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ID 67812

Victor Young


@uwaterloo Alum. CEO & Founder @flinja. General Partner @X-Fund, Engineer by trade, built largest insurance eApp and CRM, hired over 500 people, Grew ARR to 50M

ID 24662

Jhony Fung

Co-Founder and engineering lead at @citypockets and ReclipIt. @cornell-university CS grad; Worked at @ibm.

ID 205427

Colin O'Malley


Founder, PLOW. Co-founder, CSO of Evidon. Previously a product and BD exec at TRUSTe. Specialize in product strategy, sales, marketing, and execution.

ID 66373

Harlan Milkove

Senior Engineer @astro • Former Co-founder & VP Engineering at @reonomy • Worked at @lot18, @factset

ID 77078

Paul Murphy


@dots, @betaworks

ID 11959

Tim Dierks


Security & Privacy @google; Board @securerf, @seen; Advisor @altschool, @pymetrics, @songza; Past: CTO @the-huffington-post, CTO @certicom; Engineer @apple

ID 119833

Kellan Elliott-McCrea

technological solutions for social problems. CTO, @etsy. @flickr, Architect. Engineer, @odeo. Hacker, @indymedia. Founder, @metaevents.

ID 261594

Abraham Sultan

Founder Apprenda • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 1237

Justin Wohlstadter


ID 35540

Pankaj Jain


Worked at @500startups, @twilio-fund, Long-Term Capital Management, GlobeOp Financial Services • Studied at @stern-school-of-business

ID 103311

Scott Switzer


Co-founder, CTO of @jirafe (ecommerce marketing analytics and automation). Founder, CTO of @openx (advertising platform). CTO of @unanimis (ad sales co).

ID 44885

Joe Cerra

Founder @heynow, @pencil-labs and @vlingo • Studied at @tufts-university. MS in CS and HCI • Experienced iOS / Android hacker • Serious about design

ID 9141

Aaron Houghton


Co-founder and CEO @boostsuite. Co-founder and Chairman at @icontact

ID 2639

Michael Montero


Co-founder & CTO of: @resy-network , @crowdtwist , @fotolog , @BlackPlanet. Invested in @getbarkbox, @yearonelabs .

ID 225159

Greg Whalin

Product Manager at Facebook, Meetup Co-Founder and former CTO / Head of Product, former CTO at Loosecubes. Technologist. Geek. Banjo player.

ID 2902

Vamsi Sistla


CEO @telvetto CTO @offerboard-1 , Angel @TIESV @arcfund @eniac-ventures Mentor @microsoft-ventures-accelerator-seattle @the Unreasonable Institute @springboard

ID 211904

Ihar Mahaniok


Working @google • Investing in exciting startups • Engineering & product background. Write me [email protected]

ID 307842

Yossi Shemesh

CoFounder @mobli • Worked @jajah, @watchdox • Bsc Computer Science • Ninja Hunter

ID 76286

Vadim Belobrovka


Co-Founder & CTO @compstak, @bluephonecard-com • Worked at @jp-morgan, @citigroup • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 8789

Chris Smoak


Founder Volume11 Media. @y-combinator W06. Worked at @amazon, @nvidia , @microsoft. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 408911

Jonathan Levine


Management Sensei ◦ Infrastructure Samurai ◦ Analytics Otaku ◦ Architecture Ninja. 1st programming job at 14. Effective in teams of 4 to 10,000.

ID 424621

Ryan Cooke

Founder @docurated • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 152119

William Hockey

Founder @plaid • Worked at @bain-company • Studied at @emory-university

ID 18860

Sanford Dickert

Innovative Product Expeditor or Product-flavored CTO

ID 83952

Dave Maestri


Invented Mob Wars. Co-founded @metamoki. Angel investor here and there.

ID 69164

Ido Green


Entrepreneur, runner, and a rider that knows and love to build companies, developers and applications.

ID 51060

Richard Safran

CTO; Co-Founder @theladders, @conductor

ID 100725

Shaun Zacharia

Founder @triplelift

ID 41461

Nir Markus

Founder OKpanda. Founded @playerduel • Worked at @bloomberg, @checkpoint

ID 131808

Kenn R


Currently at @gobbler • Worked at @apple, @line-6 • Studied at @berklee-college-of-music, @azusa-pacific-university

ID 39961

Dave Zohrob

Current: Engineer / growth @angellist; Former team @hotornot-com , @microsoft ; Founder @lookmark, @megatasty; CS @university-of-michigan

ID 11397

Alec Hartman


CEO @NY Tech Day, Co-Founder at @digitalocean • Studied at @emory-university

ID 33952

Moisey Uretsky

Cofounder of @digitalocean, Cofounder of CorreGroup, Cofounder of ServerStack

ID 59964

Peter Brodsky

Founder @hyperscience Founder @instinctiv (sold to @soundcloud).

ID 227371

Adam LeVasseur

CTO & Co-founder @makespace • Before: Architect @ / @clear-channel-radio, @thumbplay, @kikin, @expotv, @fiserv

ID 295985

Dan Spinosa

Engineer, hacker, starterupper. Founder @shelby-tv

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 93114

Geoff Watts

Founder at @editd

ID 100920

Abuhena Azad

Founder @vengo, @aj-apps • Studied at @polytechnic-institute-of-new-york-university, @embry-riddle-aeronautical-university-2

ID 156519

Kareem Kouddous


ID 716

Tarik Ansari

Serial entrepreneur. Startup Visa Activist (Directed "Starting-Up in America"). EFREI Paris / UC London / Beijing Tech M.Sc. 2007.

