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ID 6625

Justin Shaffer


Product @facebook (Groups, Location & Events, Photos Composer, Video/Brand Advertising) • CEO/Founder @hot-potato • SVP, New Media @mlb-advanced-media (, Gameday, PitchF/X, Infrastructure) Interests: Building Teams & Products, Social Science, Aerona

ID 138779

Chung Ng


Co-Founder @rokkan exited to @Publicis $PUB.PA, 15yr UX Vet, architecting transaction/content platforms for VirginAmerica, JetBlue, AmexTravel and Dish.

ID 45855

Maria Thomas


Worked at @amazon, @etsy • Investor @twice, @sidetour

ID 33052

Tony L. Chen


Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor. @yale-university MB&B & MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA.

ID 43266

JB Osborne


CEO & Partner at @red-antler

ID 7408

Lorenzo Thione


Cofounder of @artify-it, @startout and @powerset (acquired by @microsoft ) Investor in @crowdflower @lucid-software-inc @famo-us - Studied at @university-of-texas-austin - Technical Bkg

ID 176836

David Schachne


Co-founder CAN Capital, Author, Angel Investor, Harvard MBA, stairclimber

ID 54780

Jacob Brody


Co-Founder and CEO at Benny; former Partner at MESA+

ID 4988

Raju Rishi


Venture Partner at @sigma-prime-ventures , Entrepreneur, Mobile Enthusiast, Light-Weight Hacker & Gamer.

ID 25384

Aniq Rahman


Technology Entrepreneur

ID 169766

Joe O'Connor


• Business advisor • works @rifiniti • worked @cisco • Member Angel Investor Forum

ID 138098

Michael Katz


mParticle co-founder & ceo. former founder | CEO @interclick, investor & BOD @ Adaptly, active angel investor,

ID 135478

Greg Kouri


Co-Founded @zip2-com, VP Business Development at @altavista, COO BMAC Finance, Advisor to internet startups and a distressed real estate fund.

ID 216439

Saad AlSogair


Investing in what matters, not in what's predictable. Over 70 investments on @angellist. Executive Manager @elite-derma-care.

ID 187613

Chris Plough


Advisor, entrepreneur, storyteller.

ID 5355

Yee Lee


4x founder, over 20 angel investments, 8 acquisition exits and an IPO. Prior teams: @paypal, @slide, @skype , @google , @taskrabbit

ID 225999

Vivek Garipalli


Worked at @credit-suisse, @jp-morgan • Studied at @emory-university

ID 136762

Joel Spolsky

CEO and co-founder of @stack-exchange. Co-founder of Fog Creek Software and Trello. Worked at Juno and @microsoft. Not actively investing.

ID 4555

Net Jacobsson


Co-founder & General Partner @sparklabs-global-ventures & @sparklabs Accelerator in Seoul. Former Executive at @facebook. Father of 4. Mountain Biker.

ID 33978

Matt Shobe


Serial entrepreneur (@feedburner sold to @google, @spyonit sold to 724 Solutions), designer, pilot. My head is full of zero-billion dollar business ideas.

ID 20029

Matt Meeker


Co-founder and • Venture Partner at • Former EIR at Polaris Ventures • Organizer, @dogpatch-labs

ID 1911

Amir Banifatemi


Managing partner at  @k5vp.and Bayspring Group. Board Member and Emeritus President at @tech-coast-angels. Passionate product and go-to-market strategist

ID 58970

Josh Mohrer


GM @ Uber NYC. Previously Lot18, Covestor, and CollegeHumor/BustedTees.

ID 319

Nihal Mehta


Founder & Exec Chair @localresponse, GP @ @eniac-ventures, GP @india-internet-group. 14+ years experience investing and operating across the mobile ecosystem.

ID 68811

Marc Ecko


The guy who unplugs nostalgia. Founder & Chief Branding Officer twitter @marcecko

ID 3328

Gary Vaynerchuk


Family 1st! but after that, Businessman, @winelibrary, @vaynermedia, Author of @TYEbook and a dude that Loves the hustle (hard work), people and the @nyjets

ID 371

Harry DeMott


General Partner @raptor-ventures Reformed Wall Streeter Media Specialist Father of 2 (not including my French Bulldog and tank full of fish) Avid NY Ranger fan

ID 143

David Cohen


Founder/CEO of @techstars. Investor in Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.

ID 2726

Jay Weintraub


CEO and Founder, - customer acquisition think tank and advisory services. Prev founded LeadsCon, sold to AccessIntelligence in 2012.

ID 159669

Chris Theodoros


Founder Enteka Ventures • Worked at @google, @doubleclick Connector. Creator. Entrepreneur. Investor.

ID 196

Joe Medved


@softbank-capital, Brandery Advisor

ID 2358

Michael Yang


Partner of ARC Fund and MD at Digital Entertainment Ventures. VC at Divine and Sandbox. JD/MBA at Northwestern; MS in Computer Science (Depaul) and BS at UofC.

ID 3881

Esther Dyson


Prolific Investor. @medstory, @evernote, @flickr, @meetup, EDventure, Release 1.0,

ID 2130

Sundeep Ahuja


AL Syndicator; CoFounder @blissmo @richrelevance; helped launch @kiva; Investor @goodreads @counsyl; Advisor @indiegogo @change-org; BS in CS from Stanford.

