDame

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 37008

Ben Huh


Founder @cheezburger, @circa • Studied at @northwestern-university. Allergic to cats.

ID 20480

Mark Ghermezian


Co founder CEO @appboy / Managing Director @t5-capital-2

ID 33978

Matt Shobe


Serial entrepreneur (@feedburner sold to @google, @spyonit sold to 724 Solutions), designer, pilot. My head is full of zero-billion dollar business ideas.

ID 2130

Sundeep Ahuja


AL Syndicator; CoFounder @blissmo @richrelevance; helped launch @kiva; Investor @goodreads @counsyl; Advisor @indiegogo @change-org; BS in CS from Stanford.

ID 2798

Jordan Cooper


Cofounder @wildcard, Cofounder @hyperpublic (acq GRPN), Venture Partner at @lerer-ventures.

ID 63

Josh Stylman


Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Stand-up philosopher, Dad

ID 1782

David Haber

Founder @bond-street, @locus-analytics • Worked at @spark-capital • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 994

Scott Becker


Co-Founder of @invite-media

ID 1779

Paul Sethi


EntreprAngel | @redbooks | Rugged VC

ID 85

Paige Craig


Angel investor 80+ deals, 21 exits. Backing great people w huge ideas. Early angel and advisor to AngelList. Drove into Iraq alone in 2003 to start first company. US Marine & Intelligence dude.

ID 664

Andrew S. Reis


Serial entrepreneur turned investor always looking for passionate entrepreneurs and amazing teams!

ID 1793

Justin Waldron


Founder @zynga

ID 42

Kal Vepuri


Entrepreneur and Investor. Founder & Chairman: The Trisiras Group (Money) Brainchild (Work) The Arrivals (Outerwear)

ID 58

Michael Parekh


Goldman Sachs (1982-03). Former Partner. Founded GS Internet Research team in 1994. Investor/Entrepreneur. >30k Hours evaluating/helping Startups over 20 yrs.

ID 206

Ty Danco


Founder, eSecLending and BuysideFX. Invest directly in startups, in AngelList Syndicates, and a few funds. Massive AngelList groupie. Love mobile, fintech.

ID 2510

Mark Peter Davis


Venture Capitalist + Incubator

ID 1237

Justin Wohlstadter


ID 45

Peter Lehrman


Founder/CEO of @axial (First Round); @gerson-lehrman-group alum (Bessemer / Silver Lake); @stanford-university / @university-of-virginia alum.

ID 963

Vic Singh


Founder and CEO @kanvas. General Partner @EniacVentures.

ID 62797

Jeff Pulver


Chairman of @zula-1. A pioneer who helped shape the development and growth of the worldwide VoIP industry. Loves Disruptive Technologies. Host #140conf.

ID 465

Jeremy Levine


Founder/CEO @draft-previously-starstreet-com. Investor via @bridge-boys.

ID 2980

Andrew Ferenci


CEO/Founder at Synced. Co-Founder/CEO at @spinback-1 (acquired by Buddy Media) Director of Product @buddy-media (acquired by Salesforce, $800M).

ID 73

Tony Conrad


Founder @about-me, Sphere; @true-ventures Automattic (WordPress), MakerBot, Typekit, Blue Bottle Coffee; Serious Parking @karma & Drip Coffee Skills

ID 131068

Ray Ozzie



ID 172943

Bryan Goldberg

Founder @bleacher-report

ID 39522

Nicole Glaros


Managing Director - @techstars

ID 28029

Justin Rockefeller


Venture Partner at @richmond-global; Director of Special Relations Group at @addepar

ID 3919

Nate Westheimer


CEO & Co-Founder @picturelife. Angel investor with Red Bud. Executive Director of NY Tech Meetup. Advisor to @flybridge-capital-partners.

ID 180027

Geoffrey Bernstein


Co-founder & Managing Partner @indicator-ventures

ID 6112

Daniel Recanati


Founder of Rhodium: Investments include @outbrain, @face-com, @hopstop-3 @yotpo @yieldmo @rounds, @zooz @chosen-1 @greensql Reflecting the future

ID 224

Janis Krums


Founder @opprtunity • Athlete. Latvian-American. Entrepreneur. Investor: @memsql @plangrid @human @airhelp @whale-path

ID 25250

Peter Bordes


CEO/Founder @oneqube. Founder @mediatrust 9th fastest growing US Co 2010 • Board @greater-media • Investor @visually @buffer @perkhub @spinnakr

ID 35429

Avi Karnani


Research-driven product development. CEO of Thrive (acq'd by Lendingtree); led a digital agency (@churnless); now building products at Hazards & Compass.

ID 4001

Josh Guttman


Worked at @softbank-capital, @outbrain, @aol • Studied at @duke-university, @columbia-university

ID 37218

Jonah Lupton

Founder: Lupton Media Group, Parabolic Ventures, The Greatest Pitch,,, The Lupton Group, InterCapital Group, and

ID 55989

Brian Distelburger

Founder & President @yext

ID 18771

Jim Payne


CEO and co-founder of @mopub-1. Product Team at @google and @admob. Degree in Computer Science from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 111056

Mike Seiman


CEO, Chairman and Founder of @cpx-interactive a 10 year old bootstrapped digital media company delivering over 5 billion ad impressions daily.

ID 10239

Scot Chisholm


CEO & Co-Founder at @classy. Board of @team-rubicon. Partner at @mixture-ventures

ID 93779

David Perla


Managing Director, 1991 Ventures

ID 1121

Bong Koh


Founder, Investor or Advisor in companies including @lifecrowd, @shift-3, RetentionScience, @muckerlab, GradientX, Eventup, TheReceivablesExchange & @zynga (via Prism)

ID 22400

William Guttman


Founder at Panopto, Acrobatiq, Acatar. Chairman at Axioma, Redzone, USLiner. GP at TL Ventures, Saturn Partners, and TNCV.

ID 466562

Jeff Weiner


Founded two tech start-ups. One was sold to a large competitor.

ID 209460

Vineet Madan


Founder @junction • Former SVP corp dev, Founder MHE Labs @mcgraw-hill-companies , @booz-allen-hamilton @jpmorgan-chase • @columbia-university MBA, BS

ID 58904

Murat Aktihanoglu


Founder and Managing Director at @entrepreneurs-roundtable-accelerator, Author of "Location Aware Applications", Serial Technology Entrepreneur

ID 97460

Amish Shah


Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor @sierramaya360 @full-color-games @youbetme @paradine @ecampus-ventures @kydaemos @skycatch @mattermark

ID 408248

Pete Sheinbaum


4x Startup guy and Angel. E! Online's Commerce Biz, (COO), (CEO), (Founder and CEO). Dozen or so invests.

ID 61763

Anna Zornosa


CEO and Founder, Ruby @ribbon. Advisor to @trulioo; @glam-com;;

ID 596

Stephen Gill


I build technology & businesses. Co-Founder @ @leadnomics & @rightaction. Entrepreneur, Angel, Advisor (Online Media/Technology).

ID 2059

Michael Karnjanaprakorn


CEO/Co-Founder of @skillshare • Early employee at @behance (acquired by Adobe) and @hot-potato (acquired by Facebook)

ID 352201

Dominic Rubas


Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor from Switzerland

ID 5349

Michael Provenzano


Co-Founder of @vistar-media

ID 11142

Damian Manning


Hacker, investor & serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO, @hifi. Venture Partner, @dev. Co-founder & CEO, @echospin (acquired '10). VP, Digital, MTV. 6 patents.

ID 68774

Eric Kroll


Entrepreneur, problem solver, & investor. Explorer, experience & sports enthusiast.

ID 152917

Frédéric Montagnon


Founder & CEO at Secret Media. Ex @overblog, @ebuzzing, @nomao

ID 30679

Josh Grotstein


COO, Finect; CEO, Motionbox (Sold to H-P); Founder @sas-investors (venture fund) Sr. Exec: @nbc-universal, @citigroup, CNBC, Prodigy; Studied at @brown-university, @harvard-business-school

ID 3120

James D Robinson


Co-Founder / Managing Partner at @rre-ventures

ID 357546

Eyal Goldwerger


Running, advising to & investing in technology startups. . Investments include: uBiome, Localytics, Duda, Keaton Row, SOLS, Keepy, HitFix, Galil Software. .

ID 35137

Dario Meli


co-founder @quietly @hootsuite @invoke @brightkit. I'm sparkly, very sparkly.

ID 5628

Brad Hargreaves

Co-founder of @general-assembly, Venture Partner at Maveron

ID 72630

Aaron Harris


Founded Tutorspree. Partner at YC.

ID 23370

Sam Rosen


Founder & CEO of @makespace .1st Entrepreneur in Residence @upfront-ventures Sales / Marketing / Product. Ex Wall St. UVA alum.

ID 1810

Richard Muirhead


Managing Partner @firestartr, also @fanatix @london-labs @tideway-systems @orchestream • Worked at @accel-partners, @monitor-group • Engineering at @university-of-cambridge

ID 25520

Arie Abecassis


Co-Founder AppStori, Board Director at @seatgeek, Board Member at @adapt-ly, Board Member, BiznessApps

ID 3043

Andrew Kortina


Founder @venmo • Investor @cover, @abacus

ID 105798

Pat Kinsel


Venture Partner at @polaris-partners-1. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at @spindle (acquired by @twitter) & @microsoft

ID 36746

Evan Nisselson


@ldv-labs, @ldv-capital, Founder @digital-railroad, Mentor: 500startups, Seedcamp, NYSeed, Tetuan Valley [Madrid] , [Italy], Techpeaks

ID 57800

Alex Iskold


Managing Director, Techstars in NYC. 2x founder, GetGlue and Information Laboratory, now VC at Techstars.

ID 467530

Jeremy Larner


Larner is an entrepreneur w/ a television & consumer brands focus, best known as MTV star Rob Dyrdek's long time business partner.. Now a NY-based art dealer :)

ID 955

Christopher Webb


Co-Founder / CEO of @chownow

ID 107824

Andy Swan

Founder of LikeFolio: Founded DaytradeTeam (Sold in 2007), founded mytrade (Sold to TD Ameritrade).

ID 55772

David Levy


EIR @ Comcast Ventures. Started a few companies and sold one. Now advising, investing in, and playing with new ideas. Prior, covered growth/tech on Wall Street.

ID 24102

Andres Barreto


Entrepreneur and seed investor. Founder of @onswipe @grooveshark @pulsosocial @socialatom-ventures

ID 22985

Scott Lake

CEO/Founder of @swix. Co-Founder of Experience in leading consumer and enterprise web-app companies. 10 years of startup experience.

ID 64663

Gavin Becker

Currently at the intersection of business strategy, product design and software development making things people love.

ID 135427

Thor Muller

Co-founder & former CTO @get-satisfaction. NYTimes best selling author of Get Lucky. Serial tech entrepreneur since 1995. Above all, dad to Quinn & Tesla.

ID 125104

Fatih M Ozluturk


Founder and CEO of Flexdigs, Patentory, and IdeaMill IP. Strong technology (300+ patents and applications) and finance experience (Wharton MBA, InnoVia Capital)

ID 65459

Carter Weiss


Founder of @silas-capital (vc) / Co-Founder, @built-ny

ID 13286

Andrew Hoag

Founded & sold @urbantag. Secured banks at @verisign, networked supercomputers at NASA.

ID 48041

Matthew Brimer


Co-Founder of @general-assembly and DAYBREAKER. Explorer of new lands and new ideas. Maker of things and doer of deeds. Bullish on The Future.

ID 807

Matt Salzberg


Founder and CEO at @blue-apron. Former VC at @bessemer-venture-partners. Blackstone, HBS, Harvard.

ID 4562

Antony Brydon


CEO of Directly. CEO of Visible Path (funded by Kleiner, acquired by Hoovers). VP @emusic (IPO). CEO of IUMA (acquired by EMusic). BOD at ShopWell (IDEO). Yale.

ID 156952

Steven Lee


Founder @scanscout • Worked at @tremor-video, @bose-corporation • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 7260

Ajay Rajani


CMO @inventure; formerly led product @grovo. Hack growth for @igloo-studios & others. Investing is a guilty pleasure.

ID 5743

David J Rodriguez

Ops and finance at @livefyre; Venture Associate at @greycroftvc; former strategy consultant and engineer; @dukeu alum; lover of the interwebs

ID 190024

David Wolfson


[email protected]

ID 19260

Nabil Kassam


Managing Director, Zynik Capital  • Founder & CEO at @noble-iron  • Studied at @harvard-university University & @stanford-graduate-school-of-business

ID 36244

William Ofarrell


Founder/CEO @speechworks, IPO 2000, sold to Nuance 2003, Founder/CEO CoSA (maker of After Effects), sold to Adobe,Founder/CEO @openair, sold to Netsuite

ID 29353

Vlad Stan


Founder and CEO @startupkit. Strong entrepreneurial background: 12yrs/30prjs. Building the marketplace for startup tools.

ID 62925

Trevor Owens

CEO of @quickmvp and @lean-startup-machine

ID 107235

David Bell

Founder @gummicube, GP @Infinite Channel, founding team [bus dev+mkt] @playphone, CEO @chasma, BOD @draft-zone, Advisor @republic-project @venture51 @cellufun

ID 3910

Alexander Chang


Co-founder of @boostable. Co-founded and sold @social-amp. Worked previously at @daylife which was acquired by @newscred. Studied CS at @columbia-university

ID 80004

Saul Hansell

@sii-tv: CEO & Founder. @new-york-times: Lead Internet reporter; founding editor Bits blog. @aol: Head; Head @the-huffington-post "Big News" pages

ID 93149

Amol Sarva


Founder @knotable, @peek, @virgin-mobile-usa • McKinsey • Studied at @stanford-university, @columbia-college • Builder of buildings

ID 16228

Marcel Legrand


Investor @upmo, @health-diagnostics

ID 44885

Joe Cerra

Founder @heynow, @pencil-labs and @vlingo • Studied at @tufts-university. MS in CS and HCI • Experienced iOS / Android hacker • Serious about design

ID 61662

Wayne Kimmel


Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist and tireless networker.

ID 138396

Aaron Dignan


Founding Partner and CEO @undercurrent. Investor. Author of Game Frame. Board member @Smashburger. Student of human behavior.

ID 34948

Robert Chang


Entrepreneur. Product Strategist. Angel Investor. Partner at Mogility Capital. Fmr CEO, VP + GM @ venture-backed startups and Fortune 50. Yale, UChicago, IMSA.

ID 264883

Dave Helmreich


Founder & GM, Advertising Solutions at Neustar (NYSE: NSR) - VP, Digital, TARGUSinfo - Former Naval Aviator - MBA @SmithSchool - BS, CS @NavalAcademy

ID 67812

Victor Young


@uwaterloo Alum. CEO & Founder @flinja. General Partner @X-Fund, Engineer by trade, built largest insurance eApp and CRM, hired over 500 people, Grew ARR to 50M

ID 43858

Andrew Romans


General Partner Rubicon Venture Capital / Author The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital (McGraw Hill) Twitter: @RomansVentures

ID 158956

Terry (Qing) Li

@crunchyroll Product Exec, Co-Founder of @bread-acquired-by-yahoo ; @google Alumni; Worked in Consulting, Eng, PM; NYU Stern MBA + UC Berkeley Engineering

ID 786

Michael Levinson


Investor, Co-founder @dreamit-ventures, Co-founder of @wizehive

ID 76286

Vadim Belobrovka


Co-Founder & CTO @compstak, @bluephonecard-com • Worked at @jp-morgan, @citigroup • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 2639

Michael Montero


Co-founder & CTO of: @resy-network , @crowdtwist , @fotolog , @BlackPlanet. Invested in @getbarkbox, @yearonelabs .

ID 33823

Higinio O. Maycotte


CEO at @umbel. Founder at @flightlock (acquired by Control Risks), Finetooth (now Mumboe), & most recently founding CTO of @the-texas-tribune.

ID 365276

Jordan Mendell


Founder @ando-media • SVP @draftkings • problem solver, thinker, gamer, angel, terrible chef.

ID 103311

Scott Switzer


Co-founder, CTO of @jirafe (ecommerce marketing analytics and automation). Founder, CTO of @openx (advertising platform). CTO of @unanimis (ad sales co).

ID 38402

Judd Morgenstern


Business Designer. Previously UX Designer + Innovation Strategist. Former @adaptive-path + @nike consultant.

ID 23239

Alberto Escarlate


Works @collaborative-fund • Founder @playful-data, @sojo-studios, @tigertag

ID 15007

Jason Beckerman


Current Co-Founder of @unified. Co-Founder of Social Suitcase sold to Traffic Marketplace,

ID 18180

Alan Chung


Serial entrepreneur - Perka, @zenbe, @iamaze & @lighthouse-design. I'm also an angel with over a dozen investments, 5 YC companies. EE & CE @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 299207

Alan Blaustein


Founder CarePlanners, Co-Founder OpenSky, CEO Flexplay Technologies, President Worldwide Development, recovering attorney, Father of 3 (most important)

ID 24314

Cameron Chell


CEO - Business Instincts Group: We Build Impossible. Author -The Sustainable Startup.  Founder - FutureLink, URTheCast, SLYCE, TRACE, ColdBore, etc

ID 119241

Scott Tannen


Founder @boll-branch, @red5-capital, @funtank • Worked at @wrigley, @kraft-foods • Investor @adstage, @hullabalu, @sumall, others • Studied at @vanderbilt-university

ID 18193

David Soloff


Co-founder of Premise Data Corporation. Founding CEO of Metamarkets. Agoniste.