ID 95905

Sudheer Someshwara

Founder @viraltag • Worked at @amazon, @yahoo • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 116568

Mark Kornfilt

ID 53274

David Turner

Head of Technology at @unified | Former cofounder at @pagelever

ID 3003

Marc Held

CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu (a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner); Dir. Mobile @boxfish; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt

ID 36318

Martin Redmond


@tinychat Co-founder. Data and software wrangler. MS EE. Like to work on the full-stack. Prefer APIs over UIs

ID 31961

Pete Soderling


3x tech entrepreneur, hacker, geek. founder of & 500 startups mentor. living the bi-coastal dream.

ID 42910

Seth Blank

Founder @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation. Former CEO @dbix, COO @simpli-hosting. Helped scale @gdgt, @songkick, @justin-tv. Advisor @pubnub and @indinero.

ID 25893

Rajesh Ramanand


CEO & Founder @signifyd • Worked at @paypal, @fedex

ID 29576

Nicolas Grasset

Director of Engineering at @makespace. I was CTO at @lifesum and at @tripl, software engineer at @yahoo Mobile

ID 4290

Henry Liu

Co-Founder of @familyleaf (YC W12). Previously at @hunch. 18 years old and youngest Y Combinator alum. Currently on a leave of absence.

ID 99223

Eliran Sapir


CEO of @apptopia, hacker, serial entrepreneur, 1st software startup out of HS, founding team of several startups, EIR @greatpoint-ventures, BU dropout.

ID 57407

Sebastjan Trepca

founder / CTO at @lyst, previously in social gaming and social networks, involved in startups since 2005

ID 105465

Chok Ooi


CEO of @agility IO • Mentor at @500startups • Worked at @loopt @goldman-sachs, @bank-of-america, @lab49 • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 28282

Howard Marks


co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @acclaim-games (sold to @playdom). Founder and managing partner @startenginela LA's largest accelerator.

ID 97332

Amit Matani


Engineering @angellist; Founder: @lookmark, @miraphonic (sold to @ngmoco); Former: @hot-or-not, @ngmoco, @instapaper; @university-of-california-berkeley EECS '08

ID 54267

Andre Stechert


Formerly at Bloomberg, Virgin Charter, Splunk, Looksmart/Zeal, and NASA/JPL.

ID 158535

Andrew Cornett

Designer founder @jukely. Previously: first designer at @kickstarter (2010-2013) Nominated one of the Best Designers in Technology by @business-insider (2013)

ID 779061

Jun S. Yoon

Founder of @ImageSpaceMedia (sold to @VibrantMedia)

ID 193329

Peyton Sherwood

Co-founder, Bond Street • Developed flagship product @venmo • VP tech SWAT team @d-e-shaw • @harvard-university, @columbia-university CS

ID 97009

Miha Rebernik

I design, build and ship products. All the time.

ID 111758

Gina Trapani

@thinkup cofounder; @lifehacker founder; Todo.txt creator.

ID 5236

Steven Clarke-Martin

Technical CEO. Expert Software Architect. ATG Dynamo Java Application Server vet. Ad Tech vet at Goto, Overture -> @yahoo. Patents on media monetization. @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 225771

Tian He

CTO, Founder of Gojee • A mixed bag of tech and business. Previously at @general-atlantic, @morgan-stanley, @accenture • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 74701

Stephen E Meyer


Strategist/Startup Advisor/Angel Investor. Led strategy at CollegeBoard. Co-founded mgmt consulting firm. Education product/market fit & digital growth.

ID 10081

Michael Horn

Founder of Craft Coffee. Built for fun.

ID 2594

Nick Lane-Smith


Co-founder & CTO of @damntheradio (acquired by @fanbridge). ∞ Hustler. exHacker @apple. Past: math+compsci

ID 297388

Nora Apsel

Full-stack developer. Co-Founder @daily-boards. Formerly at @meetup and @flurry.

ID 368

Dana Spiegel

Founder and Chief Code Therapist at @foundertherapy • Built @axial, @onforce, @farechase • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @mit-media-lab

ID 123702

Owen Gunden


Founder @SolidX. Founder @Bitbitrage LLC: Crypto prop trading. Functional programming expert. Worked @JaneStreet in tech. CS engineering @ Penn 2004.

ID 44757

Benjamin Shyong

Full stack engineer, Tech PM, founder experience. Electrical Engineering and Premed at @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 62958

Steven Walker


Designer, developer, builder, entrepreneur, mentor. First designer at @groupon. Currently Head of Platform Experience @quirky

ID 354213

Michael Sitchenko

Founder Student Lending Project

ID 50830

Alex T

Co-Founder, Head of Product @tailwind. Data-Nerd, Product Guy, Coder, Designer. Obsessed w/ Building Products that Visualize and Harness Data.

ID 196030

Ryan Osborn

Cofounder @kartel. Lead engr at @flurry, SignalPatterns. Sr engr/engr at @ibm-research, @recyclebank, VoiceVerified, @morgan-stanley, @nuance, @syncsort.

