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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in New York.

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ID 131774

Ryan Rogalski

Product Designer and Front-End Developer who likes making websites that are easy to use and easy on the eyes.

ID 154369

Brad Mallow

I cut my teeth at @ning and @atlassian before moving into my current gig: frontend consultant focusing on web performance, accessibility, and best practices.

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 41066

Raman Shalupau

Founder of @eventmetrics. Helping event organizers, venues and brands with attendees and events. Focusing on nightlife and music.

ID 57029

Ivan Vanderbyl

Engineer at @digitalocean, previously CTO @app-io. Founded @crashlog, @testpilot and • Worked at @orionvm

ID 215584

John Urbanik

FDE @palantir-technologies through acquisition of @poptip. Formerly founder @beertending . BSE Electrical Engineering @princeton-university '13.

ID 91640

Kai Zau

Independent design / technical consultant. Previously @groupon, @gympact, @tapforge, @oneforty. Globe-trotter, author, proud college stop-out.

ID 374112

Chris Grant

Worked at @lyft, @square • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university •

ID 584325

Michaël Ortali

Software Engineer @ Pinterest, former YouTuber, Googler, Yahooer, more focused on front-end and user acquisition.

ID 177443

Clinton Halpin

Associate UI Designer @salesforce marketing cloud - Formerly @panelfly, @pratt-institute-1 - Graphic Design. Focused on UI / UX and Front-End Architecture

ID 69198

Josh Weihnacht


UX Director at @secondmarket. Ex-Yahoo. Former Frontend Developer. @carnegie-mellon-university MHCI. Dataviz nerd. Product-y. Focused on webapps for complex workflows.

ID 46875

Chris Bolton

Your local linux enthusiast, web developer, cyclist, travel bug, and serial entrepreneur addicted to making cool things with awesome people.

ID 63133

Joshua Gross

Founder & Principal @planetary

ID 304663

Kareem Shaya

Developer, fan of complex adaptive systems.

ID 78210

Andrew Sass

UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer, Creative Director.

ID 779061

Jun S. Yoon

Founder of @ImageSpaceMedia (sold to @VibrantMedia)

ID 39961

Dave Zohrob

Current: Engineer / growth @angellist; Former team @hotornot-com , @microsoft ; Founder @lookmark, @megatasty; CS @university-of-michigan

ID 297388

Nora Apsel

Full-stack developer. Co-Founder @daily-boards. Formerly at @meetup and @flurry.

ID 35968

Will Nathan

Founder @homepolish • coded @buzzfeed • closed $1BN Tech M&A for @union Square Advisors • B.S. Mathematical Economics

ID 363157

Jack Lukic

Author of Semantic UI, lead front-end developer at a series C startup, co-founder

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