ID 95129

Nancy Hua


CEO of Apptimize • @y-combinator • @getco • @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Math with CS

ID 154198

Phin Upham


ID 342843

Kyle Widrick

Founder @www-postgradapartments-com • Worked at @burch-creative-capital • Studied at @syracuse-university!

ID 46771

Emi Gal


Founder @brainient • Investor @stylitics, @blend-1, @digital-catalyst-fund, @kahla

ID 45553

Kevin Weatherman


@PubKevin Born in SF. Raised in SD. College at Berkeley. Worked at @adbrite. Worked at @pubmatic. Lived in SF. Live in NYC. VP at @mopub

ID 271230

Stewart Allen


Founding CTO at webMethods, Investor/Founding CTO at Clearspring/AddThis, Investor/Founder/Board at XRDi. Hold patents in XML/B2B Integration, Data Processing.

ID 2902

Vamsi Sistla


CEO @telvetto CTO @offerboard-1 , Angel @TIESV @arcfund @eniac-ventures Mentor @microsoft-ventures-accelerator-seattle @the Unreasonable Institute @springboard

ID 460554

Jonathan Mendez

Crusader for Relevance. Adtech vet. Founder @yieldbot + several others.

ID 65742

Kayvon Bina


Cofounder @metric-collective @addressreport @franchisehelp @smallbusinesspost • Prev @goldman-sachs, @lazard, @deloitte-consulting • B.S. @stanford-university

ID 46998

Andrew Cove

Founder @cover. Dealflow, community @angellist. Intern @ia-ventures. PlayStation R&D programmer @naughty-dog. MS, BS in CS @carnegie-mellon-university-2.

ID 30265

Suzanne Xie

Founder @hullabalu and @weardrobe (now part of @google) • Worked at @goldman-sachs and @like-com • Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 1207

Dietrich von Behren


VP, Digital Media and Investments for A+E Networks. Prior, founder/CEO of @parentsclick-network, Inc., acquired by @Lifetime Entertainment in 2008.

ID 5640

Craig Kanarick


Co-founder: @razorfish, @mouthfoods and 7 other startups. Advisor to startups and global companies. Designer, photographer, strategist and more. Much more.

ID 214361

Claude Zdanow


Founder, CEO Stadiumred • Investor @crossfader, @quirky, @mophie

ID 385520

Chris Coyne

Founder, creative director, president at @okcupid (2003-2011) & @sparknotes (1999-2001). Built with friends @maxwell-krohn, @sam-yagan and @christian-rudder.

ID 291586

Morley Ivers

Co-founder and Director at Maxwell Health; former CRO at RecycleBank; and VP Business Strategy at

ID 114040

Kevin Ambrosini


co-founder @ @opensky

ID 77078

Paul Murphy


@dots, @betaworks

ID 6604

Jason L. Baptiste

Founder of Onswipe, a platform for insanely easy mobile publishing. Author of the Ultralight Startup. Member of inaugural Techstars NYC class.

ID 8009

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr.


CEO & Co-Founder @revenue-com . Founder & Former CEO Titan Gaming (now @playsino and @xfire). Forbes 30 under 30 in Media. Graduated from McGill

ID 147631

John Foley

CEO Peloton Interactive • Formerly President/CEO of Barnes&, Co-Founder and CEO of @pronto-com, CEO of • @harvard-business-school School, @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 3137

Brad Weinberg, MD


Founder of @shapeup and Blueprint Health. Investor in @chartio, @betaspring-2, Care at Hand, Care Thread, Sproutel, Docphin.

ID 15130

Jesse Sandoval


Co-President @stanfordangels1 CEO in Healthcare 2.0. Experience in Life Science. Gov 2.0. Stanford Grad. Seed Investor.

ID 83599

Michael Sidgmore


Vice President, iCapital Network | Special Advisor, Panorama Point Partners | Fmr Director, Mosaic | Fmr Goldman Sachs PSI | Founder, NextGenEngage

ID 8789

Chris Smoak


Founder Volume11 Media. @y-combinator W06. Worked at @amazon, @nvidia , @microsoft. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 25433

Lluis Faus


CEO and Founder of @vlex, Gobal Legal Research Platform

ID 223568

Christopher "moot" Poole


Founder @4chan

ID 158510

Sanjay Kamlani


Founder @pangea3 • Worked at @pwc-1, @thomson-reuters • Studied at @duke-university

ID 7067

Allen Nance


@techsquare  • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 140810

Kevin Reddy


Entrepreneur • Investor • Advisor • @booz-company and @accenture • Mentor at Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, Columbia Business School

ID 269402

Kevin W. Tung


Founder of @ImageSpaceMedia (sold to @VibrantMedia)

ID 327649

Stefan Koenig


CEO & Co- Founder @hull • Worked at @sap • Investor @adsnative, @kato, @shopventory

ID 57657

Güimar Vaca Sittic


Angel Investor @ Fabrice Grinda & Jose Marin Investments • @quasar-ventures and @cena-plus-1 (Acq by @restorando ) • BA @university-of-chicago

ID 64231

Yaron Samid

Founder & CEO at @billguard. Founder at Pando, DeskSite, TechAviv, Board member at CloudLock, Pond5.

ID 41644

Derek Webster


Founder and CEO at @cardflight. Ran credit card product dev at E*TRADE; strategy for retail banks and global payment networks. @stanford-university GSB

ID 88525

Andy Ellwood


Building @stockup. Thinking End Game. Formerly @bond, @waze, @gowalla, & @marquis-jet. Trustee @exosphere .

ID 40730

Heather Gilchrist


Early stage edtech. Founder + Managing Director @socraticlabs, Ex-Mg Dir @rak-tech-fund, @georgetown-university JD/MBA dropout, @grockit alum.

ID 261594

Abraham Sultan

Founder Apprenda • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 36977

Josh Weinstein

Founder/CEO @youaretv; @princeton-university-1 '09, Stuy '05, NYC '86-Present

ID 112931

Ari Lewine

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer @triplelift • Worked at @appnexus , @oyster-com •

ID 239439

Jamie Hall


Founder @mocospace, @jsmart-technologies-inc • Investor @genius, @action-exchange, @adapteva • Studied at @tufts-university, @tel-aviv-university

ID 63029

Jonathan Marcus

Founder @goodsie, @flavors-me • Worked at @iac, @vimeo

ID 66373

Harlan Milkove

Senior Engineer @astro • Former Co-founder & VP Engineering at @reonomy • Worked at @lot18, @factset

ID 41250

Reece Pacheco

founder of @shelby-tv and other fun stuff

ID 52568

Michael Mandel


Co-Founder & CEO of @compstak. Former NYC commercial real estate broker. 30 Under 30 Real Estate NY. Babson (e-tower) alum '05.

ID 341236

Dan Kantor

Founder & CEO @exfm • Worked at @aol, @delicious-part-of-science, @yahoo, @microsoft • Studied at @ITP, @university-of-michigan

ID 104576

Enrique Posner


Founder @the-iou-project-1, @cyvek-llc • Worked at @radio-physics-solutions, @anglo-scientific • Investor @down-by-bang-with-friends, @solus-scientific • Studied at @singularity-university, @northwestern-university

ID 116779

Jennifer 8. Lee

CEO of @plympton. Launch team at @upworthy. Reporter at The @New York Times. Bestselling author. Survived Colbert. Applied math at @harvard-university.

ID 45050

Kelly Hoey


@jkhoey is CMO of Cuurio / Strategist / Speaker/ Accelerator Mentor/ Startup Advisor. Investor: Levo, Hullabalu, Glimpse, Cloud Peeps, SQL Vison, Flow, Loudly +

ID 10888

Joseph Cohen


Founder @universe-1 , @lore-1 • Worked at @reformation • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 58324

Marc Guldimann

CEO/Founder @scrollmo, @enliken, @spongecell • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 100413

Guy Benartzi


Founder @ @mytopia, @particle-code Angel Investor

ID 93115

Daniel Lieberman


CEO of Cory Vines / Venture Partner @indicator-ventures

ID 63562

Abe Geiger

CEO of Shake. Worked at Palantir, Affinity Circles, iSoccer, Greycroft & Canaan. Advisor to Stanford BA, Columbia MBA, InSITE Pres, ASNY Board.

ID 24662

Jhony Fung

Co-Founder and engineering lead at @citypockets and ReclipIt. @cornell-university CS grad; Worked at @ibm.

ID 71910

Chris Fenster

Serial startup CFO, husband, daddy, armchair cyclist.

ID 25960

Rohan Deuskar

CEO & Co-Founder, Stylitics // NYC 2014 Fashion Fellow // Wharton MBA

ID 1929

Jonas Brandon


Cofounder of StartupNorth (@startupnorth), Captual (acq by @desire2learn). Seed investor in GoInstant (acq by @salesforce) and more!

ID 1068

Donald Fischer


Venture Partner at @general-catalyst-partners • Board member at @scalingdata, @typesafe, @tesora • Previously at @greylock-partners, @red-hat, @inktomi

ID 1299

Dan Kurani


Founder & CEO of @photodrop. Previously, founded @thumb - 3 billion opinions & a Top 100 interactive agency that built products for Nike, etc.

ID 46511

Bostjan Spetic

founder and CEO at @zemanta ltd.

ID 118040

Sean Black


Founder/CEO @crunched. Founding Team @trulia

ID 123993

Trevor Skeet


@yung-skeeter (DJ / Producer / Manager - Katy Perry, BANKS, etc). Artist Advocate @spotify. 

ID 6490

Jüri Kaljundi


Co-founder: @weekdone communications tool for leaders and managers & @garage48 startup foundation. Product guy.

ID 119325

Wesley Barrow


Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at @nomi • Worked at @buddy-media, @william-morris-agency @comcast • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 7773

Miles Spencer


25+yrs of this. Founder and Chairman of @mojiva. +Angel-founder guy @ other digital media startups. "Many fail, some work, all fun". More at the blog...

ID 13148

Eric Cantor


Technology business builder with two startups founded and sold and four years building a mobile phone app accelerator in East Africa. Experience founding, investing and advising >20 early-stage companies. Spikes in product dev & people hiring and motiva

ID 156519

Kareem Kouddous


ID 150201

Winston Ibrahim

Founder & CEO @hydros-bottle. Director/Investor at @thinkimpact. Investor in @runa-2, Investor in @ribbon , Nurture Inc aka HappyFamily Brands, and American Halal.

ID 200

Chirag Chaman


CEO - KobeMail (Marketing/LeadGen). Founder - @fynanz (FinTech). Technology (Oracle) & Investment Banking (Citi/Salomon) background. Love helping entrepreneurs.

ID 61485

Nicholas Eisenberger

Founder, @pure-energy-partners, a cleantech special forces outfit. 20yr+ cleantech investor & entrepreneur. Fmr advisor to Immelt on ecomagination. Harvard Law

ID 17653

Eran Eyal


CEO / Founder @springleap; CoFounder evly (acquired); Designed 16 mobile phones (acquired); M&G Top 200 South Africans; Old Mutual top 36 Entrepreneurs

ID 159460

Alan Chan

Founder & CEO at Bread (acquired by Yahoo) • Worked at @summit-partners • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 45630

Jason Alan Snyder

Inventor, Futurist, Innovation Catalyst

ID 36964

Christy Liu


Brooklynite, Bostonite. Co-founder @wanderfly (acquired by @tripadvisor) + @livingbreathing. Now @facebook.

ID 62998

Jordan Elpern-Waxman


CEO of Beer Dreamer. Previously engineer, BD, M&A, and VC. CS @brown-university; MBA @wharton-school where I founded Wharton Brewmasters Guild. In great beer we trust.

ID 21476

Jesse Chenard


CEO of yodilly. Past CEO of Image Space Media (acquired). Founder of yodilly, Tremor Video, Dynadco. Investor in Image Space Media, The Trade Desk and yodilly.

ID 408911

Jonathan Levine


Management Sensei ◦ Infrastructure Samurai ◦ Analytics Otaku ◦ Architecture Ninja. 1st programming job at 14. Effective in teams of 4 to 10,000.

ID 41461

Nir Markus

Founder OKpanda. Founded @playerduel • Worked at @bloomberg, @checkpoint

ID 193042

Matthew Cohen


EdTech thought leader expert in identifying opportunities, closing deals & driving revenues. Co-Founder @connectedu • Executive team or advisor @straighterline, @WiseChoice, @inigral-inc, @uversity, @SOPHIALearning

ID 45585

Brittany Laughlin


GM @usv network • Founder of @incline • Founder @gtrot ($2M Lightbank funding) • Product Dev at @american-express • Stern B.A. @new-york-university • Product • Ruby on Rails

ID 83952

Dave Maestri


Invented Mob Wars. Co-founded @metamoki. Angel investor here and there.

ID 59964

Peter Brodsky

Founder @hyperscience Founder @instinctiv (sold to @soundcloud).

ID 58636

Joe Daniels


Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP

ID 109954

Alban Denoyel

Co-founder & CEO at @sketchfab • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris • @techstars, @lecamping & @mozilla-webfwd alumni.

ID 69202

Tony Haile


CEO of Chartbeat, former GM of Twitterfeed, early troublemaker at Betaworks.

ID 179296

Jesse Israel


Founder @cantora, Principal @mainframe-group

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 42794

Steven Noels

Founder @outerthought, @ngdata - Big Data Beef.

ID 249918

mac hofeditz


Nearly a quarter century of working with institutional investors to discover outstanding investment opportunities. Private investor, wine collector, UCLA sports fanatic, traveler, husband, and father to 2 amazing kids.

ID 247069

Raymond Chan


Founder @image-space-media • Worked at @citigroup, @vibrant-media • Studied at @columbia-university, @stevens-institute-of-technology

ID 87675

Ezra Galston


VC @chicago-ventures Young Entrepreneur @foundation-capital Chicago Booth MBA, @KauffmanFellow

ID 227371

Adam LeVasseur

CTO & Co-founder @makespace • Before: Architect @ / @clear-channel-radio, @thumbplay, @kikin, @expotv, @fiserv

ID 24852

Dazhi Chen


Co-founder of @relevant. Founded + sold @tribeca-insights. @msd-capital, @microsoft. @california-institute-of-technology, @harvard-business-school.

ID 11397

Alec Hartman


CEO @NY Tech Day, Co-Founder at @digitalocean • Studied at @emory-university

ID 55513

Caren Sinclair-Kay

CEO of Fresh From The Farm 365. Formerly Co-Founder/CEO at @doodledeals (acquired by Plum District) and Co-Founder/CEO of Red Jam Media (acquired by Third Age)

ID 40749

Roy Vella


Entrepreneur & @stanford-university JD/MBA. Simply put, my passion is growing business in mobile/web industries, the convergence of online and offline activities.

ID 35134

Mariano Suarez Battan


Founder & CEO @ @mural-ly, Founder & Board Member @idea-me. Founded @three-melons: created social games played globally. Acquired by Playdom/Disney in 2010.

ID 57782

Philippe Guelton


Angel Investor, Advisor, C-level Executive with 20 years of Media experience in print and digital platforms. Currently CEO at

ID 69164

Ido Green


Entrepreneur, runner, and a rider that knows and love to build companies, developers and applications.

ID 100920

Abuhena Azad

Founder @vengo, @aj-apps • Studied at @polytechnic-institute-of-new-york-university, @embry-riddle-aeronautical-university-2

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 18860

Sanford Dickert

Innovative Product Expeditor or Product-flavored CTO

ID 33952

Moisey Uretsky

Cofounder of @digitalocean, Cofounder of CorreGroup, Cofounder of ServerStack

ID 38273

Gautam Ramdas

VP & Dir Northern Tech Intn'l Corp ($57M-$120M - 5 yrs; NASDAQ NTIC); Co-founder Dot Com Infoway-Top5 mobile app co in India; B.E.Guindy; MBA UMich, Ann Arbor.

ID 35252

Yann Lechelle


Co-founder, CTO & COO @appsfire, pioneer in app reco and app promotion services. Startup angel, mentor. Paris based. Basketball player. @insead-mba

ID 120776

CJ Halabi


Angel Investor. Hardware engineer. Ex-VC fund manager. Ex-Classic Cocktail Bartender. Worked at Ericsson, HP, Accenture, Capgemini. Cornell ECE, MENG, MBA.

ID 63257

Ravin Gandhi


Founder @gmm-nonstick-coatings • Investor @tred • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign , @kellogg-school-of-management-1

ID 150614

Tristan Pollock

Co-Founder @storefront + @socialearth • Alum @angelpad + @best-buy • Minnesotan creating in SF.

ID 177471

Nick Panama


Co-Founder @cantora , Co-Founder @mainframe-group , Graduated @new-york-university

ID 184725

Andras Forgacs

Founded Organovo (NYSE: ONVO) and then Modern Meadow. Strong business background (McKinsey, Citigroup, venture capital). Kauffman Fellow, Wharton MBA, Harvard.

ID 93114

Geoff Watts

Founder at @editd

ID 5869

Alex Bangash


Rumson Group. Helped invest in over 50 funds spanning private equity, Growth, VC and Real Estate. Invested globally in US, India, Europe, and China.