ID 401

Jason Finger


Co-Founder and Former CEO of @seamlessweb (@grubhub-seamless), EIR @bessemer-venture-partners

ID 119556

Yen Fu


London NY; investor @fundersclub @yourmechanic @life360 @jawbone @beep @spatch @equityzen @airhelp @vastrm , [email protected] BarclaysAccel @fundersclub panel

ID 206

Ty Danco


Founder, eSecLending and BuysideFX. Invest directly in startups, in AngelList Syndicates, and a few funds. Massive AngelList groupie. Love mobile, fintech.

ID 97

Bob Pasker


Founder of Tengah. Cofounder, author, and chief architect of the @weblogic Application Server. 10+ years angel investor & advisor, former CTO-in-Residence at Accel and Azure.

ID 3415

Scott Belsky


Investor; Founder & CEO of @behance; Author of Making Ideas Happen; Adobe's VP Products/Community; Eternal Student.

ID 2197

Michael Klein


Sales & Marketing @onefinestay, formerly VC @canaan-partners, Angel & Advisor @new-york-ny-1

ID 35987

Clay Shirky

Theory & practice of social media. Advisor to @flickr,, dodgeball, currently to @foursquare, @socialbomb, @cursor, Nerd Collider, GivKwik, Singly.

ID 48

Alexander Lloyd


Worked at Apple, Activision, SGI, Microsoft. Have been helping seed stage companies since 1998

ID 37133

Taz Patel


CRO @republic-project, acquired by Sizmek. Traveler, sports enthusiast & startup junkie. Passionate Advisor & Investor. CAL Alumnus!

ID 25250

Peter Bordes


CEO/Founder @oneqube. Founder @mediatrust 9th fastest growing US Co 2010 • Board @greater-media • Investor @visually @buffer @perkhub @spinnakr

ID 195

Devon George


COO of Prolific Interactive. President DMV Capital. Start-up & small business mentor. Running a mobile accelerator in DUMBO/Brooklyn.

ID 35137

Dario Meli


co-founder @quietly @hootsuite @invoke @brightkit. I'm sparkly, very sparkly.

ID 15521

Craig Mod


Writer, designer. Previously product designer for @flipboard. Advisor for @medium, @955dreams. Mentor at @500startups & @designer-fund. Investor in @oyster, @editorially, @tokyo-otaku-mode, @timbuktu-labs. 2011 TechFellow. 2012 MacDowell fellow.

ID 68774

Eric Kroll


Entrepreneur, problem solver, & investor. Explorer, experience & sports enthusiast.

ID 19369

Laurel Touby


Founded Mediabistro, created multiple profitable rev streams, sold to WebMediaBrands for $23MM. Focus: B2B and SaaS. Looking for my next big thing.

ID 16980

Jeffrey Silverman


Partner at Laconia Ventures and Operating Venture Capital, Board Member of Wymsee and Advisor to C3 Metrics.

ID 41872

Ryan Craver


Hudson's Bay/Lord & Taylor executive fascinated by the intersection of retail and technology. Snapchat: ryanmcraver

ID 224

Janis Krums


Founder @opprtunity • Athlete. Latvian-American. Entrepreneur. Investor: @memsql @plangrid @human @airhelp @whale-path

ID 97460

Amish Shah


Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor @sierramaya360 @full-color-games @youbetme @paradine @ecampus-ventures @kydaemos @skycatch @mattermark

ID 37218

Jonah Lupton

Founder: Lupton Media Group, Parabolic Ventures, The Greatest Pitch,,, The Lupton Group, InterCapital Group, and

ID 131068

Ray Ozzie



ID 28302

Wan Li Zhu


VC @ @fairhaven-capital; Previously global product manager of @microsoft Dynamics CRM; Also worked at @google, Morgan Stanley, NYSE

ID 25586

David Berkowitz

CMO at agency MRY, co-founded social marketing practice at 360i, launched, global speaker at 200+ events, advisor to startups

ID 119833

Kellan Elliott-McCrea

technological solutions for social problems. CTO, @etsy. @flickr, Architect. Engineer, @odeo. Hacker, @indymedia. Founder, @metaevents.

ID 46711

Roger Krakoff


Sigma Partners & JEGI Capital (Partner), @webline-communications (Cisco), Stream International, IBM / DNB, Harvard MBA

ID 3469

Dan Goikhman


Co-Founder, SVP Strategic Alliances at @mojiva (acquired by @pubmatic); Advisor @wakefield-media.

ID 502

Cyril Ebersweiler


Visionary Punk, Founder of @haxlr8r ; Partner @sosventures-1. Most prolific investor in hardware (70+). Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts.

ID 120527

Joshua B Siegel


General Partner Rubicon VC, Co-Chairman @gtownangels, Worked at @citigroup, @overseas-private-investment-corporation-opic, Studied at @georgetown-university, @boston-university

ID 5281

Jeremy Johnson

Co-founder and CEO of @andela-institute . Previously Co-founder of @2u

ID 2639

Michael Montero


Co-founder & CTO of: @resy-network , @crowdtwist , @fotolog , @BlackPlanet. Invested in @getbarkbox, @yearonelabs .

ID 22431

Michael Galpert

Wants you to be Superhuman. Previously founded @aviary-part-of-the-adobe-family

ID 16228

Marcel Legrand


Investor @upmo, @health-diagnostics

ID 2394

Rob Bailey

Currently CEO @ DataSift. Also advisor to Urban Airship, Softtech VC, Akkadian Ventures. Previously SimpleGeo, Yahoo! & USWeb CKS.

