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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in New York.

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ID 544986

Ido Lustig

Software Engineer, Mamram graduate

ID 302447

Jeremy Feinstein

@cornell-university CS undergrad and MEng '14. Former intern @mopub, @aviary-2, and @flatiron-health . Avid follower of all things tech and advocator of Vim

ID 207477

Scott Weiner

Founder @makers-row, @closingbell - Crowdsourced Stock Tips

ID 289698

Vince Law

Product Manager with variety of experiences building products from scratching, optimizing existing products, leading cross-functional teams, and managing PMs.

ID 30507

gregory nicholas


founder @unvael-fm. founded @pict (@angelpad S12, acquired by @popsugar). founded @vael-project (manufacturing/footwear brand). engineer @broadcom

ID 11959

Tim Dierks


Security & Privacy @google; Board @securerf, @seen; Advisor @altschool, @pymetrics, @songza; Past: CTO @the-huffington-post, CTO @certicom; Engineer @apple

ID 268792

Samiur Rahman

Founder @jobsuitors • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @the-cooper-union-for-the-advancement-of-science-art

ID 318942

Jack Tarantino

Full Stack web app developer. WordPress expert. Javascript/Node.js fanatic. Compulsive project-starter.

ID 129540

Tom Brammar


Finance, tech and media. Founder @premia-capital, @node-1. Co-founder @financial-times-tilt @l-o-a-f

ID 188991

Birk Nilson

Chief Architect & Co-Founder of Tictail. Previously a Technical Lead at Stardoll.

ID 308946

Dmitry Gimzelberg

Co-founder opticlose • Worked at @optimost, @knight-capital-group • Studied at @columbia-university, @brandeis-university

ID 82706

Albert Wang



ID 111319

Bora Celik

Founder @jukely. Engineer + concert promoter. Put Connecticut on the map for electronic dance music. Organized festivals with Tiësto.

ID 215584

John Urbanik

FDE @palantir-technologies through acquisition of @poptip. Formerly founder @beertending . BSE Electrical Engineering @princeton-university '13.

ID 549128

Richard Ginsberg


VP of Eng @guidepoint-global, Investor: @abacus @cratejoy @addy @beneath-the-ink @inmoji @jukely @myvr @spatch @sendhub @pick1 @breeze

ID 410872

Snehal Patel


Software Engineer. Currently at @google. Previous: @the-fridge (acquired by @google), @ahalife, @starwood-hotels-and-resorts.

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