ID 1559

Greg Isenberg


CEO of 5by (Acquired by StumbleUpon) & Venture Partner @indicator Ventures

ID 11030

Dave Mathews


Created print/UPC-to-web scanning w/ CueCat. Won an Emmy w/ Slingbox, #1 startup at CEA iStage w/ @boxee & Best Technology at @launch w/ @newaer Proximity Platform

ID 7130

Dean Fankhauser

Founder of @nuji. Previously worked at @yahoo, @havas and various digital agencies in @london and abroad in @strategy and @user Experience Design

ID 8019

Paolo Privitera


@pick1 CEO "Know Your Customers" part of @startupchile @500startups @singularity-university-labs ~ Serendipity Innovator believing in Exponential Growth

ID 33835

Ziv Navoth


Founder @paragraph, @automatic-for-the-people • Worked at @aol-time-warner, @bebo • Investor @simplegeo • Advisor @kinsa, @figment

ID 6272

Pat McCarthy

SVP @appnexus • Founder @fantuition • Former VP at @yahoo, @right-media • Studied at University of Oregon

ID 201300

David Tuch

Founder and CEO of @lightpoint-medical   Previously: @ge-healthcare @novartis @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1

ID 152119

William Hockey

Founder @plaid • Worked at @bain-company • Studied at @emory-university

ID 53053

Justin McLeod

CEO of @hinge. MBA, @harvard-business-school. BA, @colgate-university in Econ/Game Theory. Web/software development and management consulting experience.

ID 24575

Reza Jalili

Founder: @lykebox. Dreamer: @the-giving-store. Life-long programmer; Inventor w/sold patents. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @ibm Research, Wall Street, @xanboo home automation (AT&T).

ID 154978

Isaac Oates

Founder @justworks, @adtuitive • Worked at @amazon, @etsy, @yahoo, NCSA • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @cornell-university

ID 10665

Anton Bernstein


Building Virtual Worlds @pocketz. Founder @smeeters @lookingo @aussiecommerce. Former VC @redpoint-ventures and @insight-venture-partners.

ID 697

Matthias Galica

Human being, aspiring man. @sharesquare-beastmode-fm • @startupdigest LA • #DTLA

ID 30188

Brian Wilhite

[email protected] [email protected] Boutique Investment Bank(Acquired by Stern Agee). [email protected] Kasper&Co(Acquired by WellsFargo).Board of [email protected]

ID 84985

Craig Danuloff

EVP @appinions-inc Founded ecommerce platform iCat (sold to @intel), paid search platform @clickequations (sold to Channel Intelligence), and @rewind-me.

ID 32718

Peter Boyce II


Alum @harvard-university, Investor @general-catalyst-partners, Co-Founder Formerly @skillshare + @collaborative-fund + @bad-boy-entertainment

ID 12358

Richard Nash


Advisor. Headed partnerships at @byliner-inc (sold to @vook) and at @small Demons. CEO @soft-skull-press An Utne Reader 50 Visionaries Changing Your World.

ID 59950

Jake Dwyer


Operations @handy-1 , former CEO of Instinctiv (acquired by @soundcloud), @dartmouth-college-1, @cornell-university MBA 2010, @merrill-lynch alum

ID 100725

Shaun Zacharia

Founder @triplelift

ID 265520

Brandon Weber

Founder, CEO Hightower. Previously First VP @cbre , Product Development @zillow, @microsoft(Excel). @carnegie-mellon-university-2, BS Info Systems, BS HCI

ID 39961

Dave Zohrob

Current: Engineer / growth @angellist; Former team @hotornot-com , @microsoft ; Founder @lookmark, @megatasty; CS @university-of-michigan

ID 5166


Cofounder of Business and technology journalist (WIRED, Fast Company).

ID 6335

Michael Weiksner


Founder, @e-thepeople-org. PhD Communication @stanford-university. BA Computer Science Princeton.

ID 66889

Jerry King


Currently COO at Vets First Choice. Was COO at @where which sold to eBay in 2011. Addicted to early stage start-ups. Tufts alum.

ID 5442

Shafqat Islam

CEO and Cofounder of @newscred. Responsible for three things: company strategy, hiring the best people, making sure there's cash in the bank. And sales.

ID 42124

Kyle Lui


Entrepreneurial Investor @dcm Ex-PM @salesforce, Co-Founder/CEO @choicepass (acquired by, Harvard MBA

ID 32199

Jeremy Mims

Founder at @ownlocal, Y Combinator Founder (Summer 2008)

ID 52851

Nick Goggans

Co-Founder/Biz Dev @umbel, the new neilsen for digital media. Ex: co-founder @Lytiks, Conversion Assoc, @CharlieRose. Skills: Web Analytics, AdWords, Media

ID 257008

LP Maurice

CEO/Co-founder of travel startup @busbud. Harvard MBA. Entrepreneur, traveler, photographer.

ID 442021

David M. Greenberg

Founder @updater • Worked @cravath-swaine-moore-llp • Studied @university-of-pennsylvania, @cornell-university

ID 187124

Matthew Kochman

CEO @bustr , Founder @m-e-s-s-express, Founding GM @uber NYC, Consultant @hailo, Studied @cornell-university. Transportation logistics geek.

ID 53976

Andres Blank


Founder of Caliber & Pixable

ID 54162

Tomer Tagrin.

Co-founder and CEO(Chief Energy Officer) of @yotpo.

ID 3195

David Spinks

CEO of Feast. CoFounder at @thecommunitymanager-com. Previously founded @blogdash. Ran community at @zaarly @udemy @seatgeek and @leweb

ID 36109

Zack Arnold


Apparel Entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Former Director of Sales at Former Captain of the @stanford-university Club Soccer Team. @stanford-university 2010.

ID 56884

Jordan Menashy

Co-founder and VP of Marketing @bench. @techstars NY 2012. Former Small Business Market expert at BlackBerry.

ID 34149

Aditya Julka

Co-Founder of Paddle8, Previously founded/exited two venture backed start-ups. Worked at McKinsey, Novartis Ventures. IIT-Delhi '04, @harvard-business-school '09 (Baker Scholar).

ID 68027

Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer


Entrepreneur/Co-Founder @airpr • EIR @shasta-ventures, VC @sierra-ventures • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @princeton-university

ID 36318

Martin Redmond


@tinychat Co-founder. Data and software wrangler. MS EE. Like to work on the full-stack. Prefer APIs over UIs

ID 8402

Adam Sager

CEO & Founder Canary

ID 249434

Stephanie Dua

Founder Homer; CEO of NYC Fund for Public School; Director at NYC Dept of Education Strategic Partnerships; Robin Hood Foundation; MPP @harvard-kennedy-school

ID 29579

Avi Muchnick


Co-founder of @aviary-2 (acquired) and @worth1000 (acquired). MIT's Technology Review Top 35 Innovators Under 35 (2010)

ID 571

Richie Hecker


Entrepreneur, Investor, Connector. Chairman & cofounder of @insparq. Previously, I led the acquisition of @bebo from AOL.

ID 3003

Marc Held

CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu (a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner); Dir. Mobile @boxfish; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt

ID 119475

Penina First

Founder @swifto

ID 158364

Michael Holtzman

Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute-1

ID 110942

Spencer Richardson

Co-Founder & CEO @fanbridge (also: ). Married to Sofía @cosmoArteTV. Life is short - have fun and build cool stuff...

ID 60815

Noah Dinkin


i'm Noah. co-founder and president of @fanbridge. one of these days I'll get a segway.

ID 279550

Ryan Bowermaster

Founder the HiVE™ • Worked at @yahoo, @glam-media

ID 94998

Khalid Itum


Active Angel, Entrepreneur & Advisor Top VP @ $110mm Company Brand, Marketing, Biz & Partner Dev Strategy Star Mountain Capital, Alliance for Veteran Support

ID 117476

David Moon


Entrepreneur in residence at Ernst & Young. Founding team of Gerson Lehrman Group. Ran financial services practice at Recorded Future. Active investor/advisor.

ID 456388

Gaston Frydlewski

Founder and CEO at @hickies, worked at @j-p-morgan-1 • Studied at @universidad-de-san-andres

ID 116568

Mark Kornfilt

ID 113923

Josh Abramson


Founder @connected-ventures

ID 241858

David J. Namdar


Co-Founder @solidx-partners-inc Ex @millennium-partners @ubs

ID 99864

Chris Morton


Founder/CEO of @lyst. Previously consumer internet investor at @benchmark-capital and @balderton-capital in London. MA from Cambridge University

ID 375

Neil Young

Founder @ngmoco, CEO of ngmoco 2008-2012, working on Next. Investing with best friend & ngmoco founding partner Bob Stevenson, through LLL Capital

ID 21791

Chris Mirabile

Health-obsessed Founder of @healthyhand & @hotlist. Webby recipient, Top 5 Entrepreneur of Year @mashable Awards, @new-york-university Stern B-Plan Winner. 4th startup company.

ID 470028

Pavandeep Bagga


Principal @ CCAMG @ PBMD; Chief @ Medical Missions For Children, Healthcare consulting; Healthcare policy; Real Estate; MD, MBA, MS

ID 39038

Charlie Oshman

Investor Analyst @Fairholme Capital, Head of Product @FKI (acquired by The Lab), Founder @reonomy

ID 311058

Greg Marsh

Founder @ KeyMe

ID 825

San Kim

Formerly a tutor and teacher, I founded to change the way people learn.

ID 101990

Diane Loviglio


CEO & Founder @ShareSomeStyle Mentor @500startups Founder @failcon, @wattbot • Worked at @mozilla • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 8144

Alexander Bisignano

Founder @recombine. Developed the most comprehensive, cost-effective genetic carrier screen to help prevent genetic disease before it happens.

ID 41492

Rachel Sklar

Founder, Change The Ratio &; founding ed, Mediaite & HuffPo; advisor, @loverly, @the-muse-1, VoxMedia,, She's The First. Also: lawyer, showtunes.

ID 90997

ken seiff

EVP Direct Brooks Brothers, Founder Bluefly, Co-Founder Poppin, Investor Kule, 7Bucks, Spotster, uBeam, Simply Gum

ID 46144

Rob Emrich


Serial Entrepreneur. CEO + Founder @paedae. Bootstrapped 2 companies to exit, scaled 1 nonprofit to $70M in distribution. Travel, Entrepreneurship, Happiness.

ID 25893

Rajesh Ramanand


CEO & Founder @signifyd • Worked at @paypal, @fedex

ID 131721

Jeff Arbour

Founder @plyfe • Worked at @the-hyperfactory

ID 97332

Amit Matani


Engineering @angellist; Founder: @lookmark, @miraphonic (sold to @ngmoco); Former: @hot-or-not, @ngmoco, @instapaper; @university-of-california-berkeley EECS '08

ID 35832

Joseph Mayer

Entrepreneur, Physician, Anomaly/Informatics Researcher

ID 40008

Girish Ramdas

Co-Founder and CEO

ID 6497

Renato Valdés Olmos

Co-founder at @human. Previously Co-founder at @cardcloud (acquired 2012). MA Interaction Design. Runner. Ex-fat kid.

ID 315883

Hart Lambur


Co-founder at @openfolio. Previously spent 8 years at @goldman-sachs trading interest rates. @columbia-university Computer Science.

ID 96996

Anthony Longo

Co-Founder/CEO @coeverywhere

ID 45446

Daniel Maloney


CEO, co-founder @tailwind + @bridesview. Past: GM-Video, AOL-HuffPost; Google/YouTube intrapraneur; BCG; 1st start-up in college. @danielpmaloney

ID 439261

Chris Cornell


Advisor at Sidestep App. @sidestepapp Founder & CEO of global music merchandising companies Manhead Merchandise and

ID 61367

Alexander Taub

Building SocialRank. Previously Business Development and Partnerships at Dwolla & Aviary. Forbes Contributor.

ID 29576

Nicolas Grasset

Director of Engineering at @makespace. I was CTO at @lifesum and at @tripl, software engineer at @yahoo Mobile

ID 70027

Eliot Pierce

Founder & CEO of Formerly EIR and board member of @betaworks; VP of Strategy, Business Development & Ad Operations for Climbed Denali

ID 143497

Erica Swallow

Tech journalist (@forbes, @mashable, @the-huffington-post), digital marketer (@new-york-times, @contently), startup PR (@wehostels), entrepreneur (@deliverish).

ID 193329

Peyton Sherwood

Co-founder, Bond Street • Developed flagship product @venmo • VP tech SWAT team @d-e-shaw • @harvard-university, @columbia-university CS

ID 4552

Jesse Middleton


Director of Biz Dev at @wework, co-founded @backstory and @wework Labs. I also advise @benny-3, @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation & @symple-health.

ID 44462

Paul Canetti

Founder of @stream & @maz. Instructor at @general-assembly. Designer. Entrepreneur. UX aficionado. Inc.'s 30 Under 30. Formerly at @apple.

ID 8910

Diego Saez-Gil


Founder of @wehostels (acquired by @studentuniverse). Investor and advisor to some startups.

ID 7192

Patrick Dugan


Founder @bloodhound • Worked at @practice-fusion, @palantir-technologies • Investor @bloodhound • Studied at @santa-clara-university

ID 28282

Howard Marks


co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @acclaim-games (sold to @playdom). Founder and managing partner @startenginela LA's largest accelerator.

ID 33166

Geoffrey Handley


Innovative, creative, challenger, entrepreneur and investor, 17 yrs global disruptive experience. Founder TheHyperfactory, ChinaScotFund, SnakkMedia, Pacific Connections. Investor Eniac, We&Co, BookTrack, IMRSV

ID 2701

Mike More

Founder CEO @copromote Strong entrepreneurial/digital media background Business development, management, entertainment marketing, and advertising. .

ID 9077

Michael Hussey

Founder at @statsocial , @peekyou, @ratemyteachers, RateMyProfessors, RateMy(TM) Network

ID 376128

Brian Martelli


Co-Founder & Chairman @ SEAL Future Fund, Kapture | Investor @ Getaround, Qwiki, The Hunt, Viridis | The Brotherhood | Deutsche Bank | Pro Soccer

ID 18584

Steve Katz


Founder / CEO @shoptouch. GM at @HatchLabs ; Alum of @apple, @sony; Serial entrepreneur - eShop -> @microsoft; PowerMarket -> @Oracle

ID 30019

Stephen Messer


Co-founder, former Chariman & CEO of

ID 46551

Sara Holoubek


CEO of Luminary Labs, investor in early stage startups changing big, messy industries, RWJF Pioneer Fund Advisor. Previous: @icrossing CSO. HEC Paris MBA 1999.

ID 99223

Eliran Sapir


CEO of @apptopia, hacker, serial entrepreneur, 1st software startup out of HS, founding team of several startups, EIR @greatpoint-ventures, BU dropout.

ID 57407

Sebastjan Trepca

founder / CTO at @lyst, previously in social gaming and social networks, involved in startups since 2005

ID 123627

Matt Valoatto

@curioos Founder, CEO & Chief Curator.

ID 35767

Kristal Bergfield

I run Biz Ops @ordrin. Advsr @pannacooking. Fmr @stellaservice @americanexpress @waggeneredstrom. Went to U of Oregon (Go Ducks!) & NYU Stern.

ID 55477

Jaafer Haidar


Founded and sold a couple startups, helping others with big dreams make it happen while still pursuing mine. Also, a Partner at CrunchFund.

ID 160821

Wade W. Pierson

COO Hero Network- ( Co-Founder & Managing Partner - Lee & Pierson Associates

ID 24505

Matthew Shampine


Currently: VP of Business Development and Marketing at WeWork.

ID 24263

Eric Brown


Team member of @media-armor.

ID 24762

Walter Chen


Founder of @idonethis. Corporate lawyer. Federal appellate law clerk. Math and computer science at @Cornell.

ID 150480

David Goldberg


Investor and start-up junkie, interested in investing in forward-thinking entrepreneurs leveraging technology to game-changing companies.

ID 102666

Rod Roudi


Regional Sales Director at Oracle Marketing Cloud | Proven Track Record | @rodroudi

ID 716

Tarik Ansari

Serial entrepreneur. Startup Visa Activist (Directed "Starting-Up in America"). EFREI Paris / UC London / Beijing Tech M.Sc. 2007.

ID 31961

Pete Soderling


3x tech entrepreneur, hacker, geek. founder of & 500 startups mentor. living the bi-coastal dream.

ID 48345

Mark Lurie

Currently at @harvard-business-school, former VC at @bessemer-venture-partners. Cofounded @harvard-university College Grad.

ID 182524

Bradford Stephens

Founder and CEO of @drawn-to-scale, a distributed database company. Deep enterprise tech and open source love. Did SQL Server @microsoft, OSCON @o-reilly-media.

ID 73193

Tarek Pertew

@wakefield-media (Extension of Parrut Technologies) | Referio (Benched) | MyWorkster (Resigned) | Silicon Alley Labs (Acquired). Hobbies -> NYC Footy

ID 15155

Mathieu Nouzareth

I am a serial entrepreneur, I co-founded 4 internet companies since 95 (3 in France and one un NYC). Two have been sold and one went public.