ID 25520

Arie Abecassis


Co-Founder AppStori, Board Director at @seatgeek, Board Member at @adapt-ly, Board Member, BiznessApps

ID 51177

Krish Arvapally


Entrepreneur at heart. Passionate Technologist. Founder @dandelion . Previously @mojiva and @mocean-mobile (acquired), raised over $45 million

ID 135427

Thor Muller

Co-founder & former CTO @get-satisfaction. NYTimes best selling author of Get Lucky. Serial tech entrepreneur since 1995. Above all, dad to Quinn & Tesla.

ID 158956

Terry (Qing) Li

@crunchyroll Product Exec, Co-Founder of @bread-acquired-by-yahoo ; @google Alumni; Worked in Consulting, Eng, PM; NYU Stern MBA + UC Berkeley Engineering

ID 64663

Gavin Becker

Currently at the intersection of business strategy, product design and software development making things people love.

ID 148110

Alessandro Piol


Venture Capitalist, Angel, Advisor, Mentor, New Yorker • Founder @pixel-machines, @at-t-ventures @vedanta-capital • Studied at @columbia-university, @harvard-business-school School

ID 36244

William Ofarrell


Founder/CEO @speechworks, IPO 2000, sold to Nuance 2003, Founder/CEO CoSA (maker of After Effects), sold to Adobe,Founder/CEO @openair, sold to Netsuite

ID 3505

Jalak Jobanputra


Investor in @seatgeek, @magnetic, @ticketfly, @thumbplay, @txvia, @imagespan. Advisor to @loreal

ID 35616

Frank Rimalovski


Managing Director, NYU Innovation Venture Fund. @rimalovski

ID 91663

Shalin Shah


Startups and Investing

ID 4617

Luc Hardy

> One of first shareholders in Lending Club, @virtuoz, Totsy, @producteev > Based in New York and Paris (France)

ID 4562

Antony Brydon


CEO of Directly. CEO of Visible Path (funded by Kleiner, acquired by Hoovers). VP @emusic (IPO). CEO of IUMA (acquired by EMusic). BOD at ShopWell (IDEO). Yale.

ID 171620

Scott Beale


Founder of @Laughing-Squid and @laughing-squid-web-hosting

ID 93149

Amol Sarva


Founder @knotable, @peek, @virgin-mobile-usa • McKinsey • Studied at @stanford-university, @columbia-college • Builder of buildings

ID 107235

David Bell

Founder @gummicube, GP @Infinite Channel, founding team [bus dev+mkt] @playphone, CEO @chasma, BOD @draft-zone, Advisor @republic-project @venture51 @cellufun

ID 105798

Pat Kinsel


Venture Partner at @polaris-partners-1. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at @spindle (acquired by @twitter) & @microsoft

ID 56248

Chris Jennings


Investor; Worked at ED&F Man Capital Markets, Houlihan Lokey, AIG, ACE Ltd; CPA; Studied at Cornell University

ID 31365

Peter Shankman


Built (and sold) HARO. Founder of ShankMinds Business Masterminds. Best selling author, marketing and customer service futurist. Skydiver, Ironman, NYC bred.

ID 9934

John Stokes


Co-Founder of early stage VC, @real-ventures (Montreal, Canada) and an investor in the FounderFuel Accelerator.

ID 342843

Kyle Widrick

Founder @www-postgradapartments-com • Worked at @burch-creative-capital • Studied at @syracuse-university!

ID 30265

Suzanne Xie

Founder @hullabalu and @weardrobe (now part of @google) • Worked at @goldman-sachs and @like-com • Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 35540

Pankaj Jain


Worked at @500startups, @twilio-fund, Long-Term Capital Management, GlobeOp Financial Services • Studied at @stern-school-of-business

ID 103311

Scott Switzer


Co-founder, CTO of @jirafe (ecommerce marketing analytics and automation). Founder, CTO of @openx (advertising platform). CTO of @unanimis (ad sales co).

ID 692344

Pankaj Shah


Investor/Advisor in many companies, including Addepar, OpenGov,, VentureBeat, AltVR, Liveli, Parklet, Inside Vault, Pyze, Armortext, Mobile Action...

ID 43209

Meg He


Co-founder in stealth w/ @ninafaulhaber . Advisor @better-3 • Previously, @poshmark, @cowboy-ventures, @cloudflare • @stanford-university & @oxford-university

ID 140810

Kevin Reddy


Entrepreneur • Investor • Advisor • @booz-company and @accenture • Mentor at Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, Columbia Business School

ID 33823

Higinio O. Maycotte


CEO at @umbel. Founder at @flightlock (acquired by Control Risks), Finetooth (now Mumboe), & most recently founding CTO of @the-texas-tribune.

ID 338465

Jim Kaplan


[email protected] Capital Partners. We strive to invest our time and capital into exciting and disruptive companies w/ dedicated, brilliant management teams.

ID 23404

Adam Besvinick


VC at @deep-fork-capital | Previously @wanelo, @lowercase-capital, @gumroad | @harvard-business-school + @duke-university University alum

ID 60936

Josh Kerr


Co-founder and CEO at Written. Co-founder of @zosh, sold to @hightail-2. Partner at @capital-factory and mentor at @techstars

ID 1204

JS Cournoyer


Partner at @real-ventures Entrepreneur angel investor husband father of 5 hockey player

ID 60712

Edward Tolson


Member of the NY Angels. Investor and Advisor to Early-Stage Tech Companies.