ID 84153

Raymond Zhong


Princeton ‘15 · CS + Design · Prev @angellist @dorm-room-fund @addepar

ID 205694

Darrell Silver


Co-Founder & CEO of @thinkful. Founder of @perpetually, acquired by @smarsh. Previously, quant in StatArb. @columbia-university for Art History & CS.

ID 6099

Cyril Moutran


Cofounder at feedly. Partner at Makers Camp.

ID 67870

Frederick Cook


Co-founder & CEO at @moveline. @techstars NYC '12

ID 1608

Olivier Pomel

Founder @datadog. VP tech @wireless Generation, @ibm Research

ID 82476

Jon Thornton

Founder @parkwhiz • Engineer at @ibm, @placevine, @collegehumor • Studied at @boston-university

ID 58911

Jeremy Clemenson

Co-founder & CTO at @locality-1. Led engineering / product at four different startups. Econ and CS from @university-of-california-san-diego and coding from age 10.

ID 48003

Shaun Johnson

Co-founder at @StartupInst. Associate at @techstars. @georgetown Hoya & Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

ID 196829

whitney zoller

Worked at @knewton, @rent-the-runway • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 90936

Ryan Bubinski

Co-Founder @codecademy

ID 249183

Awad Sayeed

Founder @pixlee, @startx alum, hacking since middle school. Have done work in financial services, web software, telecom, music, and apparel.

ID 36314

Michael Stern

Product Manager / Consumer Software Developer / UX Engineer

ID 245258

Marshall Swatt

CTO of Coinsetter. Entrepreneurial & technology experience. Several years of technical consulting history for startup / Fortune 500 clients. Georgetown U. BS Business 1997

ID 83842

Dan Kador

Building the technology and team at @keen-io as its CTO and co-founder. Spent 5+ years building APIs at salesforce. CS undergrad at UIUC. IMSA!

ID 1926

Amanda Steinberg

Team member of @dailyworth.

ID 23752

Michael De Lorenzo

CTO @cmp-ly - Experienced start-up tech/product guy that turns ideas into products.

ID 30176

Stephen Tse

Ex-Googler at @google Maps, PhD @university-of-pennsylvania on compilers & security, MSc on algebraic geometry. Creator of a beautiful programming language, coding in OCaml everyday.

ID 290051

Timo Ewalds


Founded Invested in a few startups. Work at Worked at Spotify. MSc in Computing Science.

ID 125327

Kiril Savino

optimist, autodidact, dad. founder/CTO at @gamechanger-media.

ID 8716

Tyler Seymour

Web Software Architect, CTO @leanlaunchlab, Co-founder of @prescreen, 10+ years of experience in both engineering & product development.

ID 234382

Felix Fung

CS at the University of Waterloo.

ID 61150

James Han

Co-founder of @seedinvest; Spent time at @francisco-partners, @morgan-stanley IBD (Technology Group), @cisco, @riot-games. MBA @wharton-school School 2012, UG Finance/CS @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 57278

Daniel Loreto


Entrepreneur and Angel • Worked at @twitter, @google, @venrock • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 349784

Jerry Yang

Always Drifting.

ID 32683

Philip Camilleri

CTO and co-founder at @smartasset. Background in software development for high-frequency finance/trading systems, mobile (web, SMS) and consumer-web.

ID 32594

Ido Shilon

CTO at @bitehunter. VP of Engineering at StructuredWeb, Director of Engineering at Meevee.Com ,7 years as an officer in the Israeli Army Elite Technology Unit

ID 347467

Michael Schechter

Full Stack Developer

ID 80089

Zeeshan Yousuf

Developer at Fayceoff. Worked at SocialCubix as lead developer, developed @facebook application and Webs.

ID 134356

Shaun Springer

Founder & CEO of @astro. Former developer at @lot18, @chartbeat. Manager at @crestron-electronics.

ID 428358

Michael Gradek

Co-founder/CTO at travel startup @busbud • Rocked development and project management @microsoft • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 99275

V. Rao Dumpeti


Co-Founder @makeme. Previously @general-assembly, @yahoo, @new-york-times, @proquest, @mit-sloan-school-of-management, @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 464913

Rob Eroh


Early employee + VP of Product at @milo (sold to @ebay). Now innovating in travel. Investor in @polymath-ventures-1. Studied @wharton-school. Worked @goldman-sachs.

ID 6915

Herval Freire

Builder of things. I make ideas happen, period.

ID 290434

Kevin Scott

CMU HCI grad; 7 years of web and mobile coding; Interface Developer, Interaction Designer.

ID 132028

Joe Pirone

VP of Engineering

ID 10845

John Britton

I write software, support developers, and build community.

ID 275881

Andrew Gwozdziewycz

Former CTO of OkCupid Labs. Computing generalist / problem solver. First time programming language designer. Founder of Hack and Tell--show and tell for hackers

ID 80458

Jackson Deane

Full-Stack Engineer focusing on consumer iOS app creation. Hyper sensitive to UX problems & solutions,

ID 130612

Brian Muller

Co-founder of @opbandit. Created Data Science group at @livingsocial. Formerly at Washington Post. Engineer, Data Scientist, and recovering Bioinformatician.