ID 635580

Elizabeth Zalman


Co-founder of Media Armor (sold to Nomi). Early Dotomi employee (sold to VCLK/CNVR). I {heart} tinkering and masochistic activities like starting companies.

ID 53274

David Turner

Head of Technology at @unified | Former cofounder at @pagelever

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 2885

Bobby Ghoshal


Founded @flud 1st social news reader, strong award winning product background, contract designed with Apple, Google, Dreamworks. Now a Director at Blue Shield.

ID 42910

Seth Blank

Founder @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation. Former CEO @dbix, COO @simpli-hosting. Helped scale @gdgt, @songkick, @justin-tv. Advisor @pubnub and @indinero.

ID 34765

Sarah Friedlander

"Jane"-of-all-trades marketing professional looking to help you rock your startup. Previously worked at @apple, @adobe-systems and @mozilla

ID 95336

Kate Kendall

Co-founder and CEO of @cloudpeeps. Founded @the-fetch. Led growth, dev and community teams. Former business journalist. BSc (Biotechnology), MB (Marketing).

ID 4639

Jeremy Fisher

CEO & Co-founder of @days-by-wander (acquired by @yahoo). Previously Dinevore, @morgan-stanley

ID 82706

Albert Wang



ID 26197

Eoghan Jennings


Founded @bourbon to give musicians a personalized experience. Co-founded @sbootcamp & @healthxl in Dublin. Brought @xing (IPO '06) from €100K to €40m as CFO.

ID 91777

Danielle Weinblatt

CEO & Founder of @take-the-interview. Former @harvard-university Business School Entrepreneur & Arthur Rock Fellow. Former Growth capital investor.

ID 40943

David Larkin


Chairman at @nanotronics-imaging-2, angel funded post revenue. Founder at, sold to Tarsus Group, bought back, resold to tarsus Group.

ID 69595

Andrew Hapke


Andrew is a Co-Founder of @zokos. He is a @yale-university MBA and has a background in finance and marketing.

ID 4290

Henry Liu

Co-Founder of @familyleaf (YC W12). Previously at @hunch. 18 years old and youngest Y Combinator alum. Currently on a leave of absence.

ID 122180

Timothy Bentley

CEO of @giftly. 1st employee @aardvark (exited to Google '10). Former banker (Cowen, Goldman). Engineering, physics at Brown.

ID 52727

Brett Petersel

Community / Social Media Strategist; Founder of @alleywatch @thecommunitymanager-com; Previously @mashable, @the-next-web, @500startups, @givingtuesday

ID 95905

Sudheer Someshwara

Founder @viraltag • Worked at @amazon, @yahoo • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 78536

Romain Nouzareth


Founder @freshplanet, @cafe-com • Investor @freshplanet, @is-cool-entertainment • Studied at @universite-pantheon-assas-paris-2

ID 73637

Adrian Talapan


Founder @housefix, @clarix-llc-co-founder-sold-to-phase-forward • Investor @parlor-3, @rocktech • West Point, Harvard OPM. Gets things done.

ID 18553

Ben Hindman

Co-Founder & CEO, @splash-1 & One Clipboard; Founder, @dc-by-foot Inc.; Co-founder, The @summit-series; Director of Events, Thrillist; Independent Event Planner

ID 43272

Brett Boskoff

Co-Founder & CTO, One Clipboard CTO, @rootzoo Head of Programming, YouDigitalMedia Head of Programming, Fanrates Head of Programming, BookATableNow

ID 55168

Brian Rice


Founder @gocella, Co-Founder, @red-clay-media. Partner, @ The Fearless Group, Partner, @green-odyssey-media-fund Former @grooveshark

ID 5589

Yazid Aksas


CEO of, building the "J.Crew" of custom clothing. Employee at @greystripe, sold to Valueclick, MBA Stanford

ID 11103

Josh Hix

Co-founder @plated. Product guy, hacker, lover of food and data. Previous:founder @plusscrn (acquired by @phluant). Harvard MBA. GT Electrical Engineer

ID 56047

Brian Kalma


Design Chief at Blade, LLC. Former President at Ministry of Supply, CXO at Gemvara, Director of UX at Gilt Groupe and Zappos.

ID 71796

Andrew Ackerman


Managing Director, DreamIt Ventures. Successful entrepreneur (COO @bunk1), ex-consultant (Booz&Co), occasional angel investor & time-starved parent.

ID 10147

Adam Seifer

Co-Founder @everplans • Co-Founder @fotolog • Investor @vyou, @legacy-connect • Studied at @brown-university

ID 788

Jared Golden

Co-Founder & President @ Pear, Co-Founder @ Brand Accelerator, Board Member @ Worthee, Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center Advisory Board, former ibanker.

ID 1028

Jenn Vargas

Product Manager, Designer, Developer, Geek of all trades. @accomplsh @birchbox @etsy @flickr @yahoo. @cornell-university alum

ID 405027

Wentao Zhang


Network technologist at top information/media company. Background in management consulting at PWC (Stern MBA).

ID 28571

Joel Wish

Founder @sols-systems & @card-gnome  / Biz @smart-vision-labs  / Product & Finance @ GE / Info Sys @case-western-reserve-university-1

ID 51429

Ryan Hubbard


Founder of @evariant. Partner at @yellowhammer.

ID 21478

Alex Wasserman


Co-Founder & CEO @tapfwd

ID 8971

Ajay Mehta

Cofounder of @familyleaf (YC W12). Left @stern-school-of-business. 19 years old. Worked at @zillow, @gawker.

ID 108386

Nash Islam


Founder @man-goes-mobile, @green-and-red-technologies • Worked at @google, @admob • Investor @caplinked, @tigertrade • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 100126

Offir Gutelzon

Serial entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder at keepy. My last company, PicScout, was acquired by Gettyimage in 2011. Father of 2 lives in Palo Alto, CA

ID 172510

Jay Shapiro


Founder @Infinite Monkeys/@AppMakr the #1 Drag-and-Drop Mobile App platform, prev:Founder @blue (acquired by @wpp), The Muskoka Foundation (NUS MBA '98)

ID 52658

Thomson Nguyen


Founder/CEO at @framed-data, Visiting Scholar at @new-york-university.

ID 22009

Murad Sofizade


co-founder & COO, YGL @WEF Davos, ex-board member,, co-founder & CEO, @ipnet-jsc •, Harvard MBA/MPA, worked at @procter-gamble-2

ID 22211

Glenn Nano


Product at @new-york-times. Formerly Co-Founder and Product Lead at @answerqi, seed stage investor at Centurion Venture Partners and founder at Code Meet Print.

ID 5236

Steven Clarke-Martin

Technical CEO. Expert Software Architect. ATG Dynamo Java Application Server vet. Ad Tech vet at Goto, Overture -> @yahoo. Patents on media monetization. @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 67870

Frederick Cook


Co-founder & CEO at @moveline. @techstars NYC '12

ID 114798

Jim Tousignant

Serial entrepreneur; Founder @positivetalk, @multex (IPO and sold to Reuters for $200 mil) • Worked at @morgan Stanley, @Thomson Reuters • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 26570

Scott Carleton

@artsicle Founder / CTO. Former Nuclear Engineer. @carnegie-mellon-university '08

ID 2594

Nick Lane-Smith


Co-founder & CTO of @damntheradio (acquired by @fanbridge). ∞ Hustler. exHacker @apple. Past: math+compsci

ID 126181

Corey Henderson

CTO of @recordsetter. Experience spans developing ground-breaking web 1.0 apps, to corporate systems architecture to building two startup companies.

ID 1608

Olivier Pomel

Founder @datadog. VP tech @wireless Generation, @ibm Research

ID 12541

Steven Krein


CEO & Managing Partner @startup-health

ID 110903

Vipin Goyal

Co-Founder & CEO of @sidetour, a @techstars NYC company. Previously worked at Joost, MTV Networks and McKinsey & Co.

ID 139102

John Laramie

ID 205057

Amit Gadhia

Founder of - SF based Ruby on Rails and Adobe Experience Manager / CQ / CQ5 Software Consulting

ID 51670

Jay Shek

CEO of @locality-1. CFO, @betable and Finance & Analytics, Snapfish. @university-of-pennsylvania M&T program, Comp Sci & Wharton Business degrees.

ID 22187

Diego Zambrano

Founder of @bondsy

ID 10761

Brent Brookler


Mobile technology entrepreneur since 2000. Living in Seattle and NYC.

ID 3166

Sunil Madhu

Founder, CEO @socure. Serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience mostly focused on enterprise security and social marketing product, sales and post-sales.

ID 217477

Kaan Karamanci


Seed & Early stage investor and founder. Previously @hunch, @sulia • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 183693

Jaron Lukasiewicz

Bitcoin CEO/Founder @coinsetter • 2nd startup • Former investment banker and private equity @jpmorgan, @the-capstreet-group • @rice

ID 75539

Tak Lo


Director at Techstars. Creating unfair advantages for early stage founders. Prior USArmy Enlisted, LondonBSchool, UChicago. I care about audacious challenges.

ID 173889

Aneel Ranadive

Co-Founder @tag-2, the best way to meet up with friends. Passionate about building Tag to help people meet up more often in real life.

ID 155397

Florent Peyre

@placemeter Founder (@techstars NY). Previously founder of @casahop, founding employee Gilt City (@gilt Groupe). Very strong business, ops and sales background

ID 269515

Kegan Schouwenburg

Founder + CEO @sols-systems Worked at @shapeways @Designglut • Studied at @pratt-institute

ID 44757

Benjamin Shyong

Full stack engineer, Tech PM, founder experience. Electrical Engineering and Premed at @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 115405

Andy Jorgensen


Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 111758

Gina Trapani

@thinkup cofounder; @lifehacker founder; Todo.txt creator.

ID 76541

Tom Cortese

VP Product Development & GM at Peloton Interactive. • Founded & sold the award winning • Roots in Product/UX and building cohesive teams.

ID 6142

Joel Smernoff


COO @goCitia, Co-founder @grizzly Bags. Former COO @marketsharing, @960-media, President @paltalk and Director @aol. U of Michigan MBA & BSE.

ID 10081

Michael Horn

Founder of Craft Coffee. Built for fun.

ID 225771

Tian He

CTO, Founder of Gojee • A mixed bag of tech and business. Previously at @general-atlantic, @morgan-stanley, @accenture • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 96429

Par Gandhi


Marketing & Strategy entrepreneur and intrapreneur. 15+ years building and operating. previous co-founder, current marketing lead. Michigan MBA.

ID 78211

Zachary Sims


Co-Founder and CEO @codecademy, Venture Partner @bowery-capital

ID 235401

Leo Wang


Investor @lime-tonic, @suredone, @ruck-us, @coursehorse, @rukkus • Worked at @mckinsey-company

ID 207477

Scott Weiner

Founder @makers-row, @closingbell - Crowdsourced Stock Tips

ID 111153

Michael Germano

Founder @carrot-creative

ID 61798

Chris Piazza

iOS Developer Co-Founder @whipnik Co-Founder @wehostels (Acquired by @studentuniverse)

ID 11134

Joe Davy


CEO @buystand

ID 464660

Christopher Lau


CEO & Co-founder of UpWord Notes. Formerly, co-founder of Unsplurge and investment professional at Och Ziff Capital. Stanford grad.

ID 209011

Ryan Paugh

Co-Founder and Chief of Staff at YEC

ID 123020

Peter Thomson

Tech Exec & BizDev... At 23, developed CaseTrack software for legal • Founded 2 Startups and worked in Finance w/ Merrill Lynch • @carnegie-mellon-university-2

ID 38112

Kevin Lenane

Founder, @veenome. Raised 2M in angel/vc. Advisor @iq Engines (Image Data). Legal key in @pointabout acquisition. Pays the Iron Price.

ID 30703

Adam Gerstein


@NovoPartners - MD. @bevvy - COO/Partner. @neurosmith (sold to Small World Toys), @texyard (sold to KarsdadtQuelle) and @beautyaddicts (sold to DSS).

ID 3060

Fredrik Marø

Founder @evisors • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @lazard, Norwegian Army • Studied at @harvard-business-school (MBA, Baker Scholar), @Wharton/Penn (BS/BA) • Norwegian expat in NYC

ID 194262

Jeff McGregor

CEO @ Dash. 2nd start-up out of college. Strong development and business background. Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick & @new-york-university-1

ID 479721

Zack Levandov

Field Operations Assistant @skycatch • Investments at Digital Economy Ventures • Worked at @avalon-ventures, @black-ocean • Studied at @syracuse-university

ID 203196

Matt Tillman


Product @set (acq. NASDAQ:CNVR), @adchemy (acq. NYSE: WMT), Engineering @ CAI, Starbelly (acq. HALO)

ID 56276

Aigerim Shorman

Co-founder/CEO of @triptrotting. Strong business background (UBS, @teach-for-america). @university-of-southern-california Marshall School of Business

ID 57278

Daniel Loreto


Entrepreneur and Angel • Worked at @twitter, @google, @venrock • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 48908

Garrick Pohl

CEO of @zipments, a local logistics platform providing fast, affordable same day deliveries. Been building companies in the mobile & logistics space for 10 yrs.

ID 13437

Sarah Paiji

Co-Founder & CEO of @snapette. Strong business background (McKinsey, @goldman-sachs, Berkshire) focused on retail sector. @harvard-university BA, MBA dropout.

ID 21479

Linda Avey

Co-founder of Curious (big personal data) and @23andme (personal genetics). Sunfire member. Advisor to @rockhealth. Health nut.

ID 39150

Elena Silenok Founder @clothia - fashion website & iPad app. MS in CS @university-of-california-san-diego, Network Security focus. Startups/CS research.

ID 95499

Nick Taranto

Cofounder Plated • Worked @mckinsey-company, @goldman-sachs, US Marine Corps • Studied @harvard-business-school, @dartmouth-college

ID 10851

Giuliano Stiglitz


CEO - Orange Advertising Network Americas

ID 84153

Raymond Zhong


Princeton ‘15 · CS + Design · Prev @angellist @dorm-room-fund @addepar

ID 46279

Michael Meyer


Founder at Edge Harris Ventures, Transmitive • Worked @signl • Early investor @dataminr, @artivest

ID 39323

David Reich

Founder & CEO of @assured-labor, Wireless and Media Analyst turned Entrepreneur, Innovation, Strategy, Mobile and Emerging Market Specialist. MIT Sloan MBA.

ID 26236

Jeff Slobotski

Founder & Chief Community Builder of Silicon Prairie News and Big Omaha. Working to build, highlight and connect the startup community in the Midwest.

ID 26167

Michael Chiang

Co-Founder @fitbark + @matchpuppy, Investor in Life & Dogs

ID 163922

Amanda Peyton


Currently @ Etsy. Founded Grand St., which was acquired by Etsy in 2014. Y Combinator, MIT, Northwestern alum.

ID 62917

Sonia Sahney Nagar

CEO & Co-founder of @pickie-acquired-by-retailmenot. Previously a Sr. Product Manager at @amazon. Harvard MBA, University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering.

ID 50830

Alex T

Co-Founder, Head of Product @tailwind. Data-Nerd, Product Guy, Coder, Designer. Obsessed w/ Building Products that Visualize and Harness Data.

ID 255651

Bob Lund

Founder @voyat, @pinview

ID 204945

Sacha Levy


Member of New York Angels

ID 49166

Jinhee Ahn Kim

Co-Founder @snapette. Strong mobile product development & design background (20+ top apps built), Ralph Lauren, Bain & Co. Harvard BA, Parsons (Fashion Design)

ID 197001

Obinna Onungwa

Worked at @goldman-sachs, @livingsocial • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park, @howard-university

ID 294

Bryan Birsic


CEO at Wunder, my 3rd startup. Spent four years in VC. Started my career at Bain & Company.

ID 20490

Greg Golkin


Founder ThinkBinder (Sold to Echo360) • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @maverick-capital

ID 1926

Amanda Steinberg

Team member of @dailyworth.

ID 139803

Ryan Hayward


Co-Founder at Formerly @google (Maps, AdWords, Google+). Penn/Wharton '07.

ID 48003

Shaun Johnson

Co-founder at @StartupInst. Associate at @techstars. @georgetown Hoya & Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

ID 38018

Scott Yates

Founder at @blogmutt. Previously founded MyTrafficNews (sold to and one other that had a positive return. Journalist before that.

ID 70377

Matt MacNaughton

CEO/Co-Founder of @promojam-1, Digital Product Manager at Interscope Records, Artists Management at The Firm, SXSW Panelist, Econ at @claremont-mckenna-college College

ID 62045

Tom Balamaci

Co-Founder, Pop-Up Pantry. Entrepreneur. Online media business development.

ID 97995

Grant Feek

Co-Founder and CEO (Tred); previously in private equity and automotives (PCCP/Lehman Brothers, Lowe Enterprises, BMW); MBA (@harvard-business-school).

ID 209726

Jen Bekman

Founder + CEO @20x200. Shopgirl @JenBekman Gallery. @HeyHotShot proprietress. Art for everyone evangelist.

ID 13959

Jay Hung

CTO of @conference-hound; Founded Mixture; Ex-Yahoo.

ID 324870

Shashi Vaswani


Ceo and President of About Time Inc , a distribution company which we grew to over 100 million in revenues WITHOUT giving up equity.