ID 72625

Jennifer E. Byrne


President, Quesnay. Former VP @american-express mcommerce; Exec @verizon led innovation, BD, & applications ecosystem. Investor: @vouchr, @lettuce, & CareatHand

ID 19272

Jason Corsello


VP of Corporate Strategy & Development @cornerstone-ondemand. Lead global marketing, platform strategy, M&A, incubator and innovation fund.

ID 348158

Scott Silverman


Former Executive Director of for 10 yrs, co-inventor of Cyber Monday, founder of, co-founder of Ifeelgoods.

ID 7621

David Famolari


Verizon Ventures. Partner, Day2 Ventures. Over a decade in advanced technology R&D. Co-Founder GoodCompany Ventures

ID 495059

Andrew "Drew" Koven


eCom & Omnichannel Retail Executive @guess, 1st startup @18, Former Exec @SteveMadden, Melissa&Doug, FreshDirect, Geoff&Drew's; Invest/Mentor/Advise/Operate

ID 48818

James Haft


Founder @PALcapital, @palgenesis, @nxtp-labs • Worked at @bear-stearns-co-inc • Studied at @emory-university, @vassar-college

ID 408911

Jonathan Levine


Management Sensei ◦ Infrastructure Samurai ◦ Analytics Otaku ◦ Architecture Ninja. 1st programming job at 14. Effective in teams of 4 to 10,000.

ID 71910

Chris Fenster

Serial startup CFO, husband, daddy, armchair cyclist.

ID 45050

Kelly Hoey


@jkhoey is CMO of Cuurio / Strategist / Speaker/ Accelerator Mentor/ Startup Advisor. Investor: Levo, Hullabalu, Glimpse, Cloud Peeps, SQL Vison, Flow, Loudly +

ID 116779

Jennifer 8. Lee

CEO of @plympton. Launch team at @upworthy. Reporter at The @New York Times. Bestselling author. Survived Colbert. Applied math at @harvard-university.

ID 55513

Caren Sinclair-Kay

CEO of Fresh From The Farm 365. Formerly Co-Founder/CEO at @doodledeals (acquired by Plum District) and Co-Founder/CEO of Red Jam Media (acquired by Third Age)

ID 388331

Andrew Carton


Founder @mobile-nations, notifyer • Worked at @hapilabs • Investor @rockhealth, @anyperk

ID 46511

Bostjan Spetic

founder and CEO at @zemanta ltd.

ID 23539

Alec Andronikov


Investor in mobile. Fmr Founder/CEO MoVoxx (sold to MOTR); Free411 (sold to AT&T). Serial mobile entrepreneur excited re micro-content sharing around voice

ID 68054

Adrian Kunzle


SVP in Product Development at Ex Chief Architect and CTO of JPMorgan Chase, former developer, and occasional investor.

ID 812

Mark Birch


NYC tech investor & entrepreneur; CRO of @enhatch; author Strong Opinions blog; heavy metal acoustic guitarist; dumpling aficionado

ID 88525

Andy Ellwood


Building @stockup. Thinking End Game. Formerly @bond, @waze, @gowalla, & @marquis-jet. Trustee @exosphere .

ID 45630

Jason Alan Snyder

Inventor, Futurist, Innovation Catalyst

ID 35252

Yann Lechelle


Co-founder, CTO & COO @appsfire, pioneer in app reco and app promotion services. Startup angel, mentor. Paris based. Basketball player. @insead-mba

ID 132225

Dave Carvajal


CEO / Founder of @dave-partners, LLC

ID 6490

Jüri Kaljundi


Co-founder: @weekdone communications tool for leaders and managers & @garage48 startup foundation. Product guy.

ID 58636

Joe Daniels


Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP

ID 249918

mac hofeditz


Nearly a quarter century of working with institutional investors to discover outstanding investment opportunities. Private investor, wine collector, UCLA sports fanatic, traveler, husband, and father to 2 amazing kids.

ID 1299

Dan Kurani


Founder & CEO of @photodrop. Previously, founded @thumb - 3 billion opinions & a Top 100 interactive agency that built products for Nike, etc.

ID 117476

David Moon


Entrepreneur in residence at Ernst & Young. Founding team of Gerson Lehrman Group. Ran financial services practice at Recorded Future. Active investor/advisor.

ID 177471

Nick Panama


Co-Founder @cantora , Co-Founder @mainframe-group , Graduated @new-york-university

ID 32199

Jeremy Mims

Founder at @ownlocal, Y Combinator Founder (Summer 2008)

ID 6497

Renato Valdés Olmos

Co-founder at @human. Previously Co-founder at @cardcloud (acquired 2012). MA Interaction Design. Runner. Ex-fat kid.

ID 112394

Dan Abelon


Co-Founded SpeedDate and grew to 20M users. Now running new startup and advising companies. Previously at Stanford, Columbia, and IBM

ID 29579

Avi Muchnick


Co-founder of @aviary-2 (acquired) and @worth1000 (acquired). MIT's Technology Review Top 35 Innovators Under 35 (2010)

ID 92291

Joseph Perla

Investor Facebook. Turntable.FM. Princeton University. Bridgewater Associates.