ID 21844

Ryan Shea

Co-founder of @onename. Bitcoin, identity, the blockchain, decentralization. verifying that +ryanshea is my openname (

ID 52834

Tim Saunders

CTO and Co-Founder at @cardflight. A committed and focused software entrepreneur with over 14 years of technical, business, and management experience.

ID 4213

Cyrus Boadway

Leading product engineering at @evisors; Previously grad student and researcher at Queen's University's database lab; undergrad in Engineering Physics.

ID 144024

Katsuya Noguchi

Technology ∩ Genomics

ID 18848

Surag Mungekar

Cofounder and CTO at Grovo

ID 33491

Aaron Soules

Creator @bench-fitness , Tech Lead at @the-huffington-post , CTO/Co-Founder @localocracy (sold to Aol in 2011).

ID 478985

David Jacobs

Founder 29th Street Publishing, @apperceptive • Worked at @six-apart • Studied at @oberlin-college

ID 38333

Frank Denbow

Music + Tech. Dancer. Dev for @StartupThreads / @picsicle / @songsicle, Organizer for @StartupWeekend / @startupdigest / @MusicStartup, @afsenyc Advisory Board

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 43890

Daniel Chait


CEO @greenhouse [2012], Co-founder @lab49 [2002]. Co-founder @business-velocity [1997]. Graduated @university-of-michigan 1995 Computer Engineering

ID 730139

Arnaud Meunier


Formerly Eng manager @twitter; Founder @twitoaster

ID 318942

Jack Tarantino

Full Stack web app developer. WordPress expert. Javascript/Node.js fanatic. Compulsive project-starter.

ID 74152

Alexey Prohorenko

Founder @qwe3, @caffeinated-co • Currently at @riot-games, previously at @scopely, @keas

ID 525017

Sheraz Bashir

Founder, Offshore Engineering Services. Launched 20+ Android and iOS games working for Gameview Studios, Northbay Solutions, Dakota Interactive and Midverse.

ID 129345

Jonathan Chum


Worked at @yahoo, @zynga • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 143189

Jorge Escobar

Director of Web Engineering @mongodb-inc Founder @locably. Brooklynite, Venezuelan and Pythonista.

ID 131173

Atish Davda


Founder @equityzen . Product, Comp Eng, Finance at @ampush-media @aqr-capital-management @university-of-pennsylvania @wharton-school-of-business

ID 438756

Amadeus Junqueira

Javascript Expert, UI Archect, Lover of Dataviz and clever solutions.

ID 11581

Jonathan George

Co-founder of @evomail. Formerly at @boxcar. Moving faster than you. Aggressive but humble. Love family, motorcycles and being an entrepreneur. Call me anytime, 316-259-8554.

ID 30507

gregory nicholas


founder @unvael-fm. founded @pict (@angelpad S12, acquired by @popsugar). founded @vael-project (manufacturing/footwear brand). engineer @broadcom

ID 410872

Snehal Patel


Software Engineer. Currently at @google. Previous: @the-fridge (acquired by @google), @ahalife, @starwood-hotels-and-resorts.

ID 163093

David Bailey

CEO at Spotnight. Product manager, coder, data guy. Previously cofounded 3 startups. Ex Booz&Co consultant, math grad at Oxford Uni, Singularity Uni GSP'11.

ID 214527

Dave Zwieback

Sentient being. Husband and father. VP of Engineering @NextBigSound. CTO @LotusOutreach. Devops practitioner. Influential about Unicorns.

ID 225250

DJ Lee

Software engineer @flatiron-health. Formerly lead engineer @spotify, staff software engineer @google. Well-rounded full stack eng, @harvard CS '06.

ID 142879

Andy Cheung

Co-Founder of @sensobi, acquired by @groupme, now part of @skype.

ID 138087

Sha Hwang

i want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now

ID 38849

Malcolm Ong

EIR @500startups. Co-founder @skillshare. Advisor @unwind-me , @crossfader . Mentor @founder-institute, @launchpadla. Prev: @omgpop, @razorfish, @ibm. CMU '05

ID 5293

Alexandru Lapusan

Investor at @zipongo, @videopublishing-com, Co-founder at @huddlehero-com, @hotelpeeps-com @HAC!BD & @zitec-com

ID 92837

Chris Benskey

Founder at Krow

ID 187572

Justin Abrahms

Code shipper who understands the value of business.

ID 65529

Rob C. Grant

Co-Founder and CTO of @fun-org. Formerly at Occipital and @collaborate.

ID 94993

Thanos Baskous

Software Engineer at TellApart. Prev. Co-founder & CTO of @adstack-1. Led Realtime Streaming at @capital-iq. FSE, Sys. Architect, Dev/Ops.

ID 59341

Rishi Prabhu

Co-founder at @bespoke-post; Computer Science BA/MS, @new-york-university; Kellogg MBA; Worked at @google and @groupon

ID 131774

Ryan Rogalski

Product Designer and Front-End Developer who likes making websites that are easy to use and easy on the eyes.

ID 486886

Frank Macreery

Founder @aptible • Worked at @artsy, @xgraph • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 31683

Erik Nordlander


Partner & Engineer, @googleventures

ID 415615

Jon Jia

ID 30989

Brooke Dixon

I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Worked at The Motley Fool, to name a few.

