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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in New York.

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ID 194947

Kabir Chibber

Founder of @pitch-me. Wordsmith at Quartz, Harper's, @new-york-times. Drew my own profile picture. Too British to sell myself.

ID 55976

Courtney Boyd Myers

Founder of & 3460 Miles.

ID 38018

Scott Yates

Founder at @blogmutt. Previously founded MyTrafficNews (sold to and one other that had a positive return. Journalist before that.

ID 408911

Jonathan Levine


Management Sensei ◦ Infrastructure Samurai ◦ Analytics Otaku ◦ Architecture Ninja. 1st programming job at 14. Effective in teams of 4 to 10,000.

ID 22174

Rob Kelly

CEO of Ongig: The Employer Branding SaaS; I've bought, sold & failed businesses; Author of An Enlightened Entrepreneur

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