ID 231214

Kevin Weeks


Seed investor @scout-ventures. Studied @wharton-school

ID 123465

Adam Quinton


Founder/CEO Lucas Point Ventures Former #1 ranked sell side analyst Adjunct Prof @ColumbiaSIPA. Cass MBA, Univ of Cambridge MA NatSci

ID 41492

Rachel Sklar

Founder, Change The Ratio &; founding ed, Mediaite & HuffPo; advisor, @loverly, @the-muse-1, VoxMedia,, She's The First. Also: lawyer, showtunes.

ID 6272

Pat McCarthy

SVP @appnexus • Founder @fantuition • Former VP at @yahoo, @right-media • Studied at University of Oregon

ID 136546

Jon Peachey


Advisor and Board Member @virgin-group. Mentor at @techstars

ID 1212

Neal Rapoport


Investor in over 20 tech companies. Founder of @dealtaker-com (sold to Media General 2008, bought back 2012), Dude.

ID 402612

Will Coffield


Focus on technology investments and exceptional management teams that are driven to build valuable companies around big ideas.

ID 27352

Gavan Gravesen


Founder @slated • Worked @pervazive, @fashion GPS, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @new-york-university-school-of-law

ID 131721

Jeff Arbour

Founder @plyfe • Worked at @the-hyperfactory

ID 401101

Ryan Holiday


Dir of Marketing: American Apparel, Advisor: Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Tucker Max, creativeLIVE My books: Trust Me I'm Lying. Growth Hacker Marketing

ID 184725

Andras Forgacs

Founded Organovo (NYSE: ONVO) and then Modern Meadow. Strong business background (McKinsey, Citigroup, venture capital). Kauffman Fellow, Wharton MBA, Harvard.

ID 211620

Jared Gross


Financial products [email protected] Gottlieb. Strong background in econ, stats, data and finance (ABD for Econ [email protected]; AB in Applied [email protected]; IBD at Lehman).

ID 376831

Brian Sheng


Founder @fresh-4 • Worked at China's #1 VC firm @SCGC • Investor @fiscalnote, @vessel @eaze • 1100 lbs Club at @princeton

ID 1496

Boris Bogatin


Partner at Lumia Capital, later stage investing with an international bridge mantra & focus on wireless / Internet infrastructure and cloud / platform services.

ID 405027

Wentao Zhang


Network technologist at top information/media company. Background in management consulting at PWC (Stern MBA).

ID 102794

Matt Hersh


Head of Enterprise Sales @factual • Founding member @jetblue • Worked at @yodlee, @apple, @redpoint-ventures @originate • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles Anderson School of Management, @boston College

ID 35767

Kristal Bergfield

I run Biz Ops @ordrin. Advsr @pannacooking. Fmr @stellaservice @americanexpress @waggeneredstrom. Went to U of Oregon (Go Ducks!) & NYU Stern.

ID 376128

Brian Martelli


Co-Founder & Chairman @ SEAL Future Fund, Kapture | Investor @ Getaround, Qwiki, The Hunt, Viridis | The Brotherhood | Deutsche Bank | Pro Soccer

ID 6076

Ben Carlos Thypin


Worked at @real-capital-analytics, @toll-brothers • Investor @genius, @compstak • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 42910

Seth Blank

Founder @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation. Former CEO @dbix, COO @simpli-hosting. Helped scale @gdgt, @songkick, @justin-tv. Advisor @pubnub and @indinero.

ID 8910

Diego Saez-Gil


Founder of @wehostels (acquired by @studentuniverse). Investor and advisor to some startups.

ID 182524

Bradford Stephens

Founder and CEO of @drawn-to-scale, a distributed database company. Deep enterprise tech and open source love. Did SQL Server @microsoft, OSCON @o-reilly-media.

ID 147373

paul chu


Venture founding & advising -funding & traction strategies. Recipient- Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. Founded 1st MVNO in the U.S. & acquired by T-Mobile

ID 50678

Gonzalo Costa


Founding Partner at @nxtp-labs

ID 788

Jared Golden

Co-Founder & President @ Pear, Co-Founder @ Brand Accelerator, Board Member @ Worthee, Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center Advisory Board, former ibanker.

ID 31961

Pete Soderling


3x tech entrepreneur, hacker, geek. founder of & 500 startups mentor. living the bi-coastal dream.

ID 75539

Tak Lo


Director at Techstars. Creating unfair advantages for early stage founders. Prior USArmy Enlisted, LondonBSchool, UChicago. I care about audacious challenges.

ID 86705

Matt Robinson


MD @magnetik-partners and Venture Partner @boldstart-ventures .  Former CEO @attributor, President at @digimarc Guardian and VP @yahoo.

ID 37188

Nick Crocker


Product @myfitnesspal . Founder @sessions-2 (Acq. '13) & @we-are-hunted (acq. Twitter '11). @rock_health '12. Team @ @boxee & @startmate-exploration-fund .

ID 59736

Carlos Cashman


CEO of @cuenotes, Managing Director ConstellationCK, Director: @secretbuilders, Asset Performance Technologies, 5 time founder of tech companies.

ID 117260

Redg Snodgrass


Entrepreneur at Skout and The Taploid as well as former Vice President of Innovation at Alcatel-Lucent. I've acquired companies & launched successful products.