ID 17438

Jean Barmash

Co-Founder & CTO, EnergyScoreCards Mentor at ER Accelerator Founder & Co-Organizer, CTO School

ID 10493

Mark Bao

Technical founder. Node.js and Rails developer. Recent dropout.

ID 219564

Ardit Bajraktari

Mobile, iOS/Android Tech or Team Lead. Also very strong in both UI /Product development and CS/Algos.

ID 101987

Justin Hileman

I make the internet • Founder of @presentate • Formerly at @opensky, lead engineer at @portero

ID 208727

Ron Jacobson

Co-founder @rockerbox. Former Product Manager and early employee of AppNexus.

ID 49745

Kelsey Falter

Founder of @poptip; CEO & Head of Product Development

ID 389370

Marcus McLaughlin

Founder uVore • Full-stack web developer with front-end focus • Worked at @cloudera, @wellnessfx • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 94995

JJ Noonan

Software Engineer @tellapart, previously Co-Founder & VP of Eng. @adstack-1; Project Manager & Senior Software Engineer at @capital-iq

ID 14359

Vladimir Tucek

Founder of @meevl. 1st software startup during high school. Entrepreneur, internet media, news and communication enthusiast.

ID 72316

John Allison

Founder at @customer-io. Former Head of Engineering at

ID 50239

Harry Heymann

i turn beer into software @

ID 133777

Uri Laserson

Data scientist at @cloudera. Co-founded @good-start-genetics. PhD in Biomedical Engineering at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Genomics technology in George Church's lab for immunology.

ID 55584

Avishai Weiss

Founder of a new web/mobile real estate startup. Strong advertising & tech background (@kontera, @microsoft Advertising, @ogilvy). Product development & design.

ID 398847

Ronald Yau

Curator of #DigitalMarketing & #Entrepreneurship. Reignited passion in #TableTennis. Loves #NewYorkCity and #Austin.

ID 354364

Julia Lovett

Champion of Good Ideas

ID 205017

Sebastian Bruce

Founder @networklift • Worked at @thread-1, @balderdash • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 167333

Jamie Roth


Investment Analyst at @quotidian-ventures + Project Manager @matchbook. Formerly @burning-mill-records + General Assembly.

ID 96527

Will Potter

Engineering Intern at @twitter. @middlebury-college Student. Co-founder @strabo.

ID 48049

Robert Diamond

Expert iOS developer. Created app for Patch, improved Barnes and Noble, Huffington Post, iHeartRadio. Highly focused on User Experience improvements.

ID 302447

Jeremy Feinstein

@cornell-university CS undergrad and MEng '14. Former intern @mopub, @aviary-2, and @flatiron-health . Avid follower of all things tech and advocator of Vim

ID 53971

Dani Fankhauser

Technical cofounder. Branded content editor for Bustle, previously Mashable & Flud.

ID 72648

Dan Demole


Founder & COO at @jingle-punks-music

ID 157303

Praful Mathur

Founded & sold @amp-idea as sophomore @northeastern-university

ID 57029

Ivan Vanderbyl

Engineer at @digitalocean, previously CTO @app-io. Founded @crashlog, @testpilot and • Worked at @orionvm

ID 36049

Will Dennis

Ex-standup comedian. Built @Liquid/Spinlister to 1.5k owners in 100+ countries. @university-of-southern-california Business. Designer. I'll say hello to my mother for you.

ID 411554

Daniel Shapiro

Founder @designlab • Worked at @ycharts, @barclays-capital • @duke-university Engineering/CS

ID 207884

Aleksandr Yampolskiy


CEO of SecurityScorecard, a new way to measure risk. Formerly, CTO Cinchcast/Blogtalkradio, CISO Gilt; Respected tech leader, expert on security and scalability

ID 190635

Nayef Copty

Software Engineer at @appnexus • CS @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university • Software Engineer • Backend Developer • iOS Developer

ID 70301

Joe Mocquant

Entrepreneur & Designer. Co-Founder and CEO @ultime-combattant • Worked at @cloudflare • Studied at @epita Paris

ID 188801

Immanuel Alexander

Worked at @amazon, @citadel-investment-group • Studied CS and Math at @purdue-university

ID 177443

Clinton Halpin

Associate UI Designer @salesforce marketing cloud - Formerly @panelfly, @pratt-institute-1 - Graphic Design. Focused on UI / UX and Front-End Architecture

ID 35968

Will Nathan

Founder @homepolish • coded @buzzfeed • closed $1BN Tech M&A for @union Square Advisors • B.S. Mathematical Economics

ID 92231

Adrian CB

Computer Science graduate. Web applications developer with nine years experience & a passion for new technologies & frameworks. Founder of @hood and @socialbridge-me

ID 137199

Adam Hilss

Founder at @apollo-vibes @soundtap. Machine learning and infrastructure at @google. BSE in CS at Michigan, MS in CS at Texas. NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

ID 290856

Danny Olinsky

Co-founder of Previous: Director of Sales at Argyle Social; Flatiron School full-stack developer

ID 196992

Jon Elling

Co-Founder and CTO @haven, CTO at @verge-solutions

ID 5204

Dan Goldin

Former startup CTO looking to build something new. Experience in quantitative finance and product management but love getting my hands dirty.