ID 49472

Paul Basile

Founder @matchpoint-careers • Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @computer-sciences-corporation • Studied at @mit-sloan-school-of-management, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 125327

Kiril Savino

optimist, autodidact, dad. founder/CTO at @gamechanger-media.

ID 2391

Andrew Baron

Creator & Founder of Rocketboom, longest running show on net, Know Your Meme, a top 500 site & Magma viral video charts. Masters in Design & Tech from Parsons.

ID 54646

Nikolaos Kakavoulis

Founder and CEO @daily-secret. Co-founded and sold @healthleap. Digital artisan at @dow-jones, @conde-nast-publications. @columbia-university MBA, U Athens MD

ID 121192

AJ Vernet


Founder @republic-project, @rey-interactive • Worked at @doubleclick, @digital-broadcasting-group-dbg • Studied at @san-francisco-state-university

ID 137194

Rui Ma

Founder @kinnek , Time @oliver-wyman @j-p-morgan-1, Study @cornell-university, Passion @basketball

ID 63584

Tony Stubblebine


@LiftApp Founder. Previously @crowdvine, @wesabe, @odeo, O'Reilly.

ID 61150

James Han

Co-founder of @seedinvest; Spent time at @francisco-partners, @morgan-stanley IBD (Technology Group), @cisco, @riot-games. MBA @wharton-school School 2012, UG Finance/CS @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 285659

Sidd Sinha

Co-founder @luminate-health. Technology product builder and strategist. Worked @bain-company. Studied @cornell-university @university-of-michigan-1

ID 178038

Leah Park

Founder @vaunte • Worked at @gilt-groupe, @landor-associates

ID 83505

Erol Toker

Founder @trulywireless (Angelpad company), Product @google @invite-media, Graduated from @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania-1

ID 87685

Jayesh Parmar

Founder, Jayesh is Picatic’s public face and voice. As CEO his primary responsible for overseeing product strategy & vision.

ID 42496

Zoli Honig

CoFounder at @chalkable, Founder at Berrylicious (Froyo), @new-york-university Polytech (Mech engineering) + @city-university-of-new-york Queens (Econ) Worked at @ideeli and @kj-technology-consulting (IT)

ID 7496

Daniel Gruneberg


Co-Founder and SVP of Business Development + Special Intiatives at @zozi.

ID 37267

Nicolai Watzenig

Entrepreneur I enjoy building things. Some of these things are @birdback, @founderboys @iconfinder and @cphventures

ID 58911

Jeremy Clemenson

Co-founder & CTO at @locality-1. Led engineering / product at four different startups. Econ and CS from @university-of-california-san-diego and coding from age 10.

ID 158359

Chris Quinn

Co-Founder @shopsy • SDR @movableink • Alumnus @BostonCollege • Prev. @crowdsunite, @Second&Fourth, @crowdhut, @magnolia-ventures, @secondmarket, & @OneSchool

ID 325986

Jon Warman


Currently at @segovia • Advisor to @footnote • Founded @jackalope and @scoreboard-inc • Worked at @facebook and @amazon • Studied at @brown-university

ID 4043

Jeff Fernandez

Cofounder and CEO

ID 487122

Andrew Bridge


Founder @brandproject • Worked at @cadbury-schweppes, @diageo • Investor @brika-1, @surfeasy • Studied at @queen-s-university, @southern-methodist-university

ID 134680

Nathan Sharp

Founder Nifti • Worked at @google • Studied at @harvard-university, @Tuck School of Business

ID 28140

Leigh Fatzinger


Software and technology M&A and fundraising advisory for mid-market investment bank Desilva+Phillips. Previously founder & CEO of Nology Media and Prosodic.

ID 110929

Noah Brier

Co-Founder of @percolate

ID 125169

Rodrigo Fuentes

CEO of @listenloop. 3x founder. @boost-vc & @dreamit-ventures alum. Focus on Product & Sales. Former Patent Litigator. Yale (EEng) & Columbia (JD) Alum.

ID 69114

Alexandra Cavoulacos

Founder @DailyMuse. YCombinator W12. Former McKinsey, @yale-university. Inc 15 Women to Watch in Tech. Advisor @Hackbright. Avid cyclist and Parisian.

ID 28921

Duncan Cork

Head of Product @neongrid. Co-founder @slated. Founder and Exec Creative Director of @katharsis.

ID 29802

Rob Millis


Investor in industrial tech and media ventures. Startup veteran, media maker. Defying expectation since 1974.

ID 23752

Michael De Lorenzo

CTO @cmp-ly - Experienced start-up tech/product guy that turns ideas into products.

ID 155235

Alex Levin


General Manager, NYC @handy-1. Investor @brandyourself, @credii, @TitanSteel. Previously product at @personal and @thomsonreuters. @harvard-university BA

ID 34588

Jake Howerton


founder @zipmark, former CTO @sunshineny

ID 207362

Tanya Menendez

Founder at Maker's Row • Worked at @google @goldman-sachs, @the-brookings-institution • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 4961


Chief Product Officer at @catchpoint-systems Inc.

ID 34050

Brian Wang

Co-founder, CEO - @fitocracy. BA Economics @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 82306

Kelly Eidson

Co-Founder, Head of Product at @moveline w/ background in Consumer Behavior + UX. Strategist in ad agencies in previous life. MA/BS in Advertising UT Austin.

ID 90936

Ryan Bubinski

Co-Founder @codecademy

ID 82476

Jon Thornton

Founder @parkwhiz • Engineer at @ibm, @placevine, @collegehumor • Studied at @boston-university

ID 2122

Pete Kistler

Co-Founder & Head of Product at, the first do-it-yourself platform that helps anyone improve their own search results.

ID 242951

Emma Tangoren

head of marketing @ platejoy

ID 63577

Robert Albert

CEO, Routehappy • Former GM of, head of media product @travelocity, MBA from @wharton-school

ID 30685

Gil Harel

Co-Founder & CEO of, Co Founder & CEO, Market Director at Expedia, Marketing Manager srotel, MBA, @cornell-university University

ID 133123

Mark Bruinooge

Entrepreneur, Company Builder, Musician. Co-Founder/CEO @tykoon, Seismic, Twelve Bar Co.

ID 72947

Kristen Faulkner

Harvard College '15, B.A. Computer Science, Kairos Fellow & Co-founder of Prevently

ID 290051

Timo Ewalds


Founded Invested in a few startups. Work at Worked at Spotify. MSc in Computing Science.

ID 1844

Sachin Kamdar


ID 36314

Michael Stern

Product Manager / Consumer Software Developer / UX Engineer

ID 40748

Jon Feldman

Founded @open-air-publishing to create a better way for people to learn, using iPads. Ran biz dev, mrktg & mobile at @collegehumor; e-commerce MTV. Wharton MBA.

ID 29961

Conor Stanley


Founder @tribal-vc in Dublin. Investor with @intercom-1, @pagefair @startupbootcamp, @balconytv @propelad & others. @kfp

ID 21844

Ryan Shea

Co-founder of @onename. Bitcoin, identity, the blockchain, decentralization. verifying that +ryanshea is my openname (

ID 66124

Danfung Dennis

Founder/ CEO at @condition-one. 2012 Academy Award Nominee. 2011 Sundance Winner. 2010 Bayeux Award for War Correspondents. Cornell B.S. in Economics.

ID 11199

Ariez Dustoor

Founder Whistle Group, @whistle-group • Worked at @rocket-internet, @yahoo, @mckinsey-company, private equity • Studied at @Umich

ID 164748

Andrew Hyde

Founder @startupweekend • Worked at @techstars, @hackfwd • Studied at @johnson-wales-university

ID 21556

Ben Lang

Cofounder of Mappedly. Previously @ IDF, lool VC, Wibiya, Kampyle. Blogged @ TC, SAI, Forbes.

ID 87750

Puneet Maheshwari

Timely doctor appointments, right at your fingertips

ID 30176

Stephen Tse

Ex-Googler at @google Maps, PhD @university-of-pennsylvania on compilers & security, MSc on algebraic geometry. Creator of a beautiful programming language, coding in OCaml everyday.

ID 9675

Craig Swerdloff

Founder of @leadspend, @fishing-ad-net, @hockey-ad-network, @ebrokers. Investor in @marketfish, @good-health-media, @liveintent, @jones-wood-foundry, @rh-brands.

ID 228575

Johnny Ayers

Founder @socure • Worked at @ibm, @eiabroad • Studied at @boston-college

ID 318

Enzo Villani


Founder @villani-advisors, @nasdaq-omx Corporate Solutions • Worked at @nasdaq-omx, @mz-consult • Investor @cinchcast, @df-king-worldwide • Studied at @cornell-university, @pratt-institute

ID 32683

Philip Camilleri

CTO and co-founder at @smartasset. Background in software development for high-frequency finance/trading systems, mobile (web, SMS) and consumer-web.

ID 249183

Awad Sayeed

Founder @pixlee, @startx alum, hacking since middle school. Have done work in financial services, web software, telecom, music, and apparel.

ID 306322

Greg Lamp

Founder @yhat • Worked at @comscore, @on-deck-capital • Studied at @university-of-virginia

ID 38063

Saad Alam

Lead Marketing & Sales HealthCentral. Made product that beat @facebook & @apple. Lead largest digital pharma conference. Manager of $4B brand. MPH/ MBA Ivy.

ID 14792

Jules Miller

Co-founder and COO of Hire an Esquire; Worked at, Ernst & Young, and Tiffany & Co.; Founded Carbonado Group. Studied at UCLA and LSE.

ID 26423

Michael Carvin

Co-founder and CEO of @smartasset. Strong business, corporate finance background. Private Equity. Economic & Strategic Consulting. @princeton-university University.

ID 93453

Nimit Kumar

CEO of uniRow, Technology Entrepreneur, Worked at IBM Research, Fair Isaac. IIT Kanpur B.Tech. 2004.

ID 151617

Joe DiPasquale


Founder @regroup-2, @startout • Investor @artify-it • Studied at @harvard-university, Stanford Graduate School of Business

ID 83842

Dan Kador

Building the technology and team at @keen-io as its CTO and co-founder. Spent 5+ years building APIs at salesforce. CS undergrad at UIUC. IMSA!

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 259668

Abby Schneiderman

Founder @haystack-media, @everplans • Worked at @tipping-point-partners • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 121353

Matthew Levin

CMO @indicative; Formerly Head of BD @commonbond; co-founder of @plenishable; also @powerinbox @ericsson @borland

ID 206954

Dean Mekkawy


Founder @spotflux. Studied computer Engineering at Case Western. Worked on big data projects / data centers at @tishman-technologies-corporation.

ID 428358

Michael Gradek

Co-founder/CTO at travel startup @busbud • Rocked development and project management @microsoft • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 211908

Paul Schack

CEO with over 30 years’ experiences both in seed-stage and growth companies. Skilled in creating economies of scale and cultivating strategic relationships.

ID 6915

Herval Freire

Builder of things. I make ideas happen, period.

ID 177013

Andy Shin

Founder and CTO @vaunte. Previously, Lead Developer @togetherville, acquired by Disney. Columbia Grad and McKinsey Alum.

ID 74087

Ryan Spraetz


Problem Solver. I like bouldering, building, coding, and winning. Co-Founder @keen-io-1 . 4+ years technical product experience at @salesforce. UIUC Engineering.

ID 31691

Jared Keen


Founder @couponstar-ltd • Sold to @coupons-com • VP Business Development at @coupons-com. Adviser and Investor. Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 297563

Austin Ogilvie

Founder @yhat • Worked at @everfi, @on-deck-capital • Studied at @university-of-virginia

ID 304154

Joe Regal

Co-founder Zola Books. Previously founder Regal Literary. 20 yrs in publishing. Switched major from Physics to Literature. Magna cum laude.

ID 54301

Katheline Jean-Pierre

Board Member and Advisor at Kido Media a Social Gaming Studio. Currently at Google. Former: Deloitte, Flickr, Yahoo, Quebecor

ID 1847

Andrew Montalenti

CTO at @parse-ly. Software engineer and startup founder.

ID 205737

Philippe Willi

Founder TrekkSoft

ID 73963

Josef Feldman


Partner @fundersguild • Editor @FundersDigest • Addicted to the Future

ID 134356

Shaun Springer

Founder & CEO of @astro. Former developer at @lot18, @chartbeat. Manager at @crestron-electronics.

ID 132144

Peter Gerber

CCO of Architizer. Strategic and creative generalist. Specialist in community and creative technology.

ID 108153

Noah Slimak


co-founder @piictu-2 - NYC.

ID 129784

Korawad Chearavanont

CEO & Founder, @eko-2 Communications, Inc, President & Founder, Growing a Future Foundation, Intern at True Corp, World Expo, and IBM Thailand.

ID 195988

Gennady Spirin

COO at Dash. Oversee sales, marketing, development, customer service and finance and ensure the availability of resources and timely execution of growth plans.

ID 11731

Josh Viney

VP Product Experience @capture-media-inc-1, Co-founder of Boxcar, Partner at Eastmedia, and UX and Product Advisor. Love to help entrepreneurs create great products.

ID 18848

Surag Mungekar

Cofounder and CTO at Grovo

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 52834

Tim Saunders

CTO and Co-Founder at @cardflight. A committed and focused software entrepreneur with over 14 years of technical, business, and management experience.

ID 152168

Ginevra Kirkland

Community whisperer. Copywriter. Bartender to the stars.

ID 33491

Aaron Soules

Creator @bench-fitness , Tech Lead at @the-huffington-post , CTO/Co-Founder @localocracy (sold to Aol in 2011).

ID 52680

Owen Silver

Founder PrevoTV • Sales, marketing, AltaVista, Zip2, LivingSocial, custom software • Duke MBA

ID 8029

Ryan Charles

Started and sold @consumr. Run Mobile for @Care. Led Mobile at @zagat. 4x Webby nominated. @brown-university grad.

ID 52212

Adriana Kampfner

CRO of CMPLY. Strong startup experience building and scaling revenue for emerging media platforms (most recently at XM Satellite Radio)

ID 98942

Jeanine Heller


Early stage angel investor.

ID 81746

Richard Tong

Founder of @fohr-card, Former Fashion Director @tumblr, Founder of @weardrobe (acq. by @google via @like-com ).

ID 42077

Andrew Chomer

CRO at the EchoSystem, with over 10 years of experience growing businesses and most recently leading the digital charge at PHD/Omnicom

ID 120867

Dan Frommer

Founder of City Notes. Launch team at Business Insider. Proprietor of SplatF.

ID 89781

Buck Wilson

Product designer with consumer and enterprise expertise. Lead design & product @turntable-fm, founded @jotlet-llc (sold to @jive-software ).

ID 43524

Viktor Nordstrom

Founder of @cl3ver, and instrumental in the expansion of Open source startups @openbravo and Fluendo.

ID 46445

David McGrath


Founder Stimulate Media & Intabank. Advisory Board Nearmap. Former CEO VIAP, SVP Telstra, VP Yahoo!, VP IMG, BSkyB.

ID 238162

Jonathan Brickman


Chief Revenue Officer @dealsheet, Principal, Founder @roadbrake • EVP Sales and Service at @ipreo, Chief Sales Officer @rainking-solutions • BS Engineering at @Carnegie-Mellon, MBA @northeastern-university

ID 130612

Brian Muller

Co-founder of @opbandit. Created Data Science group at @livingsocial. Formerly at Washington Post. Engineer, Data Scientist, and recovering Bioinformatician.

ID 43008

David Perez

CEO of @seamless-medical-systems. Founder of 2 internet startups. Visionary, creative biz dev and marketing guy.

ID 37596

Dave Chase


@avado acquired by WebMD (October 2013).Thanks to AngelList for connecting us with great investors! Great outcome for all.

ID 182472

James Windon

Founder & President, @brigade. Committee Member @tank-stream-ventures. Advisor @womply, @credible , @property-connect. Previously @causes , WTO, Law.

ID 10255

Jason Fields

Currently Dir of Design of Prev Head of UX&D for @bbc iPlayer, Head of UXD & Product for Huffington Post. Specialize in 'Three Screen' emerging media

ID 25105

Yoshi Maisami


Founder @ideaspace @unlikely-ventures @intridea • Investor @divshot, @myenergy • Studied at @bucknell-university, @university-of-virginia Worked @nasa

ID 143189

Jorge Escobar

Director of Web Engineering @mongodb-inc Founder @locably. Brooklynite, Venezuelan and Pythonista.

ID 163093

David Bailey

CEO at Spotnight. Product manager, coder, data guy. Previously cofounded 3 startups. Ex Booz&Co consultant, math grad at Oxford Uni, Singularity Uni GSP'11.

ID 193446

Robby Stein


CEO & Co-Founder of @stamped (acquired by @yahoo). Formerly product at @google

ID 57593

Yao Huang


Partner, Pereg Ventures. Managing Partner, The Hatchery. Forbes: 11 Women at the Center of New York's Digital Scene

ID 37686

Geoffrey Weg

Head of Business Relations at @alphaworks-capital • Creator of @happy-inbox & @startup-ery • Worked at @techstars, @moveline, @the-white-house OSTP

ID 223474

Tabish Ahmed

MA in Interactive Design, Entrepreneur, Founder @apppulp , Worked @adobe-systems

ID 100247

Edrizio De La Cruz


Founder @regalii • Worked at @j-p-morgan-1, @pegasus-capital • Studied at @wharton-school

ID 81116

Michael Geer

COO of Dream Industries - And a tech junkie/founder/advisor/mentor

ID 59384

Matthew Moalem

Revenue Acquisition Mercenary - Global Alliances, Global Sales, Global Marketing. Board Adviser. Former US Navy. Innovative Technology, Social, Mobile.