ID 71796

Andrew Ackerman


Managing Director, DreamIt Ventures. Successful entrepreneur (COO @bunk1), ex-consultant (Booz&Co), occasional angel investor & time-starved parent.

ID 16135

Peter Blumen


Work with CEOs or as own principal to pursue investment strategies in realty, consumer , entertainment and other related selected sectors.

ID 21479

Linda Avey

Co-founder of Curious (big personal data) and @23andme (personal genetics). Sunfire member. Advisor to @rockhealth. Health nut.

ID 10202

Alex Bresler


Broad cross asset-class investment experience in both fiduciary and principal roles.

ID 259668

Abby Schneiderman

Founder @haystack-media, @everplans • Worked at @tipping-point-partners • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 368

Dana Spiegel

Founder and Chief Code Therapist at @foundertherapy • Built @axial, @onforce, @farechase • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @mit-media-lab

ID 74577

Jane Westfall

Product Management; Product Marketing; Program Management: UX, Web, Mobile, Emerging Technologies.
http://No time.

ID 30703

Adam Gerstein


@NovoPartners - MD. @bevvy - COO/Partner. @neurosmith (sold to Small World Toys), @texyard (sold to KarsdadtQuelle) and @beautyaddicts (sold to DSS).

ID 13959

Jay Hung

CTO of @conference-hound; Founded Mixture; Ex-Yahoo.

ID 62408

Dan Engel


Co-Founder @fastspring (CEO 2005-2013). Mentor @techstars. Handled customer acquisition @google, @picasa, @gotomeeting, @expertcity-gotomypc. EIR @idealab. Board Member @fastspring, @allergease. Investor @sticky-1, @apeel-technology, @TheAmericanHome, @a

ID 137144

Lexie Kier

Founder of @cuurio, strategy alum of @vaynermedia @360i & @ketchum // loves brands, poetry, fresh air, ideas, & startups

ID 8682

Michael Tippett


Founder @nowpublic-com, @webpool • Worked at @register-com, @growlabs, @afternic-com • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 119783

L.D. Salmanson


Entrepreneur, consultant, and investor. In that order.

ID 121192

AJ Vernet


Founder @republic-project, @rey-interactive • Worked at @doubleclick, @digital-broadcasting-group-dbg • Studied at @san-francisco-state-university

ID 2196

Charles Huang


Advisor/mentor @ health/tech accelerator Blueprint Health. Ex VC @ Spark Capital. Entrepreneur at Generation Health, sold to CVS. Payor corp finance & strategy.

ID 150031

Cliff Hinrichs


Working at @google • Studied at @insead-1, @amherst-college (Phi Beta Kappa) • Founder @homedirectory-ltd-uk

ID 554881

Shashank V Singh


Advisor @bidstalk Worked at @ibm, @deloitte • Investor @underground-cellar @paintzen @boostable, @lumoid @verdict @vouch-financial

ID 462004

Vince Beese

Founder @veep-of-sales, @rdutosfo • Worked at @sugarcrm, @trustedid • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 14792

Jules Miller

Co-founder and COO of Hire an Esquire; Worked at, Ernst & Young, and Tiffany & Co.; Founded Carbonado Group. Studied at UCLA and LSE.

ID 69114

Alexandra Cavoulacos

Founder @DailyMuse. YCombinator W12. Former McKinsey, @yale-university. Inc 15 Women to Watch in Tech. Advisor @Hackbright. Avid cyclist and Parisian.

ID 31691

Jared Keen


Founder @couponstar-ltd • Sold to @coupons-com • VP Business Development at @coupons-com. Adviser and Investor. Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 37267

Nicolai Watzenig

Entrepreneur I enjoy building things. Some of these things are @birdback, @founderboys @iconfinder and @cphventures

ID 730139

Arnaud Meunier


Formerly Eng manager @twitter; Founder @twitoaster

ID 99017

William Maw


Dreamer with powerful, global network. Angel investor, advisor, CFO, author, social entrepreneur, philanthropist,(@billmaw ,GE, PwC my own biz)

ID 45603

Jim Hirshfield

Head of Pub Dev @disqus x-33Across, x-Tynt, x-Zemanta, x-MongoDB, x-PledgeBay, x-Wired, x-WhoWhere, x-Lycos, x-Reuters, Silicon Valley DNA in NYC

ID 115155

Max Engel

VP of Product for @Honest-Buildings. Experience creating publishing systems, mobile apps, social games, consumer sites, semantic tools, and media platforms.

ID 91649

Ajay Yadav


Founder @roomi. Building a marketplace for shared rental.

ID 138087

Sha Hwang

i want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now

ID 146177

Jason Saltzman

CEO/Founder @alleynyc

ID 238162

Jonathan Brickman


Chief Revenue Officer @dealsheet, Principal, Founder @roadbrake • EVP Sales and Service at @ipreo, Chief Sales Officer @rainking-solutions • BS Engineering at @Carnegie-Mellon, MBA @northeastern-university

ID 272679

Yuchun Peter Wang


CTO @refinery29, Previously @appssavvy, @buddy-media, ECE & CS @carnegie-mellon-university-2

ID 22168

Tommaso Trionfi


CEO of @ixtens, former CEO of Wimba

ID 30631

Solomon Liou


Founder of @parke-2, a new online, premium denim brand. Previously at @clickable, @hotjobs, @elife, @Goldman Sachs, @Wharton MBA, @harvard-university BA.