ID 91755

Xiahong Lin


Founder of and

ID 59559

Kivanc Anar

CTO of @patentory, Operating partner at @entrepreneurs-roundtable-accelerator, Software Developer, Consultant & Serial Technology Entrepreneur

ID 206438

Phil Quinn

Maker of things @learnvest. Worked at @spotflux, @intuit, @endeca • @northeastern-university-1 CCIS '13

ID 92916

Michael E. Gruen

Founder, Minimum Viable Fitness. Previously: 3x Founder, EIR Aol Ventures, Morgan Stanley, and Author.

ID 76212

John Bae

Director of Engineering at @hatch-5

ID 46697

Eric Scott


Investments for @hvf and @mlevchin.

ID 167378


Co-founded SFAP and Everybit. Software engineer for AppNexus and ZOFASH. Active open source contributor.

ID 193367

Ben Weller

ID 83716

Sasha Laundy

Programmer. Love building beautiful and useful products. Formerly #4 at Codecademy and support engineer at Twilio. Taught physics and neuroscience.

ID 159498

Bishneet Singh

Worked at @marin-software, @time-warner-cable • Studied at University of Southern California

ID 188360

Sohan Jain

CTO @wirelawyer • Founder @3-day-startup-cornell • Worked at @facebook, @hulu, @moat • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 185748

Jeremy Gayed

Founder @designbymagik • Worked at @sefaira • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @new-jersey-institute-of-technology

ID 170613

Sky Mayhew

Web Technologist in NYC, @locality-1 Lead Dev

ID 453140

Abhishek Kapatkar

Developer @the-motley-fool

ID 269740

Gaurav Puri

Graduate student at Columbia University with experience in Fraud Risk. Interested in Quantitative analysis and Machine Learning opportunities.

ID 373908

Zoheb Sait

CTO of Vetr. Entrepreneur and technical architect for startups. Expert in building scalable web applications with modern technologies.

ID 248997

Rohan Deshpande

Founder @fundera • Lead Developer @gilt-groupe • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 538290

Federico Bucchi

Front End Engineer, UXD

ID 226372

Alex Silva

Masters in Computer Science, University of Chicago; B.A. Columbia University; web dev/mobile programmer, passion for technology and the arts.

ID 230776

Matthew Turner

Worked at @buddy-media, @salesforce

ID 25167

Alberto Sheinfeld


Founder and CIO @ Pixable, Innovation @ Contactive

ID 169634

Clayton Liggitt

Instructor at GA, Architect, UX, Rails and database developer. Lead dev at Lucid Fusion and, Chapman MBA, and has worked on 4 live startups.

ID 297897

David Wasserstrum

Engineer at Foursquare. Lover of the startup (especially early stage). Full stack engineer. Worked at Microsoft. Carnegie Mellon CS and CE.

ID 327600

Omid Jahanbin


Founder @rennzer , Formerly Led Marketing @blackboard & @flat-world-knowledge

ID 278918

Lisandro Quiñones

Founder of Veercade. Strong systems engineering and product implementation background. Hold engineering degrees from MIT and Columbia University.

ID 138931

Alan Cohen

Software engineer @the-climate-corporation Worked at @greenwich-consulting, @csmg • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 256533

Joey Dong

Worked at @tumblr, @buzzfeed • Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick

ID 154369

Brad Mallow

I cut my teeth at @ning and @atlassian before moving into my current gig: frontend consultant focusing on web performance, accessibility, and best practices.

ID 234627

Chandler Gershon

MIT CS, Ruby, Python, Mobile (objective-c), mongodb, mysql

ID 42802

Jason Laster

Studied Math and CS at Dartmouth. Member of Hacker School summer 2012 batch. Currently working at Etsy as a software engineer.

ID 363331

Jacob Schmitz

CS and Math student at Tufts University. Worked on applications for distributed systems at Cloudera

ID 25767

Daniel Schonfeld


Will not sleep until code is perfect. Former back-ender at Varien (now Magento)

ID 129350

Dave Riess


Co-Founder and CTO @ Wunder VP Engineering at @alphaboost, Product Manager @knewton

ID 377435

Albert Ferng

Worked at @goldman-sachs, @ibm

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 164789

Waheed Barghouthi

CEO @dakwak

ID 171723

Lior Aharoni

Founder EQuala • Worked at @cyberark-software-ltd

ID 247634

Viva Chu


Founder of Powhow, Handipoints, and Transplay. Worked at Slide and Google. Computer Science degree from Duke.

ID 138376

Juan Pablo Buritica

ID 89281

Kacy James

ID 73827

Phillipe Casorla Sagot

Lead iOS Developer @lifesum • Worked as CTO at @saborstudio • Studied at @Costa Rica Institute of Technology

ID 333422

Chris Korhonen

Creative Technologist

ID 227702

Kevin J Dolan

CTO of AddressReport, Metric Collective, SmallBusinessPost, FranchiseHelp, and Helicopter Pilot in Training

ID 325428

Feliks Gurevich

VP Engineering/Technical Cofounder @dealsheet; Past: Founder/CTO @twimco, Head of Engineering @howcast, Technology Director @paddle8

ID 91640

Kai Zau

Independent design / technical consultant. Previously @groupon, @gympact, @tapforge, @oneforty. Globe-trotter, author, proud college stop-out.