ID 24276

Andrew Cohen


Founder & CEO of Brainscape. Instructor @techstars and @general-assembly . Ex-World Bank & United Nations; MA in EdTech & Cognitive Science from Columbia Univ.

ID 141630

Brian Smiga


Partner @AlphaVP, Advises @pritzker-group-venture-capital. Founder @preclick @actioneer • Investor @liveintent @copromote • @swarthmore-college @booz-company

ID 24095

Drew Austin


Co-Founder of @augmate. Mentor at @startfast-venture-accelerator and Managing Director NYC of @founderdating.

ID 56628

Todd Morris

Founder & CEO, @brickhouse-security listed on the Inc 500 & IR 500. A product guy with a love for cool new tech.

ID 86732

Rob Mallery


VP of Talent @originate, Founder at LassenGroup

ID 129345

Jonathan Chum


Worked at @yahoo, @zynga • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 69290

Keenan Cummings

Founder / Product Designer of @days-by-wander (acquired by @yahoo) Founder of Designers Debate Club (@designdebaters). Gamer, cyclist, Korean speaker.

ID 33827

Conor White-Sullivan

Co-Founder and CEO @localocracy, sold to Aol. Now Director of Editorial Technology at Huffington Post Media Group.

ID 168726

Yoav Caspi


Founder @iknow-io • Worked at @yahoo, @videosurf • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 19515

Evan Schreiber

Head of Original Video, The @aol On Network. Previously helped build @5min-media & its NYC HQ (1st US employee; exited to @aol). Advisor and @techstars Mentor.

ID 1387

Jamie Quint

Managing Partner at Quint Growth where we work with companies like @twitch , @teespring, and @everlane on growth. Previously PM of Growth at @swipely.

ID 28862

Alison Harmelin


Board Observer, Correspondent CBS News. Anchor CBS Moneywatch BA at USC/Univ. of Paris IV La Sorbonne.

ID 274261

Nilesh Zacharias


Co-founder @one-green-planet, a platform for conscious consumers. Ex- @yahoo @right-media @doubleclick @pwc-1

ID 158279

Michael Nobiletti

Founder at  @rollinglobe • Director at Millennials in Travel • Worked at @yahoo

ID 4749

Joshua Niamehr


Chief Product Officer @enchanted-diamonds • Director of Biz Dev at @liveprofile (exited) • Investor/Lover of @jukely • Studied at @city-university-of-new-york

ID 210295

Christopher Tuan (段宗宏)

COO @豆浆油条. VP of Biz Dev @hotelquickly. Biz Dev @secondmarket. Former Accountant @pwc-1. @UMD BA - Finance/Accounting. Avid Golfer and Tennis Player.

ID 4580

Mark LaRosa


Co-founder of FunnelFire

ID 101492

Pablo Larguia

Founder & CEO @redguru

ID 91649

Ajay Yadav


Founder @roomi. Building a marketplace for shared rental.

ID 55160

Mason Du


Founder @benbria

ID 30631

Solomon Liou


Founder of @parke-2, a new online, premium denim brand. Previously at @clickable, @hotjobs, @elife, @Goldman Sachs, @Wharton MBA, @harvard-university BA.

ID 38333

Frank Denbow

Music + Tech. Dancer. Dev for @StartupThreads / @picsicle / @songsicle, Organizer for @StartupWeekend / @startupdigest / @MusicStartup, @afsenyc Advisory Board

ID 358401

David Spitzler 

Biz dev exec, 20 years experience in start ups. Co-founded web tools company, sold to Adobe. Worked at NeXT for 5 years. Joined 3 other early stage companies.

ID 142879

Andy Cheung

Co-Founder of @sensobi, acquired by @groupme, now part of @skype.

ID 110377

Valerie Taylor Roberts


10+ yrs working with/advising, investing in early stage ventures. Diversified, international business/investment interests. Founder & CEO @ The Upside Club.

ID 74152

Alexey Prohorenko

Founder @qwe3, @caffeinated-co • Currently at @riot-games, previously at @scopely, @keas

ID 227461

Bilal Memon


Founder @ Qur'an Academy. Previously, Incubation Team @ Digital First Ventures & Associate @techstars

ID 51569

David Ronick

I’m a serial entrepreneur, and advisor to fellow founders. I typically work in consumer products, e-commerce, digital media, and luxury goods and services. I particularly enjoy strategy, business development, marketing, and building teams and cultures.

ID 41447

Alberto Benbunan


Co-Founder and Managing Director at @mobile-dreams-factory. Academic Director / Emerging Media and Mobile Marketing Professor at IE Business School.

ID 261498

Jaron Gilinsky

CEO Storyhunter • Guerilla Video journalism professor and pioneer • Former NYT, Time, and Current TV journalist.

ID 85752

Nitin Pande

Head of Product at Mygola, Previously founder at Mentii, Employee at @ubermedia & other startups, Studied Product Design @ IIT Guwahati

ID 19157

Adam Lehman


COO @ @lotame Solutions, and Angel @ @rock-ridge-ventures

ID 274735

Matt Cholerton

Spends his time advising startups and matching talented folks with companies that need (and reward) them.

ID 813

Chad Robley


CEO @mindgruve, Managing Partner @mindgruveVentures

ID 11581

Jonathan George

Co-founder of @evomail. Formerly at @boxcar. Moving faster than you. Aggressive but humble. Love family, motorcycles and being an entrepreneur. Call me anytime, 316-259-8554.

ID 43890

Daniel Chait


CEO @greenhouse [2012], Co-founder @lab49 [2002]. Co-founder @business-velocity [1997]. Graduated @university-of-michigan 1995 Computer Engineering

ID 75989

Jon Carr-Harris

Strong expertise on Mobile Products. Development & Design. Partner @ SwishLabs. Previously CEO @venio; PM @Theknetwork. Studied @mcgill-university

ID 247425

Kyle Davidson

Founder of @sourced-adventures. Formerly led Adventures operation in NYC @livingsocial.

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 73241

Veronika Sonsev


CEO of @insparq, a Social Merchandising Suite for retailers. Cofounder of Women in Wireless. Led BD & strategy at @jumptap & AOL. Wharton MBA 2005.

ID 133987

Matteo Franceschetti


Serial enterpreneur, angel investor and mentor passionate about "what's next" and new technologies disrupting the world

ID 178245

Rob Caucci

CEO & Co-founder @pijon | #500strong | formerly @booz-allen-hamilton , Biz Dev at @cleanedison (acq. Kaplan), @javelin, and @the-dannon-company

ID 85441

Tim Ogilvie


Early stage entrepreneur. Since 1999, 3 start-ups from pre-launch/pre-revenue through profitability & exit. Most recently @adbuyer-com (sold to @mediaocean).

ID 52303

Mark Caron


CEO, bMobilized. Founder/CEO of two mobile software cos in NYC. Co-Founder of Omnipoint Communications (now T-Mobile). Advisor/Investor in 20 mobile startups.

ID 85136

Jonathan Palan

Founder, Co-Head of Institutional Sales at @lending-club, one of Forbes Top 20 Most Promising Private Companies.

ID 23235

Kellee Khalil

Founder & CEO @loverly

ID 12411

Ed Sappin


Energy Leader. Innovation Expert. Global Investor. China Strategist. Foreign Policy Wonk.

ID 146177

Jason Saltzman

CEO/Founder @alleynyc

ID 41308

David Levine


CIO @artivest Previous: @paulson-co @harvard-business-school @harvard-law-school @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 47562

Ming-Tai Huh


Partner at @genie-bottle-ventures @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1 @MIT Sloan Strong background in strategy, business development and product management

ID 34178

Adrian Sexton


CDO & Founder @ New Medici → CDO Bain-backed Dynamics → founder @takepart & @TAGStrategic → former digital head @_Participant & @Lionsgatemovies

ID 155983

Julie Fredrickson

@ann-taylor • @coutorture-media • Worked at @sugar-inc,Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 146693

Nick Persico

Co-Founder @smart-host (Techstars Austin S14) • @startupbus NYC Alum • Previously VP of Ops at @krossover , Hustler at @close-io, sales at Sysco.

ID 152812

Brian Stuckey


Serial entrepreneur in the ad-tech and social influence space. Founded ad-tech company in 2007. Went back to school; Cornell MBA 2013.

ID 99017

William Maw


Dreamer with powerful, global network. Angel investor, advisor, CFO, author, social entrepreneur, philanthropist,(@billmaw ,GE, PwC my own biz)

ID 175572

Sahadeva Hammari

Founder @collabfinder • One exit • Award winning designer who's worked for startups like @squidoo, @betaworks and more • Studied at @ucla

ID 234761

Patrick N. Lewis

Designer & Entrepreneur I Founder @butterscotch-labs

ID 135499

Paul Grossinger


Entrepreneur, Angel, Early-Stage VC, Pervasive Group and L&M Media Founder, INE Ventures, Gaingels Syndicate, Blue Jay Syndicate, Jumpstart, Golden Seeds

ID 33466

Andrew Baisley

Founder at Speakagora, Amplus Media and Long history in online video and monetization at Tremor Video, FeedRoom, Newsmarket, etc

ID 111319

Bora Celik

Founder @jukely. Engineer + concert promoter. Put Connecticut on the map for electronic dance music. Organized festivals with Tiësto.

ID 38848

Vidar Brekke

CEO of @meddle , a micro-blogging platform for experts. 3x founder with successful exits, incl. @social-graphiti Fmr. Chief Product Officer @ Converseon

ID 24088

Kate Spivak

Founder/CEO of @blendabout. Wine nerd; Food geek; Start-up addict.

ID 101987

Justin Hileman

I make the internet • Founder of @presentate • Formerly at @opensky, lead engineer at @portero

ID 88947

Octavian Costache

CTO at Jellolabs. Ex-googler. Author of the Multiple Inboxes gmail lab. Built the Google Finance charts. Core infrastructure on Google Maps.

ID 120682

Arsen Ari Kalfayan

Co-Founder & CEO of

ID 255569

David Gitman


Partner at Cooper Square Ventures. CTO of ndap. Highly creative entrepreneur with a 18-year track record of innovation and success.

ID 66175

Mark Lynn


President @dstld Co-Founder of @club-w , Founder of @playcoed-com (Sold to

ID 29819

Ben Farzam


Founder & CEO of Callvox, grew from 0-$100M in 6 years. JD Georgetown. Telecom Angel.

ID 102428

Edward Aten


Merchbar Founder & CEO. Designer. Prev: Founder & CEO of (acq 2012). Special projects @ Red Bull, Pono,

ID 7881

Zak Tanjeloff


Founder @dlp-mobile, JackedPack • Worked at @harvard-university University • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 61615

Michael Waxman-Lenz


CEO and co-founder of education tech/marketing, experience as COO, GM and CFO (online and offline). Worked in small-start up and large corporate environment.

ID 66805

Sonny Caberwal

Founder @bond, @exclusively-in, @sher-singh @tavalon-tea • Studied at @duke-university, @oxford-university, @Georgetown Law.

ID 65374

Greg Galant

Founder of @sawhorse-media, which owns Muck Rack, Shorty Awards and Listorious. Previously Venture Voice, @techstars mentor. @socialshield advisor.

ID 194947

Kabir Chibber

Founder of @pitch-me. Wordsmith at Quartz, Harper's, @new-york-times. Drew my own profile picture. Too British to sell myself.

ID 28181

Mike Borras


• Chief Executive @socialspiel • Co-founder @tupalo • Team Member @rockstar-games •

ID 78122

Steven van Wel

Co-founder of @karma, a designer whose mission is to create simple products for a streamlined world. He's also a dad. Previously founded @marvia (Acq. Post NL)

ID 923

Josh Gooch

Founder of Pogby/imbookin - First marketplace for venues to sell event and meeting packages. Managed the technologies at JetBlue for and trueBlue.

ID 56917

Eleonora Sharef

Founder @hireart • Worked at @mckinsey-company • Studied at @yale-university

ID 122628

Neil Passero

B2B Rainmaker/Investor. 1st sales/mkt exec & investor at SiriusDecisions; advisor to Marc Benioff, Tom Siebel, @sequoia-capital execs. 20+ yrs in Silicon Valley.

ID 30310

Nathan Bashaw

Product Manger at @general-assembly

ID 92837

Chris Benskey

Founder at Krow

ID 58290

Colin Nederkoorn

Founder @customer-io. Helped build @challengepost as Head of Product from 3 to 14 people. @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute undergrad.

ID 91740

Nehal Madhani


Founder and CEO of @plainlegal • Fellow @startup-leadership • Former @kirkland-ellis-llp Lawyer • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania Law, @northwestern-university.

ID 58408

Paul Ratajczyk


Business & Operations @secondmarket

ID 4663

Brad Lauster

UX and Operations guy. Previously with Intel, Stanford & AppFolio. Consulted for LinkedIn & was a founding member of the Raskin Center for Humane Interfaces.

ID 156632

Shawn Merani


Partner @penchina, Prev @liquidnet @reachlocal-nasdaq-rloc @gca-savvian • Edu: @university-of-california-berkeley , @university-of-california-los-angeles MBA

ID 146665

Cassie Lancellotti-Young

VP Client Optimization at Sailthru. Former GLG intrapreneur/early employee at Savored and Passionate teacher and mentor. Analytics die-hard.

ID 44780

Cam Burley

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Founded Wi.U, CEO at Primo. McDonough School of Business @ Georgetown Univ grad.

ID 65529

Rob C. Grant

Co-Founder and CTO of @fun-org. Formerly at Occipital and @collaborate.

ID 10306

Amanda Terry


Managing Director, AdAdvisor, division of Neustar; Worked at 3 cos (data analytics, online video, localized content) which got acquired; Princeton BA/Wharton MBA.

ID 96527

Will Potter

Engineering Intern at @twitter. @middlebury-college Student. Co-founder @strabo.

ID 216882

Robert Smith

Mr. Smith is the Syndicate Lead for Media Li²ght Entertainment , BitCoin India, Nonlinear Film Technology and The Exchange Visionary Laboratories,

ID 389370

Marcus McLaughlin

Founder uVore • Full-stack web developer with front-end focus • Worked at @cloudera, @wellnessfx • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 31792

Gene DeRose


Founder @jupiter-research, @houseparty @skymarker-labs Labs @want - @UVa grad. Non-profits MOUSE, Opengate, Electronic Literature Organization.

ID 215584

John Urbanik

FDE @palantir-technologies through acquisition of @poptip. Formerly founder @beertending . BSE Electrical Engineering @princeton-university '13.

ID 94995

JJ Noonan

Software Engineer @tellapart, previously Co-Founder & VP of Eng. @adstack-1; Project Manager & Senior Software Engineer at @capital-iq

ID 292269

John Hecker

President & Cofounder of CopThis. Sold 10M+ ACDC, Stones, Zeppelin shirts. Signed Avril Lavigne, others, 30M+ records.

ID 22174

Rob Kelly

CEO of Ongig: The Employer Branding SaaS; I've bought, sold & failed businesses; Author of An Enlightened Entrepreneur

ID 59341

Rishi Prabhu

Co-founder at @bespoke-post; Computer Science BA/MS, @new-york-university; Kellogg MBA; Worked at @google and @groupon

ID 30989

Brooke Dixon

I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Worked at The Motley Fool, to name a few.

ID 425082

Kaushal "Ken" Majmudar


Investment Manager and Investor, Former Investment Banker, Computer Science undergrad and Harvard Law Grad, Entrepreneur and founder (

ID 5293

Alexandru Lapusan

Investor at @zipongo, @videopublishing-com, Co-founder at @huddlehero-com, @hotelpeeps-com @HAC!BD & @zitec-com

ID 411581

Wally (Yingxiao) Wang


Investor at @china-growth-capital, Worked @pebble , @microsoft and @lattice-engines, Studied @nyu-stern-school-of-business, Advisor @ several startups in NY.

ID 94993

Thanos Baskous

Software Engineer at TellApart. Prev. Co-founder & CTO of @adstack-1. Led Realtime Streaming at @capital-iq. FSE, Sys. Architect, Dev/Ops.

ID 10493

Mark Bao

Technical founder. Node.js and Rails developer. Recent dropout.

ID 51682

Arum Kang

CEO/Co-Founder of @coffee-meets-bagel. @harvard-business-school School MBA 2011, Penn 2004. Avon Products, @amazon.

ID 82693

Justin Bedecarré

Co-Founder @42floors

ID 131147

Raffaele Colella

Co-Founder @cannonball-1 , VP @mocospace , MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA, M&A @fiat-auto, Business Analyst @roland-berger-strategy-consultants

ID 72316

John Allison

Founder at @customer-io. Former Head of Engineering at

ID 465869

Samuel Kies


Founder of Chatty Inc. • Studied at Haverford College

ID 191730

Annie Chang


Corporate Development @yahoo

ID 140856

Shu Chowdhury


founder @salido. BS @new-york-university /MSEE @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 118984

Nicholas Livingston

Co-Founder & CEO @honeit, Director of Global Recruiting @tubemogul, MBA @BerkeleyHass, Former Director of Talent Acquisition @mtv Networks / @viacom #HRTech

ID 55584

Avishai Weiss

Founder of a new web/mobile real estate startup. Strong advertising & tech background (@kontera, @microsoft Advertising, @ogilvy). Product development & design.

