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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in New York.

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ID 426993

Karl Baum

CTO at @view-the-space, CTO at @weshop • BS Computer Science @binghamton-1

ID 54785

Mo Mobarak


Founder @terraly-inc, @giftlink • Worked at @zipmark, @oracle-corporation • Investor @supplyhog • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 228575

Johnny Ayers

Founder @socure • Worked at @ibm, @eiabroad • Studied at @boston-college

ID 138098

Michael Katz


mParticle co-founder & ceo. former founder | CEO @interclick, investor & BOD @ Adaptly, active angel investor,

ID 75989

Jon Carr-Harris

Strong expertise on Mobile Products. Development & Design. Partner @ SwishLabs. Previously CEO @venio; PM @Theknetwork. Studied @mcgill-university

ID 86034

Brian Gyss

Co-founder @ Opticlose. Sr. Software Developer with 8+ years experience at Digital Domain, Scrnland (founder), BuzzFeed. NYU BFA 2003.

ID 149540

Justin Geller


Co-Founder/COO @paintzen ,Co-Founder/ Director/ President @myclean, Studied at @binghamton-1

ID 500690

Renny McPherson


Co-founder RedOwl Analytics. @usmc vet, @hbs alum, @harvard-university alum

ID 1495

Andrew Merkatz


Co-Founder @inappfuel, @familybuilder (Intelius), @sitespecific (CKS Group) • Work @VisionCapital • Studied @HBS, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 91640

Kai Zau

Independent design / technical consultant. Previously @groupon, @gympact, @tapforge, @oneforty. Globe-trotter, author, proud college stop-out.

ID 643014

Hrishi Dixit

CTO at LearnVest, Co-Founder of Gordian Labs, Cornell alumnus. Seasoned technologist and startup junkie.

ID 22011

Chris Maddern

Building @button - previously building mobile products at @venmo . Wine is delicious.

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