ID 108525

Joshua Chaitin-Pollak

CTO at @assured-labor leading engineering of a multinational startup. Formerly a Software Architect at @kiva-systems (employee #15, 7 years). Kiva was acquired by in March 2012.

ID 268792

Samiur Rahman

Founder @jobsuitors • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @the-cooper-union-for-the-advancement-of-science-art

ID 7714

Mike Khristo


Founder of @filtered. Head of Solutions Eng - @shift-1. Helped close multi-MM deals with F100 brands & top agencies. Entrepreneur. Advisor. Get-it-done-er.

ID 73775

Ted Blackman

Co-Founder and CTO of MakeOut Labs. JS/Meteor developer. Previously co-founded Zigfu (YCombinator S11) and Course Zero Automation. physics degree from MIT.

ID 449408

Alex Cheng

Engineer @general-assembly

ID 81806


I create beautiful mobile apps, idealist, learning addict, runner, chocolate and cheese lover...

ID 85011

Shaan Batra

Self-taught developer and entrepreneur. Currently, product manager at Blue Apron.

ID 186360

Alex Winter

Founder @placemeter • Co-founder, CTO then CEO @ltu-tech, successfully exited • Worked at @inria, @eads • Studied at @telecom-paristech

ID 325153

Zach Sherman

Designer & Programmer • Founder @bitcast-io • Worked at @shelby-tv • Studied at @vanderbilt-university

ID 417475

Mike Roberts

Experienced software developer and technical lead in consulting (@thoughtworks) & finance (@drw-trading). @oxford-university '99.

ID 289698

Vince Law

Product Manager with variety of experiences building products from scratching, optimizing existing products, leading cross-functional teams, and managing PMs.

ID 197523

Dustin Coates

Full stack developer who left behind a life as marketer and analyst. Worked at @ga, @uship-com, @tablet-hotels.

ID 4425

Jeff Hull

Startup Engineer @fitocracy, Former Engineer @buzzient, Ex-Tech Founder @my-ivy-leaguer. I like to build things.

ID 665

Tim Kissane

Linux and Open Source evangelist, owner of Timbury Computer Services, techie. Web developer since '95. Love scripting, solving tech problems. B.S. in Physics.

ID 165593

Abhishek Sonwani

Worked at @crowdstar, @sojo-studios • Studied at @the-maharaja-sayajirao-university-of-baroda

ID 536857

Michael Mase

Founder Rewind Radio • Worked at @intent-media • Studied at @quinnipiac-university

ID 46875

Chris Bolton

Your local linux enthusiast, web developer, cyclist, travel bug, and serial entrepreneur addicted to making cool things with awesome people.

ID 357863

Sandosh Vasudevan

Full stack generalist; focus on Mobile web & iOS Development; 2 successful apps in App store and 2 more in development; keen eye for design & UX - I get things done.

ID 205832

Adrian Bautista

Software Engineer at @general-assembly. Recent Economics, Film @georgetown-university graduate. Third Culture Kid (TCK) filmmaker.

ID 59997

Blake Jennelle

Co-Founder/CEO of @instinct. Hacker, marketer, Harvard '04.

ID 39994

Nuno Job

Geek. Open-source enthusiast. CCO @nodejitsu. Founder @thenodefirm & curator @lxjs

ID 56327

Alejandro Companioni

MS student at NYU Courant focusing on machine learning and statistics. Developer at Knewton. Former research assistant at Federal Reserve Board.

ID 544986

Ido Lustig

Software Engineer, Mamram graduate

ID 376587

Justin Webb Stevens

Builder of Walls, Breaker of Them. I connect data to decisions to execution.

ID 366233

Frank Siao

Experienced front end developer looking for projects to be passionate about

ID 135911

Nistha Tripathi

Founded @festsy. CS grad and MBA. Worked at @yipit, Fundspire, @veronis-ventures & Citi.

ID 220510

Sadhan Sood

Texas A&M CS, Platform Engineer at Advertising Startup, Worked at Bloomberg

ID 65183

Peter Bell


Founder/CTO, trainer @github, author @pearsonplc, evangelist @hackny, cofounder @CTOSchool. Lean startups, Ruby/Groovy/Clojure/JS/NoSQL/Node/Mobile

ID 4679

Matthew Hamilton

Creator of the official Timeflies iPhone app ( @venmo iPhone team member.

ID 309708

Ulysses Popple

NYU CS, Published Android and Windows Phone apps, Worked at SecondMarket, Built games in node.js and Unity3D

ID 33895

Simon Horne


Developer @plated • Previously @redowl-analytics, @zipmark, @streetline, @barclays-global-investors, @goldman-sachs, @algorithmics • @university-of-edinburgh

ID 32145

Matt Insler

Founder of @awesometalk. Creator of open source projects. Past hacker in startups, finance, and defense.

ID 63133

Joshua Gross

Founder & Principal @planetary

ID 159489

Anson Abraham

Data Dude who loves working with data and working with and/or creating bleeding edge tech.

ID 439863

Eric Tang

Founder @wildcard • 3rd startup, 1st-time founder • Studied ECE/CS at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 160875

Raphael Crawford-Marks

Founder @bonusly • Worked at @internmatch, @squaretrade • Studied at @hampshire-college

ID 304663

Kareem Shaya

Developer, fan of complex adaptive systems.