ID 4335

Ted Yang


Sensei. Angel Investor/Advisor/Entrepreneur/Mentor with Cap Markets / Finance COO/CTO background. MIT Engineer. Founder @StamfordiCenter MediaCrossing

ID 104699

Evan Konwiser

Travel Industry Consultant/Advisor, for start-ups & big cos. Formerly co-founder of FlightCaster & Bain consultant. Write for tnooz & TheBeat

ID 332533

Brian Richards


Founder and Managing Partner @mesa-2, Founder and Investor @dealsheet, MBA @Wharton, JD @Penn; BA @tufts-university

ID 278737

Dino Decespedes

Marketing mind. Founded @guidebits, social data trend recognition • Former VP Marketing @mobli, COO @appular, CFO @freeverse

ID 2614

James Graham

Co-founder of PCB:NG. Consultant to early stage companies. Background in startup (@cmp-ly @tribeca-labs) and mid-market M&A (ING Barings, TD Securities).

ID 3261

Phil Karl


Co-Founder/CEO at @liveprofile

ID 164552

David Michel

Founder Fully Connected Media • Worked at @new-york-times via Publishers Circulation Fulfilment

ID 411554

Daniel Shapiro

Founder @designlab • Worked at @ycharts, @barclays-capital • @duke-university Engineering/CS

ID 72648

Dan Demole


Founder & COO at @jingle-punks-music

ID 44926

Bernard Gershon

President, GershonMedia. Board member and advisor. Pioneer in digital media - video - online and mobile. Formerly SVP/GM @disney.

ID 14359

Vladimir Tucek

Founder of @meevl. 1st software startup during high school. Entrepreneur, internet media, news and communication enthusiast.

ID 5790

Oleg Gutsol

Co-founder and CEO of @500px

ID 1826

David Dundas

Founder at Decisive. Love running, puzzles, creating great product experiences and creating the future.

ID 12113

Jon Alagem

Founder at @trendabl and Harper+Scott

ID 5540

Saadiq Rodgers-King


Former COO at @nodejitsu. Co-Founded @hot-potato and sold to @facebook. MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA and Princeton Comp Sci BA.

ID 74637

Cecilia Pagkalinawan


CEO appLOUD, Producer UGTV, former CMO Stagedom, CEO StyleTrek, CCO dotbox, Director of Ecommerce Burberry, VP of Strategy RichFX. Global strategic marketing.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 1217

Leonardo Suárez-Ruíz

CEO of Advisers Managing Partner of TorrenegraLabs. Co-Founder of HubBOG

ID 251906

Max Bennett

Biz Dev @triggermail • Previously Associate @techstars & Analyst @goldman-sachs • Studied @washington-university-in-st-louis • Founder @bandscramble

ID 28570

Yoni Assia


Founder and CEO of, THE investment network Passionate about economics (libertarianism), internet, technology and thought leadership

ID 57029

Ivan Vanderbyl

Engineer at @digitalocean, previously CTO @app-io. Founded @crashlog, @testpilot and • Worked at @orionvm

ID 199911

David Norris


co-founder and CEO @MDInsiderCorp, serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, avid traveler, passionate foodie, and I cycle whenever and wherever possible.

ID 67276

Gus Warren

ID 217862

Ben Krasnow

NYU student from Palo Alto with sales/biz dev/ops experience. I like startups who teach and make the world better.

ID 159018

Pranay Srinivasan

Founder/CEO, @sourceeasy Sales / Product / Survival. Startup Leadership, #500Strong

ID 205017

Sebastian Bruce

Founder @networklift • Worked at @thread-1, @balderdash • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 317512

Phil Haslett


Founder @equityzen (@500startups Batch 7). Former Investment Professional for Hedge Fund (4 years). @barclays-capital @red-bull @tufts-university (Quant. Economics).

ID 171236

Dan Servos

COO Locationary; CEO SocialDeck acq by Google; CEO NeoEdge led merger; VP AOL Strategy/Bus Dev; VP/GM AOL Telecom & Mobile Entertainment; SVP Quack acq by AOL

ID 82273

Stephan Jacob

Founder/COO at Cotopaxi. Founder/CEO at Kembrel. McKinsey. Software developer. German Special Forces. Wharton MBA.

ID 45798

Dave DeMink


Current: RVP, Sales - North America at @ringcentral. 12 years SMB Sales/Marketing experience - Loudcloud, WebEx, SuccessFactors, @ringcentral

ID 207884

Aleksandr Yampolskiy


CEO of SecurityScorecard, a new way to measure risk. Formerly, CTO Cinchcast/Blogtalkradio, CISO Gilt; Respected tech leader, expert on security and scalability

ID 184131

Divya Kapasi

ecommerce guru in operations, supply chain and buying.

ID 86310

Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir

CEO & Founder of @tagplay . Former CEO/Co-Founder of @the-startup-kids, @kinwins and Heilaspuni. Economist.

ID 100590

James Waldinger

CEO @Artivest Previous: @rypple @clarium @stanford-law-school @stanford-graduate-school-of-business @yale-university

ID 20317

Samantha Smith


Operations @Firstround

ID 4551

Jory Des Jardins

Founder @blogher • Worked at @aol-time-warner, @new-york-times • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

ID 296686

Erik Steigler

Founder of Shopalytic • Worked at @okcupid, @lot18

ID 278532

Duy Huynh


CEO of @shortcut • Worked at @ibm, @fujitsu • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 363280

Youssef Ben-Youssef

Versatile, Tremendous IT and Management experience. Specialty in scaling start-ups.

ID 30247

Brendon McQueen

Founder @tuition-io • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 5204

Dan Goldin

Former startup CTO looking to build something new. Experience in quantitative finance and product management but love getting my hands dirty.

ID 208747

Kevin Selhi

Strategist at Outbrain • Mentor at Lean Startup Machine and Canadian Technology Accelerator • Studied at Columbia, Oxford, Syracuse

ID 320119

Mohit SantRam

UX/Product Designer w/a goofy golden retriever. Interested in tech, music, traveling, scrabble, random acts of kindness, & food. ITP/NYU & TechStars NYC Alum.

ID 198637

Scott Bales


Leading the #DigitalShift. Globe Trotter & Avid People Watcher. Always carry a Camera & Smartphone. Have you bought my book yet?

ID 76917

Taj Chahal

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, & Philanthropist

ID 35968

Will Nathan

Founder @homepolish • coded @buzzfeed • closed $1BN Tech M&A for @union Square Advisors • B.S. Mathematical Economics

ID 46697

Eric Scott


Investments for @hvf and @mlevchin.

ID 70301

Joe Mocquant

Entrepreneur & Designer. Co-Founder and CEO @ultime-combattant • Worked at @cloudflare • Studied at @epita Paris

ID 135371

Alexander Sherman

CEO of @spotfront • Early Employee at @mediamath (Product) • @columbia-university University BA

ID 48065

David Magier


Founder @couptivate, @branching-minds • Worked at @youaretv, @gateguru • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @emory-university

ID 120144

Leon Liebman


ID 329838

Andrew Goletka


Early stage investor @ Advancit Capital

ID 59559

Kivanc Anar

CTO of @patentory, Operating partner at @entrepreneurs-roundtable-accelerator, Software Developer, Consultant & Serial Technology Entrepreneur

ID 47982

Paul Gebhardt

CEO & Founder @bonusbox. Data lover, hobby chef, econometrician with strong experiences in the finance industry.

ID 124423

Ethan Montoya

Co-Founder at Raised 40K from Startup-Chile program. Back in U.S. to grow marketplace for short-term consulting projects.

ID 46145

Tal Ziv


Founder/CEO of SeniorReports. Corp Dev / Strategy at GE, Sopogy, ALEX. Veteran Officer @USAirForce. Cornell Computer Science + MBA.

ID 167378


Co-founded SFAP and Everybit. Software engineer for AppNexus and ZOFASH. Active open source contributor.

ID 557842

Adam Donahue

CTO @chicory Worked at @goldman-sachs, @merrill-lynch, @appnexus.

ID 131578

Lynn Dixon

Co-founder of Worked at a broad range of Internet + Brick & Mortar companies including @cbs-marketwatch, @the-motley-fool, @merrill-lynch and Young & Rubicam Advertising

ID 224149

Michael Gursha


Business & Corporate Development @ Curemark, co-founder @ various startups, Graduate of Newhouse & Whitman Schools @ Syracuse University.

ID 35228

J. Wilder

7th employee Motley Fool. VP IA at @doubleclick subsidiary. Lead Dev Washington Post Classifieds. Senior Consultant PwC. Founder 2 successful companies.

ID 42802

Jason Laster

Studied Math and CS at Dartmouth. Member of Hacker School summer 2012 batch. Currently working at Etsy as a software engineer.

ID 123340

Jake Frey

Founder, CEO @busy, Previously Creative Director at @fancy

ID 116601

Jacob Shea


Entrepreneur in Residence & Senior Associate at @monthly-ventures-1 , Software Architect turned Agency GM / CIO / CDO, Founder of Digital Boss.

ID 96664

Tony Elliott

Founder @the-reservation-network, @tax-time • Studied at @university-of-phoenix, @new-york-city-college-of-technology

ID 225061

Amy Kadomatsu


Co-founder @roko-labs • Investor @novus-partners @bookalokal-2 • Mentor @entrepreneurs-roundtable-accelerator • Toiled away @HBS, @harvard-university

ID 5613

Francis Kim

Analytics at Index, Founder @scholarpro • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @warner-music-group • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 194009

Brian Scully


Runs @prunderground-com @eatopia-com @madison-square-ventures-llc; @propertyshark @umt-software @stanford-university @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 40681

Jason Blanck

Senior Manager, Business Development @american-express Investor @boefly Incubated by @general-electric @omd Founder @broodr, Former @fancy

ID 36428

Peter Sullivan

Founded Tripl (Venture Backed), Built Course with GA & Facebook, UI/UX Designer, Hustler, Creative Technologist

ID 66930

Merrill Brown

Director, School of Communication and Media, Montclair State. Consulting, board member and entrepreneur

ID 65308

Kurt Schrader


Co-founder and CEO at Clubhouse Software

ID 2461

Daniel Reeves


Investor in @appjet aka Etherpad. Cofounder of @beeminder (Portland Seed Fund company).

ID 455414

Jeffrey Szczepanski

Worked at @stack-exchange

ID 24811

Scott Kolber

Management roles in bizdev, marketing, data, technology at @viacom (MTV), Loral, @linkstorm. @roadify CEO, University of Virginia

ID 111165

Philip Krim


Co-founder & CEO of Casper

ID 58094

Mike Lisavich


Bostonian. Mobile guy. Engineer with a finance degree and an eye for UI/UX

ID 29595

David Caplan

CTO of SolveBio. Full-stack web developer, and published computational biologist.

ID 293377

Keith Harper

Narcoleptic entrepreneur with a passion for design. Cofounded @trubalance @well-crafted @the-mill-1. Worked at @handshake / @inkd / @imagekind.

ID 147930

Anthonia Akitunde

Founder @mater-mea • Worked at @the-huffington-post • Studied at @university-of-chicago @northwestern-university

ID 147710

Hubert Dubrule


CEO of @kbc-securities-usa, Inc.

ID 16317

Jonathon Ende

Founder of Seasoned entrepreneur w extensive experience building up companies. Top 10 Biz School. Proven leader. Tireless worker w endless Hustle.

ID 798242

Alex Rangel

Turning the HVAC market upside down. Started @trane before building @ravti.

ID 339681

Gabriel Blanchet

Founder @grove Labs • Worked at @grabcad • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 25167

Alberto Sheinfeld


Founder and CIO @ Pixable, Innovation @ Contactive

ID 152436

Matt Pasternak

Worked at @insightexpress, @information-resources • Studied at @new-york-university, @babson-college

ID 143470

Peter Schwartz

Co-Founder and CTO of @spotfront. Led partner integrations at @mediamath.

ID 327600

Omid Jahanbin


Founder @rennzer , Formerly Led Marketing @blackboard & @flat-world-knowledge

ID 133073

Joel Birch

Lead Restaurant Network Trainer @grubhub-inc-1 @seamlessweb CoFounder of @citymixin. 1st tech startup in highschool. BS Organizational Leadership Penn State.

ID 65513

Leonard Chen

CEO of @livrada. Co-Founder of, Global BD @ @warner-music-group, Daily Grommet, RJDJ. @wharton-school and @university-of-california-los-angeles. Occasional wedding singer.

ID 278918

Lisandro Quiñones

Founder of Veercade. Strong systems engineering and product implementation background. Hold engineering degrees from MIT and Columbia University.

ID 320195

Shriram Bhashyam


Co-founder @equityzen. @500startups Fall 2013. Formerly securities attorney @shearman-sterling.

ID 81584

Jonathan Olsen


Past: Co-President, Stanford Alumni Angels East. Founded/Exited Cause TV, Inc. Stanford '04. NYU Stern MBA '11. Deloitte Consulting. Pfizer M&A Finance.

ID 73775

Ted Blackman

Co-Founder and CTO of MakeOut Labs. JS/Meteor developer. Previously co-founded Zigfu (YCombinator S11) and Course Zero Automation. physics degree from MIT.

ID 268792

Samiur Rahman

Founder @jobsuitors • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @the-cooper-union-for-the-advancement-of-science-art

ID 58805

Eduardo Fernandez

Co-founder/CEO. BS+MS Electrical Engineering Tech U of Madrid, MS IT Mgmt from IIT. Background in enterprise software sales & BD. Ex-professional Laser sailor.

ID 377435

Albert Ferng

Worked at @goldman-sachs, @ibm

ID 23825

Blake Burris

Founder & Chief Hactivist of the global #Cleanweb movement; catalyzing entrepreneurs to make our cities more livable and sustainable. fbFund recipient

ID 398546

Paul Murphy

Co-founder Clarify. 3rd startup. Engineer. Have worked in NY, London, Buenos Aires.

ID 49644

Carlos Rodarte

Interested in technology, mobile, health, wellness, and all things healthcare.

ID 385008

Micah Clasper-Torch

CEO of CityBird Registry. Background in design, event planning, sales and production with companies such as Sebastian+Barquet, Coach and Bonobos.

ID 156672

Gaurav Sharma

Running Flurry India • Co-Founded @groupon-india • Worked at @sagence-group-llc, @diamond-cluster • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @iowa-state-university University

ID 226999

Paul Geller

Co-founder & CEO @ We created Co-founder & CTO Former SVP @grooveshark

ID 51381

Conway Anderson

Design & product with a dash of marketing. Made @ketup. Helped make @pandora & @goodguide. Studied @university-of-california-berkeley. Currently consulting & experimenting.

ID 82251

Timothy Mohn


Entrepreneur. Advisor. Angel Investor. Computer/Data Scientist. MS @new-york-university, @HBOGO, Comcast, @fullscreen @datasimple

ID 350632

Alexander Falk


Co-founder and CEO of @altova, co-creator of XMLSpy, entrepreneur, licensed captain, love to talk XML, XSLT, XPath, XBRL, XML Schema, Boating, GPS, Ham Radio.

ID 19376

Tristan Louis


GM, @meetup • Serial Founder • Advisor • Worked at @deutsche-bank, @hsbc • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill, @george-washington-university

ID 410136

Tom Walsh

Worked at @doubleclick, @dotomi, @return-path, @conductor. Long time Online Advertising Executive working in the industry since 1996 with experience in online marketing technologies in display, email, search, behavioral, and data

ID 36327

Adrian Valeanu

I work at @designmodo (Founder & Editor-in-chief). We help make awesome websites.

ID 178726

Ali Hamed


Entrepreneur & Managing Partner @coventure | Fan of Cornell Tech | Fan/Alumn of Dorm Room Fund | Blogger on @medium

ID 304636

Bob Kohn

Private Investor/Board Member/Attny. Chair & CEO RoyaltyShare; Chair/Founder EMusic; Vice Chair/General Counsel, Borland Software; Advisory Board, Zola Books.

ID 98365

Clayton Gran

Founder, @sellercrowd

ID 247634

Viva Chu


Founder of Powhow, Handipoints, and Transplay. Worked at Slide and Google. Computer Science degree from Duke.

ID 70536

Ari Meisel

Serial Entrepreneur / Efficiency Consultant / Speaker / Ironman / Author / Inventor / Wellness Coach / Achievement Architect

ID 333422

Chris Korhonen

Creative Technologist

ID 452142

John Grech

Founder @iterate-studio • Worked as CRO @chatid, SVP Retail Sales @hooklogic, VP Sales at @powerreviews, Sales Director @omniture. Early stage retail tech guy

ID 136998

Gizem Orbey

Music entrepreneur, Business Development at @rapleaf, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology and @columbia-university Alum, Rower

ID 7714

Mike Khristo


Founder of @filtered. Head of Solutions Eng - @shift-1. Helped close multi-MM deals with F100 brands & top agencies. Entrepreneur. Advisor. Get-it-done-er.