ID 135499

Paul Grossinger


Entrepreneur, Angel, Early-Stage VC, Pervasive Group and L&M Media Founder, INE Ventures, Gaingels Syndicate, Blue Jay Syndicate, Jumpstart, Golden Seeds

ID 133987

Matteo Franceschetti


Serial enterpreneur, angel investor and mentor passionate about "what's next" and new technologies disrupting the world

ID 81116

Michael Geer

COO of Dream Industries - And a tech junkie/founder/advisor/mentor

ID 141630

Brian Smiga


Partner @AlphaVP, Advises @pritzker-group-venture-capital. Founder @preclick @actioneer • Investor @liveintent @copromote • @swarthmore-college @booz-company

ID 274735

Matt Cholerton

Spends his time advising startups and matching talented folks with companies that need (and reward) them.

ID 59384

Matthew Moalem

Revenue Acquisition Mercenary - Global Alliances, Global Sales, Global Marketing. Board Adviser. Former US Navy. Innovative Technology, Social, Mobile.

ID 56628

Todd Morris

Founder & CEO, @brickhouse-security listed on the Inc 500 & IR 500. A product guy with a love for cool new tech.

ID 157275

Jared Cohen


TeachersPayTeachers, Formerly Kickstarter. Always Learning, Sometimes Coding., @jaredcohe

ID 647920

Steve Kupfer


Connecting front line school district executives with best in class emerging technologies.

ID 76917

Taj Chahal

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, & Philanthropist

ID 329838

Andrew Goletka


Early stage investor @ Advancit Capital

ID 4551

Jory Des Jardins

Founder @blogher • Worked at @aol-time-warner, @new-york-times • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

ID 114655

Ashantha Kaluarachchi


[email protected], [email protected], Specializes in K-20 education, early-stage edtech, & emerging market ecosystems. Passionate about growing learning companies.

ID 82693

Justin Bedecarré

Co-Founder @42floors

ID 151671

Aparna Mukherjee

Media chops @new-york-times @bloomberg @wall-street-journal @associated-press @cnbc • Social @mckinsey • Alum @columbia @ Bryn Mawr • Advisor @rawporter @joios

ID 155162

Shannon Edwards

CEO @styloko • Writer • Started @fashionrocks-com • Worked @popsugar @ebay @netflix • Non-Exec & FRSA • Studied @cornell-university @northwestern-university-1

ID 156632

Shawn Merani


Partner @penchina, Prev @liquidnet @reachlocal-nasdaq-rloc @gca-savvian • Edu: @university-of-california-berkeley , @university-of-california-los-angeles MBA

ID 104699

Evan Konwiser

Travel Industry Consultant/Advisor, for start-ups & big cos. Formerly co-founder of FlightCaster & Bain consultant. Write for tnooz & TheBeat

ID 45316

Dan Lasher


Investment banking at Victory Park - alum of Streetwise Media (acq by ACBJ), GrandBanks Capital (VC) & Revolution Partners (acq by Morgan Keegan)

ID 1217

Leonardo Suárez-Ruíz

CEO of Advisers Managing Partner of TorrenegraLabs. Co-Founder of HubBOG

ID 1057

Jean Peters

SVP IR, raised >$20 billion for major IPOs. Former journalist; federal policy analyst. Now help startups succeed. Financial and communications expertise.

ID 104267

Sharath Reddy


Worked at @redwood-capital-management • Investor @versa, @embrace • Studied at @stanford-university, @wharton-school

ID 66805

Sonny Caberwal

Founder @bond, @exclusively-in, @sher-singh @tavalon-tea • Studied at @duke-university, @oxford-university, @Georgetown Law.

ID 140856

Shu Chowdhury


founder @salido. BS @new-york-university /MSEE @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 141663

Lili Balfour

Founder @atelier-advisors • Worked at @heller-ehrman-venture-law-group • Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 35931

Peter Koepke


Advisor established & start-up social and digital media companies. Board member CoPromote, Co-founder Dotomi, CEO/Co-Owner, London Records, VP Atlantic Records

ID 2774

Jay Bhatti


Founder of @spock. Investor in Hive (stealth). Advisor to @gift-side-story, @brownrock. Team member of @microsoft.

ID 4438

Peter Fusaro

Chairman of Global Change Associates, an energy & environmental advisory in NYC. I advise on renewable energy, cleantech and energy efficiency project finance.

ID 4335

Ted Yang


Sensei. Angel Investor/Advisor/Entrepreneur/Mentor with Cap Markets / Finance COO/CTO background. MIT Engineer. Founder @StamfordiCenter MediaCrossing

ID 49644

Carlos Rodarte

Interested in technology, mobile, health, wellness, and all things healthcare.

ID 224149

Michael Gursha


Business & Corporate Development @ Curemark, co-founder @ various startups, Graduate of Newhouse & Whitman Schools @ Syracuse University.

ID 254207

Lauren DeLuca


Director @rivs, Advisor @chime-4, @archively @ginkgotree, Row One. MBA @kellogg-school-of-management, graduated Cum Laude @university-of-notre-dame 2001

ID 218522

Charles Amadon


Director, Business Development @

ID 85962

Glenda Bautista Baker

Product Mngmt & Dvlpmnt for @digital-media, @advertising, & @analytics. Ad tech & marketing tech veteran, 2 coasts. Early @doubleclick @google-doubleclick.