ID 494878

Dorian Kusznir

Works at @carecloud • Studied at @temple-university, @new-york-medical-college

ID 373690

Chris Rotella

Engineer @cover. Spent eight years @amazon in Fulfllment and Kindle. BS CS @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 225077

Dimitri Smolev

Software Architect at Accordant Media; interested in fault-tolerant distributed systems and functional languages.

ID 514083

Beau Lebens

Worked at @automattic • Studied at @curtin-university-of-technology

ID 334737

Mitchell Morgan

Worked at @rent-the-runway, @mindsnacks

ID 158252

Carlo Barbara

Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 636988

Tian Xie

Worked at @animoto, @blackrock • Studied at @columbia-university backend developer skilled in Ruby (Rails, Sinatra), Node.js w/ some java + python

ID 330752

Chad W Pry

Admirer of food, culture, and innovation

ID 126320

Steve Aquillano

UI Engineer at @meetup. Interactive Team Leader at Design Museum Boston. Masters from ITP at @new-york-university University.

ID 464324

vanessa pyne

<%= rubyist | designer %>

ID 474987

Felix Thea

Web developer with experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL and product management.

ID 78338

Bradley Larson

When users have to open 10 browser tabs...there are interesting opportunities to build businesses

ID 222398

Hanjie Ji

Software Engineer at Qwiki, Rubist, UoR ECE MS.

ID 41357

Geoff Grandberg

CEO @ministore, Llaunched nat'l magazine at 20, diverse engineer, backed by NY Angels ran edu and gaming start ups with exits. Fluent in startup.

ID 93472


Founder @code-mana • Studied at University of Kentucky Participated in Seedcamp New York 2012. Been a web developer for over 10 years. I love to code.

ID 676468

Alex Holdtman

Full stack tech lead, Series 7, currently at SecondMarket

ID 328537

Abby Fuller

devops @ suitey. formerly @ hailo, @ singleplatform

ID 239362

Andrew Mayne

Software Engineer with honours in NLP. Strong finance background and have worked in algorithmic & high frequency trading.

ID 218059

Wayne Lin

Founder of @quotesome • Former engineer at @amazon, @infosys-technologies • EECS @university-of-california-berkeley '11

ID 281318

Catharina Torok

Junior Ruby on Rails developer, graduate of General Assembly's WDI (Web Development Immersive) course. Brazilian. Techie. Learn-hungry.

ID 242264

Derek Still

Equity sales & trading for 3+ years; looking for an opportunity at a start up where I can help develop a company from the ground up; college athlete; 3.2 GPA

ID 373341

David Fullerton

VP Engineering at Stack Exchange

ID 521267

Dimitri Stancioff

Senior iOS Developer. Lead developer on over a dozen apps, including an iTunes App of the Year. Taught mobile UX and iOS development at Parsons

ID 58191

Alex Cabrera

Co-Founder of @marquee. Developing on the web before it was cool. Ran a client-side development agency for three years. ISPs, Advertising, @techstars-1, The U.

ID 100957

Jafar Mohammed

Founder @aj-apps • Worked at @vengo • Studied at @university-of-central-florida, @embry-riddle-aeronautical-university-2

ID 127737

Carter Tazio Schonwald

I'm a computer scientist. I'm a mathematician. I can do everything thing from conception to elegant implementation in production.

ID 327426

Isabel Cortes

Junior Front End Developer

ID 115974

Jefferson Rabb

Creative Director/CTO of @atavist. First startup, following 10+ years of freelance.

ID 702862

Lawrence Chong

Stony Brook University BS Computer Science and Psychology candidate

ID 780609

Thomas Joseph Ryan

Full-stack developer experienced across a wide variety of languages and domains. Passionate about creating useful products and high-quality code

ID 458692

Michael Rakowski

I am in iOS developer in NYC. I have over 4 years of full-time experience working on native iOS apps as both a lead and collaborating developer.

ID 104398

Kiyan Barelli


Partner @swiss-commerce, Investor @retailmls / @clickandsend / @ask-a-nerd, @heavenlysinful

ID 225775

Anil Bridgpal

Web Developer and Instructor. Taught in several cities for General Assembly. 

ID 218076

Allen Chen

Founder @cloudpress (acquired by News Corp) • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 199520

Dwight Churchill

Sales Engineer @localytics • Previously @taboola

ID 584325

Michaël Ortali

Software Engineer @ Pinterest, former YouTuber, Googler, Yahooer, more focused on front-end and user acquisition.

ID 235123

Alec Zopf

Biomedical engineer by training, data engineer by profession. Northwestern alum

ID 270522

Colin Bartlett


College drop out, founded and grew a consulting company, experienced team manager with one hand still in the code.

ID 653216

Omar Jabri

Experienced Product Manager with a heavy mobile automation background.

ID 310350

Glen Oakley

KPCB Fellow; TCNJ Senior; Development Fiend; Gets his grabby paws in everything

ID 254292

Andrew Lin

Software Engineer @view-the-space • Technical Co-founder @farmplicity (exited) • Triple Major at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 117662

Ajay Chainani

Japan born, Indian, living in NYC. @new-york-university Alum. [email protected] #hackstar, [email protected] mobile dev. Currently helping build @loudie. 日本語 OK!

ID 363157

Jack Lukic

Author of Semantic UI, lead front-end developer at a series C startup, co-founder

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