ID 41170

William Sacks

CEO & Co-Founder @kindara, Co-Founded @lumetro, Mech. Eng & Economics from @mcgill-university University. HW Engineer, Led @mcgill-university Solar Vehicle Team. Blog @

ID 146415

Evan Kostorizos

Inventory Management at • Worked at @coupontrade, @european-commission • Founder Blueshift Innovations Inc • Northeastern University JD 2003, Harvard University ALB 1999

ID 171723

Lior Aharoni

Founder EQuala • Worked at @cyberark-software-ltd

ID 128590

Seth Page


Experienced tech entrepreneur, operator, investment banker & financier. Last 2 firms co-founded were both acquired Nov 2011. Just acquired mSpot for Samsung.

ID 86086

Dustin Curtis



ID 108319

Lawrence Lee


Co-Founder/COO @valetanywhere . Co-Founder @smrtguard-acq-by-snapone • Worked at @accenture, @snapone-inc • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 740199

Alex Poon

COO & Founder @x-ai ; VP Engineering @outbrain  @visual-revenue ; Love Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, and Robots

ID 325428

Feliks Gurevich

VP Engineering/Technical Cofounder @dealsheet; Past: Founder/CTO @twimco, Head of Engineering @howcast, Technology Director @paddle8

ID 33825

Mark Wagner

Founder & CEO @altitude-4

ID 316861

Connie Wong

Co-founder @lynxsy, Director of Product @meetmoi (acquired by @match-com), Strategy Consultant @accenture, '08 @university-of-pennsylvania, @wharton-school-1

ID 73240


TEDx Speaker. CEO of @slidebean. Designer. Startup Chile and DreamIt Ventures Alumnus. 40-under-40 Costa Rican innovator.

ID 123501

Cara Bucciferro

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at @new-hive. Design, information architecture, UI, UX, graphics. Founder of Culture Designs, worked at @microsoft , Coach, CorchiaWolinerRhoda, TransWorld.

ID 65906

Andrew Fayad


Founder @elearning-mind • Early Employee at @axial • Founder @olark, Y Combinator Alum

ID 164789

Waheed Barghouthi

CEO @dakwak

ID 31201

Dennis R. Mortensen


CEO and Founder of @x-ai, also @visual-revenue (sold to @outbrain ). IndexTools (sold to @yahoo). Canvas (sold to TJ Group). HAPPY!

ID 28911

Seth Bannon


Founder & CEO, @amicus. Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship. Y Combinator alum. Reshaping civil society through innovation.

ID 75653

Sandeep Kella


Co-Founder of @metric-collective @addressreport @franchisehelp @smallbusinesspost @kinetic-advisors & @unifiedmed VP of $200m PE fund. @university-of-michigan

ID 106931

Jason Stone


Investor @delectable, @campus-bubble, @thefuture-fm, @LoveBack, @ SIMPLENIGHT, Applied Stat @university-of-rochester, DOI @booz-allen-hamilton

ID 6082

Daniel Wolfson


Principal at OldSlip Group

ID 138376

Juan Pablo Buritica

ID 665

Tim Kissane

Linux and Open Source evangelist, owner of Timbury Computer Services, techie. Web developer since '95. Love scripting, solving tech problems. B.S. in Physics.

ID 1589

Lazaro Fuentes


Entrepreneur with three exits. Investor, mentor and #StartupDiversity advocate. Investing in Women lead, Hispanic lead and African American lead startups.

ID 50177

Michael Heinrich

Serial entrepreneur. Strong biz background (@bain-company , @bridgewater-associates, @microsoft) & education (@stanford-university, Harvard, @university-of-california-berkeley)

ID 509466

Ellen Johnston

Founder + CEO of @makr. Background in design, UI/UX. Graduate of @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 52559

Anirudh Suri


MD of India Internet Group (early stage India-focused fund). Founder MBA-MPA from Wharton/Harvard and ex-McKinsey.

ID 58537

Rachel Cook

Founder of Seeds. Director of @the-microlending-film-project, global doc examining the impact of microloans. Duke. Former Trader. Will never go to grad school.

ID 227702

Kevin J Dolan

CTO of AddressReport, Metric Collective, SmallBusinessPost, FranchiseHelp, and Helicopter Pilot in Training

ID 64855

Min Kim

Biz dev @dramafever. Previously @reclip-it, founded 2 startups in consumer, ecommerce space. Marketing background @draftfcb. Economics @UChicago.

ID 24805

Mo Yehia

Banker turned human. Founded @sidewalk & @sqoot-1 (Acq by @clutch). @500startups, @dreamit-ventures, & @university-of-michigan alum.

ID 87446

Michelle Coventry


Founder @maven-ventures-executive-search • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @forward-partners • Investor @powderject • Studied at @columbia-business-school

ID 73827

Phillipe Casorla Sagot

Lead iOS Developer @lifesum • Worked as CTO at @saborstudio • Studied at @Costa Rica Institute of Technology

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 65796

Kyle Michelson

Founder of @streamup - Watch and Broadcast Live Video. Seed Funded. @university-of-southern-california, @london-school-of-economics.

ID 61505

Lauren M Wolff

Creative Director and Studio Director at The Mobile Majority, Co-founder spotsi, MFA Design as Entrepreneur SVA, worked in adverting, tech, social, mobile.

ID 52662

Eric Fisher

Social Design Strategist. Formerly @facebook , @google , @apple. BSE in Computer Graphics + Psychology from @university-of-pennsylvania. Now Founder @voxle

ID 36555

Matt Singer

Co-Founder and CEO of Talk Market (financed by @amazon)

ID 252099

Elena Haliczer

VP Product at Vocativ. Past Director of Product, The Huffington Post; Founder, Adaptive Semantics; StartupBus 2012. Media, Data, Community, Automation.

ID 69416

Jonathan Bittner

CEO and Co-founder of Splitwise, Dropped out of @harvard-university Astrophysics PhD. Forbes 30 Under 30 2011.

ID 553743

Nawid Ali-Abbassi

Purpose: Connecting the dots /// Experienced building products, brands and organizations.

ID 191797

Alex Finnemore

Worked at @boxbee, @moo-com • Founder @curious-orange • Studied at @university-of-cambridge

ID 76621

Hartej Singh Sawhney

Co-Founder @zuldi, Entrepreneur, Connector, Musician, Music Manager.

ID 621264

Jocelyn Goldfein


Independent angel and advisor. Prior eng leader at Facebook, VMware, Trilogy, and multiple startups. Stanford CS. Interests in mobile, big data, cloud, edtech.

ID 162842

Paul Strachman


COO @gracious-eloise, worked @bain-company, @equinox • Angel Investor/Strategic advisor • General technology, Fitness/Wellness • MBA @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, MSc Economics @london-school-of-economics and MSc Engineering at ENPC

ID 4425

Jeff Hull

Startup Engineer @fitocracy, Former Engineer @buzzient, Ex-Tech Founder @my-ivy-leaguer. I like to build things.

ID 119443

• hunter lee soik •


Founder | @Wardenclyffe Institute - Innovation Consulting for fashion brands | Recent projects for Stella McCartney, Kanye West, HUNTER boots and CFDA

ID 46875

Chris Bolton

Your local linux enthusiast, web developer, cyclist, travel bug, and serial entrepreneur addicted to making cool things with awesome people.

ID 89464

Sonia Kapadia

Founder & CEO @taste-savant. Entrpnr + General Manager w/ experience in Startups (@rent-the-runway, Gu Chocolate) and large businesses (Pepsi). Harvard MBA

ID 142556

Sean Kim

Founder of • Head of Growth @sketchfab Founder @needle-1 • Canada's Next 36 • Writer at AskMen & The Next Web • Mentor at McGill University

ID 479627

Jeanniey Mullen

Founder ringblingz, @email-experience-council • Built businesses for @zinio, @ogilvy • Studied at @university-of-pittsburgh

ID 36872

Jessica Bloomgarden


Founder of AfterSteps. Strong business (JPMorgan) and marketing (SolarCity) background. Harvard Business School MBA (2012), Stanford University BA.

ID 59997

Blake Jennelle

Co-Founder/CEO of @instinct. Hacker, marketer, Harvard '04.

ID 58659

Phil Michaelson

Product Director with 10 Years Web & Mobile Experience. Currently at Harvard MBA. Princeton CS Undergrad.

ID 242611

Benji Markoff

Just trying to hustle my way through life. Love the startup scene. Always brewing. Founder & CEO of Founder Shield

ID 185633

Christophe Garnier

Founder @totsy-2, MommyCoach

ID 390010

Praveen Kankanala

Design-oriented iOS Developer and Entrepreneur with an M.S. from Stanford.

ID 300497

Kyle Zeller

Founder @caserails & @zeller-ip-group-pllc • Former patent attorney • Nuclear Engineering @massachusetts-institute-of-technology & JD @university-of-virginia

ID 186360

Alex Winter

Founder @placemeter • Co-founder, CTO then CEO @ltu-tech, successfully exited • Worked at @inria, @eads • Studied at @telecom-paristech

ID 86614

Sani Sanilevich

Manager of 2009 Internet campaign for PM Benjamin Netanyahu Founder: Digital diving , Marathon, Market 2 Play , @fl3ur , Certified, @seatid,@mika - LLB,EMBA

ID 78127

Karthik Naralasetty

Founder and CEO • Staples Ashoka Youth Entrepreneur 2011• Kairos Impact Fellow 2013. 

ID 51280

Jeff Zaretsky

@bounce-io @yabblr @kickapps @aol @columbia-business-school @university-of-michigan

ID 100237

Inigo Rumayor Belausteguigoitia

Founder @regalii Worked at @morgan-stanley @rumayor-genetics Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania Law @universidad-nacional-autonoma-de-mexico

ID 39994

Nuno Job

Geek. Open-source enthusiast. CCO @nodejitsu. Founder @thenodefirm & curator @lxjs

ID 58185

Katrina Brickner

Co-founder of @marquee. Previously founded Policus in 2008. Member of @techstars NYC 2012.

ID 266135

Nic De Castro

Founder @plzadvize • Worked at @magnetic, @visus-video • Studied at @boston-university

ID 32145

Matt Insler

Founder of @awesometalk. Creator of open source projects. Past hacker in startups, finance, and defense.

ID 171865

Ron Arad

Founder 45sec,Worked at @amazon • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @technion-israel

ID 135911

Nistha Tripathi

Founded @festsy. CS grad and MBA. Worked at @yipit, Fundspire, @veronis-ventures & Citi.

ID 362844

Lauren Kay

CEO of @dating-ring and SmartSitting. Studied @brown-university.

ID 160875

Raphael Crawford-Marks

Founder @bonusly • Worked at @internmatch, @squaretrade • Studied at @hampshire-college

ID 180630

L.w. Constance Kang


Meant to be a lawyer, dropped out and choose to be an entrepreneur+artist. Lover of commerce and technology. Risking is fun. Built first successful co. at 16.

ID 67944

Sumit Suman

Worked at @bain-company, @theladders • Studied at @columbia-business-school, @indian-institute-of-technology-guwahati

ID 74551

Ellie Cachette

VP @koombea

ID 439863

Eric Tang

Founder @wildcard • 3rd startup, 1st-time founder • Studied ECE/CS at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 1996

Kalimah Priforce

Biz dev for @qeyno Labs | 2013 Echoing Green Fellow | Educator-In-Residence at Hidden Genius Project

ID 79442

Rick Myers

Founder/CEO Talent Zoo, Co-Founder Strongbox West

ID 129540

Tom Brammar


Finance, tech and media. Founder @premia-capital, @node-1. Co-founder @financial-times-tilt @l-o-a-f

ID 58191

Alex Cabrera

Co-Founder of @marquee. Developing on the web before it was cool. Ran a client-side development agency for three years. ISPs, Advertising, @techstars-1, The U.

ID 270522

Colin Bartlett


College drop out, founded and grew a consulting company, experienced team manager with one hand still in the code.

ID 82990

James Harrison

Founder @insurancewide-com, @safeonline-com • CEO at @ontrade, Board member @conference-hound • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @university-of-bristol

ID 158138

Matt Pavelle

Founder @TinkerTailor @shopability • Worked at @moda-operandi • Studied CS at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 129344

Ben Rossen

Co-Founder at @smallknot. @techstars NYC 2012. Product, marketing and operations. @harvard-university Law, @brandeis-university.

ID 216504

JD Maresco

Product Manager, WDI at @general-assembly • Worked with @deloitte-consulting

ID 1422

Jay B. Ziskrout


Led turnaround @cmj-network (COO); Founded LatinoVision; Launched NL-Based Epitaph (MD); Hit-maker @Arista/BMG (VP, Promotion); Founding Drummer, Bad Religion.

ID 67354

James Dickerson

Founder @ Crush Campaigns. Helping innovative co's acquire more customers. Previously founded Wellthy & @leap. Former associate at @lightbank.

ID 330752

Chad W Pry

Admirer of food, culture, and innovation

ID 65183

Peter Bell


Founder/CTO, trainer @github, author @pearsonplc, evangelist @hackny, cofounder @CTOSchool. Lean startups, Ruby/Groovy/Clojure/JS/NoSQL/Node/Mobile

ID 128888

Sandeep Jain

Cofounder @rigup & @reschedge • Worked at @google leading eng on DFP • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university CS '06

ID 218059

Wayne Lin

Founder of @quotesome • Former engineer at @amazon, @infosys-technologies • EECS @university-of-california-berkeley '11

ID 532562

Anastasis Germanidis

Interdisciplinary engineer. Builds tools for communication & creative expression. Worked at @quantcast, graduated from @wesleyan-university-2.

ID 41357

Geoff Grandberg

CEO @ministore, Llaunched nat'l magazine at 20, diverse engineer, backed by NY Angels ran edu and gaming start ups with exits. Fluent in startup.

ID 305849

Frank Luciano

Head of Business Development for Goldbely. Founded Hudson Sutler + Streaker Sports. Former hedge fund analyst, head of biz dev at, + pro lacrosse player

ID 58739

Matthew Milner


Founder @crowdability, and @answerology (acquired by @hearst-corporation). Advisor @dreamit-ventures. Venture Partner at Collective Spark venture fund.

ID 362489

Bret Cox


Founder & CEO @hello, @evostor, @Radiant, @Micom • Product, Strategy, Culture, Design • 5x Founding CEO.

ID 214423

Lee Finkel


Founder of @brave-ux. Member of @nextgen-angels. Co-Founder of @lookthink, @myclean and @paintzen. @robert-h-smith-school-of-business-university-of-maryland.

ID 62361

Aaron Price


founder livecube, weCraft, NJ Tech Meetup // Entrepreneur At Large, @gotham-ventures

ID 109409

Bryan Shepard


CEO/Co-founder of @sweepio . Start-up Guy, three startups, two successful exits, one IPO. Dad of 2, husband of 1.

ID 254292

Andrew Lin

Software Engineer @view-the-space • Technical Co-founder @farmplicity (exited) • Triple Major at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 35941

Dan Reich


Co-Founded @spinback-1 (sold to @buddy-media in May 2011, sold to Salesforce in June 2012). Co-Founded Runaway Productions (privately sold in 2008). B.S. EE.

ID 218076

Allen Chen

Founder @cloudpress (acquired by News Corp) • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 130486

Daniel Kelly

Recent Yale grad building DormTree, a social gifting platform for college campuses.

ID 71003

Tish Shute

Tish Shute, Product Design, Founding Team, @syntertainment and co-founder of Augmented World Expo. Tish is an entrepreneur, designer, synthesist and world changer, currently working with Will Wright and Syntertainment on the next big thing!

ID 184028

Kim Taylor

Founder of Ranku • Worked at @ampush-media-inc @alloy-media-marketing

ID 77033

William Josephson

Co-Founder of Solano Labs. @princeton-university PhD in CS -- flash storage with FusionIO and Oracle. Early engineer at @data-domain.

ID 22702

Eric Lubow

CTO/Co-Founder of @simplereach. Strong large scale systems background. Overseas service in Iraq.

ID 190177

Anthony Gabriele

VP new business at @dow-jones. Former head mobile music @amazon, luxury marketing @ahalife, ex @walt-disney-imagineering. @harvard-university.

ID 4559

Matthew Myers

Founder Tidal Labs, 30elm, Wharton grad with tech exp (CTO, DBA)

ID 68112

Michael McDaniel

Founder & CEO @reaction. Former Principal Designer @frog-design for clients like HP, Comcast, Honeywell, & Disney. Business strategist & frequent TED speaker.

ID 35621

Nikki Durkin

Co-Founder at @99dresses. Aussie native. Dress addict. Passionate about solving problems for women.

ID 23526

Dan Berger

Founder/CEO of @social-tables (hospitality SaaS), web developer, former congressional aide, @georgetown-university MBA

ID 80354

Joe Yevoli

Founder of and @teamhomefield-com. Athlete in NYC's Tech Scene. Son of Beth and Joe - intent on making them proud everyday.

ID 10722

Mark G. Johnson


Founder @hotelchatter, @jaunted, @vegaschatter (acq @conde-nast-publications)

ID 98761

Michael Levy

CoFounder at @chalkable. CMO @trispecs. Founder @etm. Currently @500 Startups.

ID 107501

Vadim Oss


Founder of @pinocular , prior founded @rentini Invest in real estate and early stage startups. Studied rocket science, but landed in the hi-tech.

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