ID 455414

Jeffrey Szczepanski

Worked at @stack-exchange

ID 129350

Dave Riess


Co-Founder and CTO @ Wunder VP Engineering at @alphaboost, Product Manager @knewton

ID 225061

Amy Kadomatsu


Co-founder @roko-labs • Investor @novus-partners @bookalokal-2 • Mentor @entrepreneurs-roundtable-accelerator • Toiled away @HBS, @harvard-university

ID 248997

Rohan Deshpande

Founder @fundera • Lead Developer @gilt-groupe • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 44259

Iain Grae


ID 19376

Tristan Louis


GM, @meetup • Serial Founder • Advisor • Worked at @deutsche-bank, @hsbc • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill, @george-washington-university

ID 125275

Bay McLaughlin

Co-Founder of, part incubator, part accelerator, part hardware investment fund, part awesome. We want to make your product a reality, so reach out!

ID 282320

Marc Goldberg

Key member of the About Group senior leadership team, with responsibilities for revenue, strategy, & site functionality. Lead multiple teams and multiple P&L’s.

ID 81584

Jonathan Olsen


Past: Co-President, Stanford Alumni Angels East. Founded/Exited Cause TV, Inc. Stanford '04. NYU Stern MBA '11. Deloitte Consulting. Pfizer M&A Finance.

ID 31105

Jason Martin

Investor in @vizibility, @iotum.

ID 205086

Saalim Chowdhury

Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @news-corporation, @scansafe • Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-cambridge, @london-school-of-economics

ID 128590

Seth Page


Experienced tech entrepreneur, operator, investment banker & financier. Last 2 firms co-founded were both acquired Nov 2011. Just acquired mSpot for Samsung.

ID 82251

Timothy Mohn


Entrepreneur. Advisor. Angel Investor. Computer/Data Scientist. MS @new-york-university, @HBOGO, Comcast, @fullscreen @datasimple

ID 198637

Scott Bales


Leading the #DigitalShift. Globe Trotter & Avid People Watcher. Always carry a Camera & Smartphone. Have you bought my book yet?

ID 66876

Dhwani Vahia

Associate @techstars; INSEAD MBA; Problem Solver for Fast Growing Companies

ID 222243

Ryan Tabone


Product guy @google Now: Capture & convey thought Before: Bringing simplicity to computing

ID 27119

Steven Hodas

Ex-NASA Internet, ex-Princeton Review EVP. Co-founder and CEO of @NoodleEducation, and Now running the Markets Initiative of the NYCDOE's iZone.

ID 161131

Julie Blitzer

UX consultant for startups. Instructor for @general-assembly, Coach @startupweekend. Worked at @appnexus, @joor @advomatic . BA @claremont-mckenna-college, Master IxD @domus-academy

ID 10722

Mark G. Johnson


Founder @hotelchatter, @jaunted, @vegaschatter (acq @conde-nast-publications)

ID 117651

Sam Onat Yilmaz


Managing Partner @dapps-fund-i Board Member @mastercoin-foundation ED @bitangels Triple Major('10) & MS Engineering ('12) @johns-hopkins-university

ID 70536

Ari Meisel

Serial Entrepreneur / Efficiency Consultant / Speaker / Ironman / Author / Inventor / Wellness Coach / Achievement Architect

ID 320208

Christian Calderon

Revenue @kixeye • Previously Investment Banker @needham-company , @j-p-morgan-1 , @merrill-lynch • Studied Economics @berkeley • Love to rock climb and ride bikes

ID 82990

James Harrison

Founder @insurancewide-com, @safeonline-com • CEO at @ontrade, Board member @conference-hound • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @university-of-bristol

ID 95253

Peter Sung


Venture Partner @ MESA+ / Media Executive / Entrepreneur / Digital / Mobile Expert

ID 48279

Diego Alonso Obando

Global Wealth & Investment Management @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch | Marketing [email protected] |

ID 112337

Anil Advani


Managing Partner at Inventus Law

ID 621264

Jocelyn Goldfein


Independent angel and advisor. Prior eng leader at Facebook, VMware, Trilogy, and multiple startups. Stanford CS. Interests in mobile, big data, cloud, edtech.

ID 218528

Peter Thomson


Digital Brand Strategist. I specialise in Lean Branding for technology startups that are defining new product categories.

ID 3764

Jerry Colonna

Jerry is my coach.

ID 54369

Jean-Baptiste Soufron

Secretary-General of the French National Digital Council, essayist and journalist, former CLO of the Wikimedia Foundation, Lawyer, Business Angel, Entrepreneur

ID 84314

Jessica Levaton

Web, Mobile, UI / UX Design @ ( AAU Alumni )

ID 410256

Ron Shah


Founder @ Jina Ventures, Contributor @ CNBC, PE Secondaries, VC Investor, Conqueror of Obstacles.

ID 407567

Sharon Feder

Chief Digital Officer at Rachael Ray, dog lover, foodie

ID 190177

Anthony Gabriele

VP new business at @dow-jones. Former head mobile music @amazon, luxury marketing @ahalife, ex @walt-disney-imagineering. @harvard-university.

ID 305849

Frank Luciano

Head of Business Development for Goldbely. Founded Hudson Sutler + Streaker Sports. Former hedge fund analyst, head of biz dev at, + pro lacrosse player

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